Honeymoon Tea Review – No 1 Herbal Solution

Are you planning for a honeymoon? Or having no excitement in your married life? Here we are presenting the best solution for you. It is honeymoon tea and is 100% naturally prepared. 

Maybe you have gone through many herbal tea reviews that discuss the benefits of honeymoon tea but let me assure you it is the most detailed guide on honeymoon tea that you will ever read. And after reading this you will have no other queries left.

Today we will discuss what is honeymoon herbal tea, why you should use this herbal tea, what are the benefits of honeymoon herbal tea, what are the side effects of herbal tea and so on.

You may have never heard about it earlier. But do not worry and do not bear any doubt. Here we are clearing it. Let’s talk about honeymoon herbal tea in detail. 

Honeymoon tea

What is honeymoon tea?

Tea is a Chinese drink that is very popular around the whole world. It is used for diminishing our sleepy mood, enhancing the brain to work, and most commonly making one stronger and proactive. 

It brings more enthusiasm during love-making and excites men and women early without showing any side effects.

  • A unique and fun way for newlyweds (or wine lovers) to celebrate.
  • The honeymoon for the happy couple can commence with an invigorating, red wine-infused cup of tea.
  • Their future begins together, one cup at a time. Makes a unique and thoughtful shower or wedding gift!
  • Characteristics: A melodious white wine with symphonic notes of peach and stone fruits is combined with black and white tea leaves.
  • The pairing results in this unique and delicious white wine infused tea (No alcohol content)”

This herbal tea is one kind of tea that can increase your desire naturally. But it is not only a s*x product. It removes erectile dysfunction. And fantastically it shows its result in less than 30 minutes.

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Why honeymoon herbal tea?

Many of us are lacking in excitement, especially the wild one. And as a result, make our partner unhappy in our bedroom while making love. It may create disturbance in your love life or love life. 

The situation will be worst if you are on your honeymoon and you are not able to make your partner happy with your libido power. A honeymoon is a dream for every man and woman. So none wants dissatisfaction in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

It will not only create dissatisfaction for both of you but also destroy your long-cherished honeymoon. You can plan for going to a doctor and have medicines or drugs (like Viagra) to enhance the erection power. 

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But you know that these types of medicines have severe side effects like headaches, heart diseases, metabolic imbalance and create a stuffy nose. And why would you go for a chemical product while you have an organic herbal solution?

Again, these medicines are expensive too. Many of us feel shy to go to the doctor for this matter (though it is not right, still we have that shyness), for these types of people organic tea can be the best solution.

This herbal tea is a tonic and works like a miracle for those who feel uncomfortable with love-making. It increases blood circulation and as a result, the flow of hormones gets increases as well.

This tea is totally an organic supplement that has nearly no side effects. It is used by Chinese Royal Families from the very ancient times. Its result has also been shown by many Indians and Africans.

But the real beauty of this tea was actually determined and promoted by the people of the Philippines. In the Philippines, honeymoon herbal tea is in great demand. People all over the world who know about this organic mixture really appreciate honeymoon tea Philipines.

Honeymoon tea review

Ingredients for honeymoon herbal tea

It is one of the best supplements for rising desire. A sachet contains granules made from different root crops and plant extracts from different country especially from China. It is a totally natural herbal. It is of testy flavor and beautiful scent.

But to add to its teste, you can always add some cornflowers and rose petals with it. And for an enthusiastic flavor, you can always go for natural flavors.

Benefits of using honeymoon herbal tea

Earlier we have discussed benefits of drinking tea in one of our article, today it is time to know the benefits of this herbal tea.

  • Stronger, more rigid, and long-lasting erection.
  • Enhances libido 8 times.
  • Holds up more than 10 minutes of lovemaking. (We all know it is quite a challenge for many men out there. Start taking this herbal tea, and enjoy your lovemaking without the hesitation of untimely ejaculation.)
  • Increases the semen level with powerful ejaculation. (Real important in case of impregnating your partner)
  • No need for manual stimulation. (As this tea excites you naturally, you do not need anything extra to stimulate you)
  • Boosts testosterone volume naturally. 
  • Increases the number of strong sperms. (This is important if you are planning to take a baby. Many of us fail to impregnate our partner because of weak sperms. With this tea you have nothing to worry.)
  • Dramatically grows motility. 
  • It creates a love-making drive automatically. It charges and excites you and in no time you will feel the drive in you.
  • While taking chemical medicines we have to worry about side effects like fatigue; it is not the case for honeymoon tea. Because it is 100% organic and natural.
  • Natural beverage.
  • Increases virility and vigor in aged men.
  • It does not make you horny and crazy like wild animals.
  • Honeymoon tea brings bold amusement in the bedroom and blooms your partner’s socks off.
  • It contains sensual and delicate flavor and flowering highlights.
  • Rock hard erection within 30 minutes or less.

Recently someone asked me via email that: what is the best honeymoon tea for females? I am here in her answer. 

