The 10 Best Boobs Tattoo Designs that are Intimate and Breathtaking!

Nowadays, tattoos are becoming more and more popular amongst women as a form of body modification. And do you know what is the most popular and trendy tattoo design amongst women at present? They are none other than the most alluring Boobs Tattoos!

At present women are not afraid to experiment with body modification by choosing bold designs, sizes and of course, placements. For this very reason, there is an increase that has been noticed in the number of women being tattooed.

And that is also the reason why boob tattoos are more popular as they are quite the bold and out-there tattoo design for a woman to get inked with. The breasts are a very sensual part of a woman’s body, and the soft curves are perfect for complementing ink. 

In this article, we will be discussing everything that you need to know about a boob tattoo before deciding to get one. We will be discussing the tattooing process, the healing process, types of boobs tattoos, breast tattoo ideas and vice versa.

So, if you’re looking to get a breast tattoo, you’re at the right place! Keep on reading to learn more about the best and most popular boob tattoos that you can get right now with the help of this article that enlists it all! 

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What is a Boobs Tattoo Design? 

As mentioned before, body modification is a type of art that makes people feel confident in their own skin and lets them represent their culture, tradition, likes, dislikes, hardships in life or simply anything they want to show the world without any shame whatsoever.

Considering the fact that women have been oppressed since the ancient age and have always had to do things against their will under the rule of oppressors, boob tats became a way for women to express themselves and show that they are humans with rights too.

Tattooing has always been a part of our culture from the peak of civilization, where it originated from the Polynesian culture. Women were tattooed against their will as a way for them to be marked to show dominance and ownership on them from the 1800s and even earlier.

Women were tattooed against their will not only to show ownership but they were also kidnapped and tattooed before being press-ganged and trained to forcibly work in circuses as circus attractions.

Some women were also abducted and forcefully tattooed before being made into “models” to pose for the travelling freak shows that roamed around the country to pay the punters.

But they reappeared as a beauty standard in body modification during the 19th century in the Victorian society of the UK as a “body art craze” phase.

The intensity of this body art craze was so much that it is also believed by everyone that Queen Victoria herself had a tattoo of a Bengal Tiger fighting a Python, but the placement is unknown.

It was very popular amongst women because tattoos were always used as a “branding mark” to show ownership and it reminded them of being slaves so later on it became a symbol of rebellion in the Western society.

Women tattooed themselves to show their freedom of will and as a mark of feminism alongside showing that they have control over their bodies.

For this reason, tattoos on breasts became a symbol of feminism, freedom and control over one’s body. This made it a very popular type of tattoo design for women because they could show their liberty in life, and take control of their own bodies for once when they had little to no control anywhere else.

At present, not only are boob tattoos a symbol of freedom, control and femininity but they are also seen as the symbol of a survivor. The survivors in question are breast cancer survivors who are cured and use boobs tattoos as a means to cover their post surgery scars from their mastectomy. 

Types of Boobs Tattoo Design Placement 

It is common to ask the question, where exactly is a boob tattoo design placed? Well, the simple area is that the boobs or breasts on a body consist of the rest of the chest area. For this reason, there 5 different types of placements for the boobs tattoo designs to be tattooed in.

5 types of placements for the boobs tattoo designs are explained in detail down below: 

Upper Boob Tattoo Design Placement

The most commonly known placement of a boob tattoo design is the upper breast tattoo design placement. It is simple and elegant because the tattoo design is generally placed on the upper curve of the breast and extends out to the side.

Upper breast tattoos for females are also generally extended all the way up to the collarbone and almost touch the inner area of the shoulder blade. The designs that can be chosen for this tattoo design are endless, i.e. your imagination is the limit! 

Side Boob Tattoo Design Placement

The tattoos that are inked onto the outer curve of a woman’s breast, generally on the right and left side is known as a side boob tattoo. Side breast tattoo designs also extend down to the top of the ribs while curving around the breast bones in a loop-like design.

This tattoo design is attractive and intimate because it can be covered up easily and will only be exposed if chosen to do so. There are countless side boob tattoo ideas out there so once again, your imagination is the limit. 

In Between Boobs Tattoo Design Placement

The tattoo design that is inked onto the valley in between the two breasts on a woman’s body is known as an in-between breasts tattoo. This type of tattoo design placement is also known as cleavage tattoos as the tattoo is extended all the way to the top of the breasts.  

