All You Need To Know About Wrist Tattoos

Tattoos are attractive, have different meanings, and come in various designs and sizes. Tattoo wearers choose the locations to have their piece of art painted, depending on whether they want to display the tattoo or keep it semi-private.

One of the most common areas people draw their tattoos is on the wrist, hence the name wrist tattoos.

However, some choose the wrist because of their friend’s influence and fail to research. Researching where to draw the tattoo gives you more insights before having the actual permanent art drawn on you.

If you want to get a tattoo on your wrist, these are some things you need to know about wrist tattoos.

Wrist Tattoos
Wrist Tattoos

Choose A Type Of Wrist Tattoo

You have to choose where exactly on your wrist you want the tattoo to be drawn. Some of the best parts to get tattooed on are;

  • The inner wrist It is the soft part that comes immediately after your palm.
  • The outer wrist is the bony part of the entire wrist. It is the place between the tip of your radius and the ulna, and you can have your tattoo drawn there.
  • Bracelet– the tattoo wraps around your wrist, like how you wear a watch or bracelet.
  • Side of the wrist– the inner and outer sides have spaces to draw small tattoos. If you want to tat to be semi-private, choose the inner side.
  • Glove– some people like tattoos covering the whole part, and the glove tattoo are one of those types. It runs from your wrist to your fingers.
  • The forearm is the area between your wrist and the elbow, included in the list of wrist tattoos. Depending on your preference, you can draw a big or small tattoo here.

Choose A Type Of Wrist Tattoo
Choose A Type Of Wrist Tattoo

Significance of Wrist Tattoos

Most tattoo areas have a meaning and are associated with different attitudes. Check out this list to be sure of how society will interpret your wrist tattoo.

Having Or Lacking Control And Power

The wrist is known to be a powerful body part, and it is where a person is tied with ropes to bind them. Also, people with weak limbs or wrists are assumed as powerless and lacking control. Therefore, the wrist tattoo can represent strength or lack of it, depending on the wearer.

Stability And Centeredness

In some communities, the wrist(inner) has the power to control or slow down nausea and also vomiting. Applying pressure on this part will help to ease it down.


One of the highly flexible joints in our body is the wrist joint. They are a significant part of the hand because they enable a person to do and-on activities. The body part ensures movement of the palm and helps the person master different skills.

Significance of Wrist Tattoos
Significance of Wrist Tattoos

Meaning Of Wrist Tattoos

Besides the specific piece of art’s meaning, a tattoo on the wrist can also have a different meaning. Some of the significant implications are;


The lets you control your hand and palm and do activities like waving at people, writing and typing, and using your phone. All these are means of connecting with other people, hence the tattoo interpretation.

Health And Balance

The doctor checks the pulse rate on your wrist to know your health. It also helps to determine how you are feeling inside, and the doctor gives you immediate medical attention if anything seems not to be correct.


Are you a spiritual person and wondering where to ink your tattoo? If you wonder where to put a tattoo that represents your spirituality, the wrist is a perfect location to have it inscribed.

The skin around this area is very thin, and you will also be able to see your tattoo almost every day and remind yourself of your spirituality. The wrist will be an ideal part to ink a tattoo that reminds you of your purpose in life.

Openness And Honesty

If you are a more open and honest person, get your tattoo painted on the wrist. You cannot hide wrist tattoos, and tattooing them there is like expressing your values to everybody who cares about the meaning of various tattoos.

Just in case you do decide that you no longer want this tattoo, you can also opt to have it removed. If you are considering laser tattoo removal in Austin, there are some great services available.

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