Stylish Wraparound Tattoo Ideas

26 Stylish Wraparound Tattoo Ideas | Designs That Will Amaze You!

Tattoo lovers, have you ever considered getting a wraparound tattoo inked on your body? If not, keep reading to see what we have in store for you. From cute to spook wraparound tattoos, the variety of stylish designs we have put together will tempt you to get inked.

Tattoos are a form of body art that has great sentimental value to the tattoo holder. Most people choose a design that reflects their inner thoughts and experiences. At the same time, there are others who just like the idea of getting their bodies painted.

Today, we have brought to you the most unique wraparound tattoo ideas. These include floral tattoos, colorful and animal-themed tattoos, along with more for both men and women.

5 Different Types Of Wraparound Tattoos

Below, we have explained 5 different types of wraparound tattoos that you can consider:

1. Floral

Floral wraparound tattoos are often inked on women. The designs can vary from vines, flowers, leaves, and trees, which can be done using black or colored ink. Floral designs are often inked on one’s arms, legs, armband, or wrist.

2. Tribal

Tribal wraparound tattoos are often inked on men. The designs are done using black lines and bold designs similar to tribal art.

3. Symbolic 

Symbolic wraparound tattoos include religious signs, emojis, matching symbols for couples, and more. 

4. Geometric

Geometric wraparound tattoo designs can vary from patterns, lines, and simple designs to shapes.

5. Script

Those who want wraparound tattoos in phrases, quotes, or words can have it done in a script font with black ink.

26 Stylish Wraparound Tattoo Ideas

Have a look at our 25 stylish wraparound tattoo designs and get to know about the significance of each tattoo.

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1. Wraparound Tattoo Arm

Wraparound Tattoo Arm
Wraparound Tattoo Arm

If you are a nature lover, this wraparound arm tattoo perfectly represents your personality. The leafy-themed design, ideal for women, flows beautifully around the arm, showing your connection to natural beauty. The tattoo can also be done using different colors, such as green, to make it look more realistic.

You can always ask your tattoo artist to add a few colorful flowers to make the design look more feminine, complete, and vibrant.

2. Serpent Styled Wraparound Tattoo

Serpent Styled Wraparound Tattoo
Serpent Styled Wraparound Tattoo

This Serpent wraparound tattoo design for men is eye-catching, dangerous-looking, and meaningful. The design symbolizes physical and mental strength.

We all know that serpents go through the process where their skin shreds through sloughing, after which a new skin appears. This transforms the serpent. Hence, the serpent tattoo can also signify transformation and rebirth for the tattoo holder.

3. Wraparound Tattoo Leg

Wraparound Tattoo Leg
Wraparound Tattoo Leg

The pretty, girly wraparound leg tattoo is stunning. As you can see, the design starts from the ankle to the upper thigh; the tattoo is floral-themed and wraps perfectly around the leg. This type of detailed tattoo can take up to 8 hours or more.

If the whole tattoo is incomplete in one sitting, you may have to visit the artist for a few more sessions to complete the work.

4. Dreamcatcher Wraparound Tattoo 

Dreamcatcher Wraparound Tattoo 
Dreamcatcher Wraparound Tattoo 

If you have trouble sleeping or are often awakened by nightmares, you should get a Dreamcatcher wraparound tattoo inked on your body.

The tattoo, suitable for both men and women, has been done using a variety of colors, shapes, and lines and also protects one from destructive thoughts and evil. A dream catcher tattoo can also help you deal with difficult situations you face regularly.

5. Wraparound Tattoo Wrist

Wraparound Tattoo Wrist
Wraparound Tattoo Wrist

The butterfly wraparound wrist tattoo has a pretty design that is perfect for ladies, which signifies a number of things. Butterflies are colorful insects that can fly anywhere. Hence, getting this tattoo inked would mean that you are an independent woman who loves freedom and leads a colorful life.

Unlike other insects, the butterflies are also a sign of courage and bravery as they usually fly alone and not in a group. So, if you are brave enough to face all situations, this butterfly wraparound tattoo will reflect your personality.

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6. Barbed Wire Wraparound Tattoo

Barbed Wire Wraparound Tattoo
Barbed Wire Wraparound Tattoo

Barbed wires are usually found in places that need to be secured well; these include banks, top-secret government property, and even prisons.

Those men/women who have a barbed wire wraparound tattoo inked on their arms could mean that they were imprisoned and suffered mentally and physically previously. The tattoo also symbolizes strength when facing any difficult life situation and encourages one not to give up.

7. African Elephant  Upper Arm Wrap around Tattoo

African Elephant  Upper Arm Wrap around Tattoo
African Elephant  Upper Arm Wrap around Tattoo

This tribal wraparound upper arm tattoo, suitable for all, shows the image of black-painted elephants walking in a forest, one behind the other. African tribes like to add animals and nature to their tattoo, making them look more realistic.