In-between breast tattoos are one of the most preferred types of tattoo design placement because this tattoo design is a middle-scale-sized tattoo. It is unique because the tattoo mostly stays hidden unless a woman’s cleavage is being shown, where the tattoo design peaks through like a teaser. 

Under Boob Tattoo Design Placement

The tattoos that are inked onto the underside of the breasts are known as under-boob tattoo designs. This tattoo design placement is also known as the sternum tattoo design.

This tattoo design is done on the area directly below the breasts where it follows the curvature of the breasts and extends to the side breast bones.

While every individual’s body is different, this tattoo design placement, i.e. tattoos under breasts typically tends to extend 10 to 14 centimetres to the side breast bones and goes down about 5 to 7 centimetres below the breasts. 

Nipple Tattoo Design Placement

Saving the most unique tattoo design placement for last, the tattoo designs that are done surrounding the nipple and areola of a woman’s breasts are known as nipple tattoos. Nipple tattoo designs are very unique and bold tattoo designs which are found rarely to be done on women or men.

Nipple tattoo designs are done using a nipple tattoo stencil because the skin and flesh on a woman’s breast is very sensitive and soft which makes it prone to damage. Women’s nipple tattoo designs are beautiful because it’s a very provocative tattoo design placement and not everyone gets to see it unless chosen to be shown.

The Process of Getting a Boobs Tattoo 

Now that you know where girls’ chest tattoos come from, it is time to learn about the process of how the tattoo is inked onto the skin.

Considering that a tattoo on the boob is a medium-scale tattoo that is done on very delicate and sensitive skin in close proximity to the ribs and heart, it is of no doubt a time-consuming process because the tattoo artist has to be extra careful; so, the steps in the process of getting the boob that are given below:

Step 1: First and foremost step in the process is to choose your placement because breast tattoos for females are either a small-scale tattoo design in one area or they are a large tattoo design that covers the whole chest area entirely.

There are 5 types of boobs tattoo placements as mentioned earlier in the article, so make sure to choose a placement for the tattoo keeping in mind the design of the tattoo that you choose.

Step 2: After you’ve chosen the style for your titty tattoo, for the next step you need to choose the official tattoo design which you want.

Careful choosing is necessary because tattoos are permanent body modifications on your skin and they won’t be fading anytime soon, so make sure to commit to a design that you are content with and want to commit to entirely.

Step 3: Now that you’ve chosen your design, you’re ready for the inking process! But, fasten your seatbelts securely because this is going to be a long and bumpy process.

A girl’s chest tattoo, specifically a boobs tattoo is done in 2-3 sessions over a period of a month or longer. 

Yes, you heard that right, a month or longer, because each session takes around 1-3 hours depending on your tattoo artist’s capacity, but after that, you need to take an interlude of 2-3 weeks for your unfinished tattoo design to heal before adding in more of the design.

During the first session, the outline for your finalized tattoo design will be inked onto your arm neatly with the help of a tattoo stencil which will go onto your chosen chest area at first.

In the second session, this is where your tattoo artist will add all of the details to your boobs tattoo design. And in the third i.e. the last session, your tattoo artist will add in all the colouring, if you choose to add any, and shading to your tattoo, which will make it come to life and end the inking process! 

Step 4: For the last step, it is all about aftercare, because getting a boobs tattoo means no bra for the first 2 weeks and no skin-tight clothing for a period of a month. Not only does the tattooing process take months, but it also takes around another month for the tattoo design to fully heal and be ready for display. 

During this time, you have to follow certain precautions like washing and moisturizing the tattooed area 2-3 times a day until the peeling stops. It is also advisable to leave the bandage on for a while before taking it off and using antibacterial unscented soap to wash your tattooed area. 

Rubbing or scratching your tattooed area can cause serious harm like skin infections, so make sure to use patting motions to dry your tattoo after washing and let scabs or peeling skin fall off on its own.

You should also avoid exposing your tattoo design to a lot of water and stick to lukewarm and quick showers instead of lengthy baths and absolutely swimming. 

And just like that, you’re done getting your long-awaited boobs tattoo! It will be a long and excruciatingly painful process but it will be quite worth it in the end because it will look stunning.