Considering the benefits of it, there is nothing like honeymoon tea for women or honeymoon tea for men in particular. It is a herbal drink that is beneficial for both men and women. 

Honeymoon tea side effects

As food safety advice, you need to use boil water as water can carry bacteria, viruses, or other parasites. More tea can bring some unwanted exotic behavior, so avoid excessive use.

How to use honeymoon tea [Honeymoon tea instructions]

Although you are taking this tea as a health beneficiary, you do not have to be confined to hot tea or ice tea. You can enjoy both while drinking it. So, let’s discuss how to prepare hot tea and ice tea using it. You can use either hot or cold water to prepare this tea.

Hot tea

Let us take some fresh cold water and pour them on a pan to boil (around one cup). Then pour 1 teaspoon of tea in it and let it boil for about 5 minutes. After that, you will see the attractive red wine color of tea. Stop boiling the water.

You can add milk and sugar if you like and according to your teste. 

If you buy tea bags, boil the water for up to 10 minutes and take it in a cup. Pour the tea bag in it and you are good to go.

Ice tea

For this purpose, take 1.5 liters of water and pour it on 6 teabags. Then stir 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of raw honey in it. Wait for 10 minutes and it will get infused.

Now transfer it to a jug and chill it. After that mix lemon juice (2 lemons) in it and serve with ice.

How to drink honeymoon tea?

You can drink honeymoon tea as normal tea. Even after that, we are always here to help you. Check out the following instructions:

  • Empty one sachet in a cup of hot or cold water.
  • Drink it 15 minutes before activity.
  • Add honey or squeeze of lemon to taste.

Where to buy honeymoon tea?

After reading all these you may want to ask us, where to buy this honeymoon tea? Not to worry. We have sought that out for you as well. You can buy honeymoon tea from here and we think this will be the easiest solution for any of us.

Now it is up to you whether you buy it for you or for some of the near and dear ones as a gift. All you have to do is just visit this link and place an order. And you are good to go.

Honeymoon tea is a nice present for any newly-wed couple. And it is helpful for them as well. So it is a product well suited for self-use and gift. In the following section, we will discuss Rhino herbal tea because it is very much related to honeymoon tea. And honeymoon tea review cannot be complete without a proper discussion on Rhino herbal tea.

What is Rhino herbal tea?

Rhino Herbal Tea is very much close to the topic that we have covered here. But the fact is rhino herbal tea is mainly for men. Obviously it is also an all-natural beverage. It made from well-blended Chinese Herbs.
Rhino herbal tea helps to stimulate the senses and bring it into a different experience. It improves the vigor and vitality of the body.

This tea helps males to last long during their lovemaking. Those who cannot last long feel really frustrated and that results in sad family life. If you are facing this situation or you know someone who is facing this situation Rhino herbal tea can be a great natural solution for you.

Honeymoon tea vs rhino tea

Although this article was mainly focused to discuss benefits and side effects of honeymoon tea, we will now discuss a little on the difference between honeymoon tea and rhino tea. Because both these products are closely related. So, let’s see what are the differences between these two.

This table shows the comparison only according to price, rating etc. Let’s now compare them according to specifications. Check out the following table on honeymoon tea vs rhino tea:

Honeymoon TeaRhino Tea
Improve digestive health and serve as vervain alleviating stress and improves vigor.It improves vigor and vitality of the body for a long-lasting and exciting intimate activity.
Honeymoon tea vs Rhino tea

Why Honeymoon herbal tea is so famous in Philippines?

The Philippines is a country where people possess a hobby of knowing about tea and coffee. It is small heaven of tea and coffee. You will find different blends of teas and coffees in this country. For example, this country manufactures biofit tea, ultra greeen coffee, flaxseed tea and whatnot. So, honey moon tea is also the same. Another reason behind the popularity of honey moon tea in the Philippines is that this country is a very popular destination for Honeymoon.

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So, what happens is if someone is searching on google for honeymoon and Philippines naturally he is getting results related to honey moon tea as well.

Honey moon tea is manufactured by Tai Ping Trading Co. Ltd. It is a company from the same country. As a result, all the stars are getting aligned.

See, we are not telling that only the people of the Philippines are using it. There’s nothing like that. It is a global product. And, so people all over the world are using it. We often see that many people from the USA are ordering this herbal tea on Amazon.


To wrap up our discussion, I hope now you guys have a clear idea of honeymoon tea, it’s benefits, preparation, how to drink, and so on. Now you can use it in a proper manner.

FAQ on honeymoon tea

How long honeymoon tea takes to affect your body?

About 15 minutes.

How long will the effects of it last?

Normally, it depends on the metabolism of your body. If you are a well-built guy you can definitely resume the effects for a longer period.

Can I take it as much as I want?

No. You can take up to two sachets at one time. Not more than that. Otherwise, you will see many side effects.

Are there any side effects of honeymoon tea?

We have already discussed it. However, to say again we can say there are no side effects of honeymoon tea. Because it is a herbal product.

Can I take it if I have heart issues?

Please take consultations from a doctor before taking it if you have heart issues.