So that you know you don’t have to be African or part of any tribe to get this tattoo. If you are an elephant lover or just want to get a unique tattoo, ask your tattoo artist whether or not he can do the job for you.

8. Musical  Note Wrap Around Thigh Tattoo 

Musical  Note Wrap Around Thigh Tattoo 
Musical  Note Wrap Around Thigh Tattoo 

Look at this exciting female tattoo that is designed with musical notes. The tattoo could be the notes to a song, a tune, or a random work of art.

If you are a musician or are obsessed with music, this tattoo will constantly remind you of your hobby and passion. You can always ask the tattoo artist to ink the notes of your favorite piece of music. To make this tattoo stand out more, you can add a splash of color to each note.

9. Floral Wraparound Ankle Tattoo 

Floral Wraparound Ankle Tattoo 
Floral Wraparound Ankle Tattoo 

This colorful floral wraparound tattoo is what every woman would probably want inked on their ankles, especially if they have a girly nature. The combination of colors used to paint different-sized flowers on your ankle will grab you some attention from others.

To make the tattoo more visible, wear something above your ankles, such as a medium-length dress or skirt, and pair it with pencil heels. 

10. Black Wraparound Tattoo Men

Black Wraparound Tattoo Men
Black Wraparound Tattoo Men

This black-inked wraparound tattoo for men has an entirely different design, which is simple but eye-catching. The design uses just horizontal and vertical lines, which were done using black ink. 

This tattoo is perfect for those who dislike images or tattoos inked using various colors. Mind you, tattooing those thick black lines may be pretty painful compared to the thin lines. But the tattoo is sure to grab a lot of attention because of its uniqueness.

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11. Lower Stomach Wraparound Tattoo

This lower stomach wraparound tattoo for women has many elements of nature, including butterflies, flowers, and leaves. It is obvious that a tattoo of this kind that has been done using a variety of colors will take time and be a bit costly. 

Lower Stomach Wraparound Tattoo
Lower Stomach Wraparound Tattoo

The work of art is stunning and seductive. We can see that there are a number of butterflies that simply fly away from the flowers that have been inked using a variety of colors.

If you are a nature lover or have a weakness for butterflies, this tattoo may be your best option.

12. Wraparound Bracelet Tattoo 

Wraparound Bracelet Tattoo 
Wraparound Bracelet Tattoo 

This gradient bracelet wraparound tattoo is colorful, simple, and very decent for all. The tattoo has been completed using a gradient color pattern with shades of blue and other colors.

This colorful wraparound tattoo has a number of meanings; it all depends on your perspective. The colors green and blue signify peace. Whereas red and orange point towards passion and temptation. So, if you are a quiet person who craves passion, this tattoo best reflects your personality.

13. Sleeve Wraparound Tattoo

Sleeve Wraparound Tattoo
Sleeve Wraparound Tattoo

This sleeve wraparound tattoo for men/women will save you the trouble of covering up your left shoulder and arm! Jokes aside, the tattoo has been done using black ink, which is usually an indication of depression, sadness, and negativity.

Although it may seem like the tattoo hasn’t taken much effort to complete,  the lines have been done delicately. The tattoo represents someone going through a rough phase in life and seeing only darkness.

14. Sloth Wraparound Tattoo

Sloth Wraparound Tattoo
Sloth Wraparound Tattoo

Isn’t the sloth wraparound tattoo the cutest you have ever seen? The hanging sloth is adorable, and the tattoo reflects some people’s personalities.

We all know that sloths move slowly and take forever to go from one place to another. Therefore, if you are exceptionally lazy and slow, then yes, you can get this tattoo inked to let people know you are as slow as a sloth!

15. Wraparound Tattoo Ankle

Wraparound Tattoo Ankle
Wraparound Tattoo Ankle

This wraparound ankle tattoo is filled with mystical signs and symbols connected with spirituality.  The design also contains leaves that are linked to nature.

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Hence, if you are a spiritual woman who likes to enjoy nature’s beauty, this wraparound tattoo is worth getting inked. And just for the heads up, tattoo artists usually enjoy inking uncommon designs on their clients, such as this one.

16. Wraparound Cartoon Tattoo

Wraparound Cartoon Tattoo
Wraparound Cartoon Tattoo

Does this cartoon tattoo ring any bells? Yes, it’s ‘Catdog,’ the cartoon we all used to watch. If you are a die-hard fan, this cartoon wraparound tattoo will constantly remind you of your childhood.

The “Catdog” themed design is probably the only appropriate cartoon to be inked as a wraparound tattoo for not men and women because of the shape of the animal. In the image above, we can only see the face of the dog but don’t worry, the cat’s face is probably wrapped around the other side.