As mentioned before, the tattooing and healing process takes several long months so make sure to plan to get your tattoo according to your schedule and in winter so that they do not clash.

Since boobs tattoo designs are unlike any other tattoos that get inked onto one’s skin, make sure to be patient and work with your tattoo artist throughout the whole process.

Tell them what you want and collaborate with them to get a satisfactory result, otherwise, you’ll end up with regrets which are unsatisfactory considering that tattoos are after all, permanently etched onto the skin and only removable with expensive removal surgery. 

The 10 Best Boobs Tattoo Design Ideas 

Now that you know everything that there is to know about boobs tattoos, it’s time to take a look at the list of ideas that we have curated especially for you. This list consists of the 10 most popular and beautiful women’s chest tattoo design ideas that are perfect for girls’ chest piece tattoos.

The list of the 10 ideas for female chest tattoos with images is given as follows: 

Lotus Under Boob Tattoo Design 

Starting off with a bang, we will be taking a look at a tattoo under the breast or a sternum tattoo as shown in the image above. We all know that femininity has always been associated with florals and it still holds true to this day which is why a flower being featured in girl chest tattoos is very common. 

The tattoo design shown above features a beautiful decorative flower design, the flower in question being the beloved lotus flower. The tattoo design shows a big lotus flower as the centrepiece which is surrounded by a jewellery-like design, making it look like an accessory made for a woman’s body.

Lotus Under Boob Tattoo Design 
Lotus Under Boob Tattoo Design 

The tattoo design is inked onto the skin using the traditional black and grey ink which makes it look very elegant and attractive. The lotus breast tattoo design is very intricately detailed and neatly shadowed which makes it look like an amazing piece of art.

While this tattoo design looks like just a decorative piece of body art or tattoo, it is not as it seems because the tattoo has a profound meaning behind it. Lotus flowers are known to symbolize enlightenment, spiritual awakening, rebirth and inner peace so this tattoo design represents all of that alongside a new beginning. 

Breast Cancer Butterfly Under Boob Tattoo Design 

It is normal to assume that inspirational and meaningful tattoo designs cannot be inked onto a place like the chest area but those who have this assumption are wrong. No matter the place, a tattoo design that is meaningful can be tattooed anywhere on the body because what matters is the meaning, not the placement.

But in the chest area, one of the best breast cancer tattoos for a woman is the breast cancer butterfly tattoo design which not only represents a great meaning but it also creates awareness. It is a popular tattoo design that is found mostly on the body of breast cancer or ovarian cancer survivors. 

Breast Cancer Butterfly Under Boob Tattoo Design 
Breast Cancer Butterfly Under Boob Tattoo Design 

The image above shows a beautiful breast cancer butterfly tattoo design that is inked onto the upper area or top of the ribs right under the breasts to the side, which makes it an under-breast tattoo idea. The image depicts a colourful pink butterfly that has a body made from the signature pink ribbon which is in the shape of the breast cancer awareness sign.

The tattoo design is done using the traditional black ink which has been used for the outline mainly alongside the intricate details and different hues of pink ink for the colours in the tattoo. The tattoo design is visually stunning because of its neat shading and gradient of the shades of pink which makes the tattoo look life-like.

Getting to the meaning of the under-chest tattoo, we know that a pink ribbon in the signature looped shape means breast cancer awareness.

On the other hand, a butterfly tattoo symbolizes rebirth, freedom, change, and transformation, so overall the tattoo represents the poignant change in the life of a birth cancer survivor and how they have to readjust to life as a human being who is embracing their past with open arms. 

Floral Side Boob Tattoo Design 

We all know that the greatest and most popular symbol for femininity is, of course, flowers! Flowers have always been associated with beauty, purity, fragility and femininity ever since the dawn of civilization. 

For this reason, from all the types of tattoos on the chest females can get, floral tattoo designs are the most popular and opted for as they reinforce a woman’s personality.

Floral Side Boob Tattoo Design 
Floral Side Boob Tattoo Design 

If you google breast tattoo photos for women, you will find that floral tattoo designs are commonly inked onto the upper area of the ribs or the side boob.

In the image shown above such a tattoo design can be seen, which is a floral underside boob tattoo design. The tattoo design depicts a beautiful bunch of flower curling around the curvature of the breast starting at the side breast bone and extending down to the upper area or top of the ribs.

