How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last

Finger tattoos are for crazy people, right? Getting ink on the fingers seems to be a good idea until you know how much finger tattoos hurt. But let us say you are ready to take the pain. How long do finger tattoos last? Is the pain worth it?

However, these tattoos are usually tiny in size and this gives you an opportunity to place them in either open areas or hide them between fingers.

You can get disappointed when you get to learn how long finger tattoos last. But all in all, finger tattoos are quite amazing to have them.

Unfortunately, hands and fingers are used to handling so many things on a daily basis. This makes the tattoos to be susceptible to fading.

How long do finger tattoos last

Features of finger tattoos

Finger tattoos can certainly be extremely miniature, and this is their beauty. Prices for tattoos in Moscow are quite modest. The shape of this part of the body is elongated, so many people prefer writing inscriptions. A tattoo on a finger for girls is very often applied between the fingers – this solution is not just original. From the side, the tattoo becomes invisible until the owner shows it to the interlocutor. Men often do tattoos on the fingers from the front.

Meaning of finger tattoos

Finger tattoos for men
Finger Tattoo Meaning

Each inscription and picture has its own meaning. Many people prefer inscriptions in Latin, English or Arabic, less often in Russian. However, it should be noted that tattoos on the fingers may not carry a semantic load at all – they are often done only to decorate the brushes. Also popular are:

  • images of stars;
  • jewelry – rings, rings;
  • drawings of plants and animals.

The universality of meaning is provided by the future owner’s own ideas. Some married couples prefer to get the same tattoo on their ring finger in the form of a wedding ring. This is done as a sign of loyalty and endless love.

It should be noted that tattooing between the fingers and on the frontal part of the fingers is performed quite quickly due to the relative simplicity and small size of the pattern. You can choose sketches of tattoos in our gallery. We also offer other services such as navel piercing.

Finger tattoos for men – Men finger tattoos

Men rarely get a tattoo on their finger as the first tattoo. In most cases, a small drawing on the finger is an additional part of the sleeve composition or tattoo on the hand. Miniature symbols most often appear on the fingers of men when they make paired tattoos with their soulmates.

Finger tattoos are on the hype now. And male finger tattoos are clearly pretty different. Some salient features of male finger tattoos are:

  • They are normally pretty minimalistic.
  • They look Sharp.
  • Male finger tattoos can be quotes.
  • They can be special symbols.

In the following we are going to show you some popular finger tattoo design for men:

Male finger tattoos

Most popular finger tattoo designs among men

  • swords and daggers;
  • anchors, arrows;
  • banknotes (dollars, euros, etc.);
  • runes;
  • amulets;
  • date, month and year of birth;
  • card suits;
  • mustache;
  • skull;
  • zodiac signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, etc.);
  • pistols, etc.

A man who loves quotes and want to express a bold attitude will always fall for the following design.

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?
How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

Some man are more innovative. They express quotes but in an interesting way.

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

Most of the men are fond of casinos, cards and so on. And, they like to express it in some way or another. The following image represents a card design finger tattoo for men. You can choose it as well. You can find some of the great designs related to this on amazon.

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

There are thousands of tattoo designs for your fingers. It is not possible to represent all of them here as it is not the main goal of today’s discussion. We are here to discuss how long do finger tattoos last. And we are discussing all these just to make things clear for you. You can find more finger tattoo designs here.

Many of our male folk love to express their passion towards phantom and ghosts. And we have seen millions of designs for ghost tattoos on wrist or shoulder. However, why not do it on fingers as well. Yes, it is possible. Let’s see some designs for better understanding:

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?
How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

We hope that now you guys have a basic idea on finger tattoos for men. Of course, finger tattoos are not that easy to maintain. Yet, your style is your choice and without pain there is no gain. So, give it a try.

Finger tattoos for girls – Women finger tattoos

Girls often choose a finger tattoo as their first tattoo to make sure they are portable to the process. Even a miniature tattoo helps to attract attention and makes its owner more confident.

Finger tattoos for girls are a way to stand out from the crowd or the opportunity to put on the body a phrase that motivates, inspires or encourages some action. Finger tattoos for men are an opportunity to express themselves, to declare themselves. By the way, speaking about what exactly is applied to this part of the body, several main types of drawings should be distinguished.

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

Most popular finger tattoo designs among men

  • numbers (for example, the number 13 on the fingers is very popular among girls);
  • animals (cats, butterflies, birds, feathers, wolves, lions, snake around the finger, etc.);
  • letters, palms ;
  • diamonds, bows;
  • inscriptions with translation;
  • flower tattoo (lotus, rose on the finger, or lily);
  • words (love, hope, destiny);
  • stripes, dots, and crosses;
  • space elements (rocket, planet, moon, stars, sun);
  • musical attributes (note, treble clef);
  • keys, watches;
  • question marks, various symbols (yin-yang, infinity, heart, crown);
  • rings, rings on the finger, and much more (in this case, a tattoo is done around the finger).

Most of the women like matching things. In that case, they often go for twin finger tattoos. They take two tattoos which are identical but mirror opposite and place then on two hands. Following image is an example for this case:

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

According to recent trend, women are liking simple designs for finger tattoos. And, planets, sun, moon etc. are the most preferred designs in this case. You can have a look at the following design:

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

Until now, we have showed only simple designs. But some women like more complex designs. They like to have finger tattoos in each and every finger. Although it looks a little complex, it is more meaningful as well.