Besides being an all-time classic, if you are a furry animal lover and adore cats and fonts, consider getting the tattoo inked on your body.

17. Wraparound Snake Tattoo

Wraparound Snake Tattoo
Wraparound Snake Tattoo

The wraparound snake tattoo is trendy amongst tattoo enthusiasts. The tattoo has been done beautifully by adding as much detail as possible using only black, which stands out. 

Although not a pleasant and friendly design,   those who like to live dangerously can get this tattoo done. The snake tattoo also represents rebirth as their skin shreds and they transform with new skin.

If you are going through a massive change in life and plan to start afresh, the snake tattoo is the ideal representation of your situation.

18. Wraparound Cactus Tattoo

Wraparound Cactus Tattoo
Wraparound Cactus Tattoo

Look at the wraparound cactus tattoo, which anyone can get. It’s vibrant, filled with color, and fun to look at. But behind all the creativity, this tattoo holds a valuable meaning. A cactus represents strength and courage in times of trouble. These plants tell us to face challenges bravely and endure anything negative coming our way.

If you have had to overcome complex challenges throughout life by standing up for yourself, you can think about having a cactus tattoo inked. Although I’m sure, you will get lots of stares and lots of queries related to the significance of the wraparound cactus tattoo.

19. Sexy Wraparound Tattoo

Sexy Wraparound Tattoo
Sexy Wraparound Tattoo

This sexy wraparound tattoo is good enough to tempt the eyes of the male gender and make them crave physical intimacy. Although the design is simple, with just lines and flowers, the placement is seductive and unique.

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Not all tattoo artists offer to ink the private parts of a woman’s body as there is a matter of hygiene as well as comfort while working. Usually, only experts do this sort of work and charge a higher amount because of the placement.

So, ladies, this tattoo is your way to go if you really want some attention. Although it’s not possible to show the whole design publicly, you can always dress in a way that will let people take a glimpse of your body and wonder exactly where the tattoo ends!

20. Heart Chain Wraparound Tattoo 

Heart Chain Wraparound Tattoo 
Heart Chain Wraparound Tattoo 

The heart chain wraparound tattoo is a simple design that signifies love, strength, and companionship. This tattoo is suitable for males and females and can be placed on the wrist, upper arm, thigh, leg, and ankle using any color.

This tattoo can have a different meaning for each individual depending on their life experiences and current situation. If you are in a relationship, then both you and your partner can get this tattoo design to prove that your hearts are chained together forever.

On the other hand, those whose loved ones have been hurt may decide to get this tattoo to show that they are protected from love and don’t want to get hurt anymore.

21. Text Wrap Around Tattoo

Text Wrap Around Tattoo
Text Wrap Around Tattoo

A text wraparound tattoo will take a lot of time and cost more than a simple tattoo. Not only does the artist have to ink every letter carefully, but they also have to make sure that the font size remains the same.

What you want to have inked on your body is totally up to you. Some people have poems, song lyrics, or quotes tattooed in different colors. But try to keep the writing short, simple, and meaningful so you and the tattoo artist don’t have to go through much trouble.

22. Bird Wraparound Tattoo 

Bird Wraparound Tattoo
Bird Wraparound Tattoo

Birds usually represent freedom, adventure, and the will to live happily. The bird wraparound tattoo has been done beautifully using the perfect combination of colors. We can also see that the tattoo artist has worked hard to add every detail to the bird to make its features stand out.

If you like to spread your wings and live life, then a bird tattoo will represent your inner thoughts and desires. On the other hand, many people are obsessed with birds and may want to get one tattooed. 

23. Spooky Wraparound Tattoo

Spooky Wraparound Tattoo
Spooky Wraparound Tattoo

Is it me, or does this tattoo look like a spooky version of ‘Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons?’ This design is perfect for those of you who are die-hard horror movie and book fans. 

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The sleeve tattoo was done very carefully, paying attention to every single detail by looking at the clown’s teeth. This type of detailed and colorful tattoo could take a few sessions to complete and may be costly because of the effort needed.

Keep in mind that you may face a lot of backlash and negativity from people around you because of the tattoo, as they may think you have a dark personality.

24. Phoenix Wraparound Tattoo

Phoenix Wraparound Tattoo
Phoenix Wraparound Tattoo

This phoenix wraparound tattoo is genuinely an admirable piece of art. The combination of warm colors to the facial details of the Phoenix makes it the perfect tattoo to cover up one’s arm.

The Phoenix tattoo signifies the cycle of life and resurrection. Those who have overcome significant hurdles in life and have started again as a new person, meaning resurrected themselves as a person, can get this tattoo done.

Some just get a Phoenix tattoo just for the sake of it because it looks unique. Although there are many phoenix tattoo designs to choose from, the one in the image above is unique.