The floral side boob tattoo design is done using the traditional black and grey ink which makes it look chic and modern. The tattoo design is visually appealing because of its intimate detailing and neat shading which is provocative in an elegant way.

This definitely isn’t a small side boob tattoo and just like its size, the meaning behind this tattoo design is also profound and inspiring. In ancient times, flowers were believed to be a direct symbol of God’s contentment but in the modern age, floral tattoo designs symbolize fragility, femininity, youth, beauty, pleasure, strength and mental fortitude. 

Snake Middle of Boob Tattoo Design 

Waltzing into the realm of tattoos in between breasts, let’s talk about a simple between-breast tattoo design that will captivate your heart. Middle breast tattoos or cleavage tattoos are considered the sexiest boob tattoos because of their alluring placement. 

Because of this, the number of tattoos between breasts is hefty as it is quite popular as a tattoo placement amongst women. Middle-of-boob tattoos are quite worth it as they are bold and provocative in a very chic manner which is perfect for a woman’s personality.

While small middle-breast tattoos are preferred for first-timers, a more medium-scale in-between-boob tattoo design is the idea we’re going to be sharing today. For a woman, a flower tattoo between breasts is one of the most popular middle chest tattoos for females and is what would be the idealistic approach, but let’s talk about a more unique in-between breast tattoo design. 

The image shown above depicts this unique in-between-boobs tattoo design, which features a snake that is slithering with its tongue out. This in-between chest tattoo design can be seen quite a lot in tattoos on breast photos on the internet because it is sexy and intimate in a minimalistic way. 

Snake Middle of Boob Tattoo Design 
Snake Middle of Boob Tattoo Design 

This snake middle of breast tattoo is done using the traditional black ink which has been used for the bold outline of the tattoo and for the minimal detailing that can be seen in the between breast tattoo design.

This tattoo draws your gaze in because of how eccentric it is, because upon first glance it looks like just a snake tattoo design but then it has you wondering, what does this snake tattoo mean?

Well, as simple and minimalistic as the design looks, it has a deep, inspiring and profound meaning behind it despite there being only one element. A snake tattoo symbolizes power, strength and transformation. In its essence, a snake tattoo represents a new beginning in life or a fresh start to one’s life. 

Red Rose Upper Boob Tattoo Design 

Women have always been considered dainty and lithe which is why florals or flower tattoo designs are so popular amongst 50% of our population. When choosing small tattoos on the chest for females, florals or flower tattoo designs are the first choice for every woman out there.

So keeping up with that trend, let’s talk about an upper breast tattoo design that features one singular flower element, a beautiful and beloved flower, the red rose. Red rose tattoo designs are not only popular as an upper boob placement but they are popular in general amongst both genders regardless of gender. 

The image shown above depicts a beautiful red rose with some of its petals shedding and flying away where the tattoo is placed on the curvature on top of the breast, making it an upper boob tattoo design.

Traditional red rose tattoo designs are captivating in itself but the added touch of the shedding petals flying away just adds that extra touch to the already dark femme aesthetic tattoo design.

The tattoo design is done using the traditional black ink for the outline while red and green hues have been used for the main colourful parts of the tattoo design. Some grey and black ink has also been used for the intricate shading and detailing on the elements of the red rose flower. 

The meaning of a red rose is profound, feminine and attractive for a female’s body. A red rose tattoo symbolizes timeless love, passion, courage, and beauty which overall symbolizes the characteristics of a graceful woman. 

Red Rose Upper Boob Tattoo Design 
Red Rose Upper Boob Tattoo Design 

Barbed Wire Heart Nipple Tattoo Design 

Straying away from the traditional placement of chest tattoos women get, let’s talk about the rarest placement of a chest tattoo design, the nipple tattoo design. Nipple tattoo designs are very delicate and they’re done very carefully with the help of a nipple tattoo stencil. 

The type of tattoos that can be done on the nipple placement area is quite limited but if you get creative with it, a good design can be created. The breasts on a woman’s body are very sensitive and the skin is thin which is why it is a highly painful placement for a tattoo design. 

There are a lot of heart tattoos on the chest that girls love to get, so putting a dark femme spin on that design, the image above shows a heart made of barbed wire. The tattoo design’s image above shows a dainty heart that is made of barbed wire.