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How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?
How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

Will finger tattoo fade away?

Finger tattoos are a risk. The hand has many nerve endings, vessels, joints. The skin on the fingers is thin and delicate, always subject to movement. For a tattoo, all these factors are negative. The paint begins to flow, turning from a clear line and a blurry dotted line.

But do not despair, the tattoo can be corrected. Moreover, everything very much depends on the individual characteristics of a person. Someone has a tattoo that lasts for several years without changes, while someone has to sign up for correction in the first year.

The master will warn you about all the pitfalls of a tattoo on a finger, but he will not give you an accurate forecast of how the tattoo will behave on your skin.

A tattoo on the surface of the fingers is considered more reliable than a tattoo on the side of the finger.

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last on Average?

There are a number of things that determine the life of a tattoo on a finger. The skills of the tattooist, size, and design of the tattoo matter a lot when determining the lifespan of tattoos.

You will be expected to go for a regular finger tattoo touch up in order to keep them in good shape. I recommend you go for re-inking after six months from the initial inking procedure.

This is because the design would have faded away due to a number of things as mentioned earlier. You will be required to monitor your tattoo design on a daily basis and if you notice any sign of fading visit your tattooist. Discuss with them also how long do finger tattoos last?

A tattoo that has fade usually looks ugly and it will need a retouch in order to restore the glowing appearance. If you are committed to investing in your finger tattoos then they are likely to last for long.

The cost of re-inking varies from one studio to another. There is no exact fixed cost of touch up but you can consult your tattoo artists about the cost.

You can check out some of the best designs of finger tattoos which are available on amazon for a very cheap price.

How long do finger tattoos last
How long do finger tattoos last

Do Finger Tattoos Fade Quicker Than Other Areas?

When you compare to tattoos on other areas of the body, finger tattoos usually fade away faster. This is due to the type of work our hands do on a daily basis.

The daily routines such as cleaning utensils and floor tend to be the reason behind the wear and tear of the skin around the fingers and hands.

The friction between fingers that usually occur frequently could also be the reason behind the fading of the tattoos. All these activities will inhibit your tattoo from being in a prime condition for long.

You should also note that regular regeneration and shedding of the skin could also be the reason causing the fading of the skin. This is a natural activity and it cannot be avoided or prevented.

The skin between the fingers is very delicate and thin in the layer. This makes the tattoos in this area to be susceptible to fading. You need to improvise ways on how to make the tattoos to resist fading for some time. 

How to Make Finger Tattoos Last Longer?

After undergoing body inking, you will be given advice on how to care for tattoos. It is quite important to follow these aftercare instructions in order to foster a faster healing process.

Here are the tips that will make your tattoos on the fingers to last for long:


The design of your tattoo will define how long the tattoos will last on the fingers. The skin between the fingers is not as smooth as other parts of the body and many artists find it hard to tattoo.

The nature of the skin on the fingers seems to be complex to handle hence it can make the colors of tattoo inks to appear fade after inking.

Therefore, you need to opt for a simple tattoo design that is small in size in order to reduce the chances of experiencing much pain while re-inking. Small tattoos tend to last for long also.

Keep it Clean

It is recommended to keep the tattoo clean in order to help it heal properly. This is part of the aftercare routine that you are supposed to follow religiously.

You will be expected to have a complete rest from the normal chores until the tattoo begins to heal. Also, keep your hands dry and clean throughout the healing process.

I recommend using mild and fragrance-free soap in order to avoid compromising the healing process. You can consult your tattooist about the best soap for cleaning the tattooed region.

How long do finger tattoos last
How long do finger tattoos last


It is good to keep your hands and fingers moisturize following after getting tattoos. This will help to prevent cracking of the tattoos since hands are susceptible to dryness.

It is important to use moisturizing creams that are perfumed free like coconut oil. This is a natural oil that is less risky when compared to the purchase hand cream.

Top Up

Finger tattoo fading is something that is inevitable. Therefore, it is good to go for a touch up in order to make it last for long. If you happen to leave for long, it will fade away after some time.

Maintaining any type of tattoos is very expensive and you need to invest a lot in order to keep it in good condition.

You should consult your tattooist and get to know how often you will need to go for a top-up. This will help you to plan well in a year after inking.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your finger?

Finger tattoos are painful tattoos. A particularly sensitive area is the skin between the fingers, on the lateral side. But do not worry too much about this, since the tattoos on the fingers are always small and the session will be short. You simply will not have time to experience the intense pain that is inherent in long sessions in a tattoo parlor.

Bottom line

It is good to know that finger tattoos do not last for many years like those tattoos on other parts of the body. However, the location of the tattoo is quite fun and quirky. This is the reason why it is not good for some people.

It is also quite tricky to promote faster healing of finger tattoos due to the nature of the skin. The initial aftercare routine will also determine how long do finger tattoos last.

Finger tattoo pain is too high according to the tattoo pain scale. You need to prepare your mindset before thinking about getting inked on the fingers.

All in all, finger tattoos are the best body inks you can never afford to miss. They will also help you to determine the choice of fashion to adopt. I hope now you know how long do finger tattoos last and how you can prolong it. So, enjoy!!!!