25. Devil Wraparound Tattoo

26 Stylish Wraparound Tattoo Ideas | Designs That Will Amaze You!
Devil Wraparound Tattoo

Is anyone into the devil wraparound tattoo? Many are obsessed with Satan and his personality, which is full of negativity and evil. And some people actually resemble the devil in terms of behavior, as their minds are filled with evil and resentment. At the same time, others get a devil tattoo just for the sake of it or to attract the attention of others.

Hence, if you see a person walking around with this type of tattoo, be sure to stay away from them as they may be harmful.

26. Underwater Wraparound Tattoo

Underwater Wraparound Tattoo
Underwater Wraparound Tattoo

Welcome to the underwater world that is filled with color and different species. This underwater wraparound tattoo for males and females is a beautiful piece of art. There are a variety of sea creatures, such as dolphins and jellyfish, amongst others, which have been painted using the appropriate colors.

Most of all, the blue background, which was created using different shades of blue, is what actual seawater looks like.

Although the tattoo holds no specific meaning, if you are into knowing about what exists underwater, then this tattoo could be your next choice.

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2. What Determines The Cost Of A Wraparound Tattoo?

The following factors determine the cost of getting a wraparound  tattoo done:

1. Placement Of The Tattoo

The placement of your tattoo is a crucial factor in determining the cost. If you plan to get a wraparound tattoo inked on sensitive parts of your body, which are down below, then it’s likely that the tattoo artist will charge a high price. Since only highly skilled artists can work in those areas.

2. Tattoo Style 

A wraparound tattoo designed with simple lines and one color will cost less than something detailed and colorful. 

3. Size Of Tattoo 

A simple wraparound tattoo on your wrist or ankle will take a little time. But getting your whole arm, leg, or any other body part inked with a wraparound tattoo will obviously be more time-consuming.

4. Customizing The Design

A custom-designed wraparound tattoo will be higher in price as the tattoo artist has to put in effort and spend time designing it. But then again, if you choose to go with an existing design, the cost will be much lower.

5. Charges On An  Hourly Basis

Many tattoo artists charge on an hourly basis. Hence, if your wraparound tattoo is extensive and extensively detailed, the cost will be high as it will take longer to complete the work.

But even if your tattoo takes less than an hour to complete, you still have to pay a minimum charge. The reason is that the tattoo artist took the time and effort to do your work; hence, they will obviously impose a price for their work.

6. Artist Experience 

An experienced, skilled, and well-known tattoo artist who is highly demanded will charge much more than a regular artist. If you are ready to pay sky-high prices to get your wraparound tattoo done, then an experienced artist is a good option, as the work will be completed perfectly.

7. Flat Day Rate Of The Tattoo Artist

Some tattoo artists charge an hourly rate, but others have a different policy and charge a flat day rate. This usually happens if your tattoo session takes more than 4-5 hours.

8. Location Of The Tattoo Artist

The location of the tattoo shop matters when it comes to the price. If the tattoo shop is popular and located in an expensive city, getting a wraparound tattoo will cost more. The price may be even higher if you decide to go abroad for a tattoo.

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But then again, a tattoo shop in a small town that could be better known will charge less. 

9. Number Of Sessions Needed 

Once the tattoo artist gets a clear picture of the type of wraparound tattoo you want in terms of size and design, they can determine how many sessions would be needed to get the work done.

If the tattoo is extensive and detailed, it may take more than a couple of sessions to complete.

3. How To Find The Perfect Tattoo Artist For Wraparound Tattoos?

It’s best to research by visiting a few tattoo artists and reviewing their portfolios. By doing so, you can see if they have inked any wraparound tattoos on their previous clients. 

Once you have found your artist, sit down and discuss the design you want done, and ask about the cost and how long it will take to get the tattoo done. 

A wraparound tattoo is much more critical than a regular tattoo. The designs require a significant amount of skill, and it also takes a lot of time to complete these tattoos. For this reason, the cost may be slightly higher than that of a simple, average tattoo.

4. What Is A WrapAround Tattoo Stencil?

Some artists prefer to use stencils for wraparound tattoo designs that are detailed and complicated. Basically, the design you want will be traced using stencil paper and then printed on the area of your body you want tattooed with an alcohol rub.

After it dries, the tattoo artist will start working on it. When the work is done, the stencil paper will be removed.


How long does a simple arm wraparound tattoo take?

A simply designed armband tattoo can take anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how quickly the tattoo artist can finish the job.

How long do I have to wait to shower after getting my wraparound tattoo?

Wait at least 4 hours to take a shower, and make sure to cover your tattoo so that it doesn’t get too wet. 

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Final Words: Wraparound Tattoos

Each one of our 26 wraparound tattoos is stylish, unique, and meaningful. Whether you want to get your legs, arms, wrists, or any other body part inked, go through each of our designs carefully to see which one grabs your attention.

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