The nipple tattoo design is done using traditional black ink for both the bold outline and the neat detailing which reinforces the dark femme aesthetic. The tattoo design is done in all-black ink makes it look quite soft grunge and provocative in a mysterious way.

We all know the cult classic heart tattoo designs have a symbolic meaning of love and friendship, but this tattoo design has a deeper meaning. The barbed wire heart-shaped nipple tattoo design symbolizes strength and resilience, which overall represents fighting against obstacles in life.

Barbed Wire Heart Nipple Tattoo Design 
Barbed Wire Heart Nipple Tattoo Design 

Upside Down Rose In Between Boobs Tattoo Design 

As mentioned before, floral tattoo designs have always been a cult classic and staple chest tattoo women love to get because of their personality being associated with flowers since the ancient age. Following this popular stereotype, we present to you another floral between-the-boob tattoo design for women.

But wait, it gets better because it has a dark and significant twist to it that you will not see coming. We all know about the traditional rose tattoo between breasts which can be seen quite often because of their booming popularity. 

They have an amazing visual and are beloved because of their symbolic meaning which is love, beauty and passion. But have you ever heard of an upside-down rose between the breast tattoo?

It is unknown to a lot of people because the tattoo design does have a negative or mournful meaning which isn’t as appealing to some people to have as a permanent marking on their body.

Upside Down Rose In Between Boobs Tattoo Design 
Upside Down Rose In Between Boobs Tattoo Design 

The image above shows the exact upside-down rose tattoo in between the breasts that were mentioned earlier. The tattoo design features a stunning rose tattoo that is upside down which gives an illusion of something that’s wrong about the tattoo, in an aesthetic way of course. 

The rose-between-breast tattoo design has been done using the traditional black and grey ink which reinforces the dark aspect of the in-between-boob tattoo design. The intricate detailing, bold outline and minute shading of the tattoo design make it look grunge and mournful in, once again, an aesthetic way of course! 

Now, to talk about the deep, profound and mournful meaning behind this tattoo design, the upside-down rose tattoo meaning is something that makes anyone who knows the meaning feel hurt for the tattoo bearer.

This upside-down rose tattoo symbolizes grief, mourning and a dark past which overall represents the end of a relationship of love, or the end of something that’s bad and a new beginning.

Upper Breast Skull, Butterly and Clock Tattoo Design 

So far, we’ve talked about medium-scale chest tattoo designs, but now let’s talk about large-scale tattoo designs that cover a wider area. The upper breast area is perfect for such large-scale tattoos because they can extend to each shoulder to the sides and extend on top all the way to the bottom of the neck. 

Upper breast tattoos are provocative because while they can be covered easily, they can also be shown off in a bold manner that is attractive. The potential for upper breast tattoos is a lot because, with the tattoo design, your imagination is the limit!

The image above depicts such a stunning upper breast tattoo design which features a merged tattoo design of two skulls, a clock and a butterfly. The tattoo design is so visually striking because the three elements are something you wouldn’t occasionally think to put together into one piece, but once you do there’s no going back because it looks amazing. 

The tattoo design is done using the traditional black and grey ink which reinforces the unusual and dark glamorous vibe. The intricate detailing, neat shading and bold strokes of this tattoo design make it quite visually striking to others who can’t help but feel attracted.  

The meaning behind this tattoo design is profound and deep because of three unusual elements being married together but the meaning is cohesive and matches the dark glamour aesthetic.

The skull tattoo symbolizes the celebration of life, rebellion and death while the clock tattoo symbolizes mortality, time to life and death, existence, and infinity.

And lastly, the butterfly tattoo symbolizes rebirth, renewal and a transformation in life which overall makes this tattoo represent the appreciation that the tattoo bearer has for the phases of life and death alongside their mortality and belief in rebirth. 

Decorative Octopus Under Boob Tattoo Design 

Now, let’s talk about the celebrity’s favourite chest tattoo placement, which is countless breast tattoo ideas! Tattoos under the breast are not for the faint of heart because this tattoo placement is quite bold and provocative.

There are a plethora of under-chest tattoos females can get, but getting one that’s meaningful and represents the tattoo bearer is the right way to go. Just like any other tattoo designs for women, under-breast tattoos for females also feature a lot of floral designs, but let’s talk about something more unique and rare. 

The image above shows a tattoo under the breast design which features an octopus with a decorative aura around it. Out of all the under-boob tattoo ideas, this one is very eccentric and unconventional which makes it an amazing tattoo design. 

The octopus under boob tattoo design has been done using the traditional black and grey ink which makes it look classy and doesn’t take away from the striking outline of the tattoo design. The clean outline, intricate detailing and realistic shadowing of the tattoo design make the design pop out in contrast to the tattoo bearer’s skin. 

Getting to learning the meaning of This under-boob tattoo idea, this tattoo design has a few different meanings. The octopus tattoo symbolizes on-the-spot thinking, multitasking, magical knowledge, and overcoming your own fears. 

Peacock Nipple Tattoo Design 

Let’s roll back a little and go back to talking about the rare chest tattoo placement which is the nipple tattoo design. As mentioned before, nipple tattoo designs are done using a nipple tattoo stencil and they are a highly painful tattoo placement.

They are the boldest type of tattoo design because they are intimate, sexy and provocative to the max level. The nipple tattoo designs can be classified as the easiest breast tattoo to cover up but they can also be flaunted and shown off if you choose to do so.

Now, what can you do to make this tattoo design even more bold? Let’s add a lot of colours, shall we? Let’s talk about the boldest and most colourful tattoo design in this article. The image above shows a stunning nipple tattoo design that features a peacock taking flight, which is very colourful, bright and visually impairing, I mean stunning.

The tattoo design is done using the traditional black ink for a barely there thin outline and lots of blue, pink, purple and yellow hues of ink have been used for the colours of the body in the tattoo design. The tattoo design is absolutely fabulous because of its bold colours and placement alongside the deft detailing and shading which makes it stand out. 

Now, you can see that the tattoo design is very bright and colourful, so naturally, you are curious about the meaning of the nipple tattoo design. Well, the peacock tattoo design symbolizes rebirth, purity, success, unique beauty and a representation of resurrection.

So, we can definitely say that the brightness of the tattoo design is in cohesion with the tattoo design’s meaning.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does a Boobs Tattoo hurt?

Women’s breast tattoos are known to be quite painful because this specific body part is very delicate. The skin around the breast area is very sensitive and thin while having close proximity to the rib bones and the heat. So, a Boobs Tattoo can be severely painful, i.e. it hurts a lot!

How long does it take for a Boobs Tattoo design to heal?

Depending on the size of your Boobs Tattoo design, the tattoo can take anywhere from a week to a whole month to heal entirely.

How long does it take to get a Boobs Tattoo done?

Based on the size and the design of your tattoo, a Boobs Tattoo can take around 1-3 hours or a few 1-3 hours long sessions to get inked onto the skin.

How much does a Boobs Tattoo cost?

A Boobs Tattoo costs around $500-$1000 based on the size and design that you choose for your tattoo design.

Is it safe to get a Boobs Tattoo?

Although there is a small risk of developing skin granulomas, calcifications, transfer of pathogens, ink absorption by the lymphatic system, swelling or burning during MRI or keloid formation, overall Boobs Tattoos are considered safe to get.


Breast tattoo designs are empowering because of their profound history and what they symbolize for a woman. Boob tattoo designs are so empowering because they give women the greater freedom that they always wanted to have with their bodies.

Getting an intimate and provocative tattoo design in a bold placement like the chest area makes a woman feel confident and in control of her own body entirely. For this reason, boob tattoo designs are so popular and trendy amongst women at present. 

There are a lot of tattoo designs that you can choose to get tattooed on your chest area but make sure to choose it wisely. Also, make sure to choose a proper tattooist who you are comfortable with and make sure that they can give you exactly what you want after doing your research.

Ensuring that you’re happy with your tattoo design, placement, tattooist and tattoo parlour because, after all, tattoos are permanent markings on the body. Once it’s on and etched onto your skin, there is no turning back unless you fancy a painful (yes, more pain.) and lengthy (yes, more time too.) tattoo removal process.

But you don’t have to worry because you won’t be ill-prepared at all, because of our article! Make sure to read through the article entirely to gather all the information you need and also take inspiration to get the tattoo design that you want! Choose one of the 10 best boobs tattoo designs that are intimate and breathtaking and go to the best tattoo parlour to get your tattoo today!