$100 Tattoo Designs – Beginner-Friendly And Small-Scale Tattoos

Tattoos are a type of body modification that is etched onto the skin using permanent ink which leaves a permanent mark on the body. Tattoo designs are typically done using black and gray, but there are colorful tattoos as well.

Tattoos age over time on the skin and they fade but never entirely, some semblance of them exists forever. There are different types and sizes of tattoos and the most popular one is the small-scale or $100 tattoo.

The $100 tattoo designs are very popular because they are smaller in size, which makes them perfect for beginners. They are just the right size to beautifully depict a meaningful tattoo on one’s skin.

Keep on reading to learn everything about the $100 tattoos and the best tattoo design ideas to take inspiration and reference from available for this specific range of price. 

$100 Tattoo Design Details 

As mentioned before, the most popular tattoo designs at the moment are the $100 tattoo designs because not only are they small but also reasonably priced. They are very beginner friendly and not as time-consuming as other larger tattoos.

The usual size of a $100 tattoo is 2-4 inches altogether. The $100 tattoo size is a standard beginner size because it provides just enough space for neat detailing, vivid colors, and a perfect outline. 

Based on your tattoo artist and tattoo parlor of choice, a $100 tattoo design which is 2-4 inches in size, can be a relatively quick process. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, i.e. a full hour at most. 

The most popular spots for getting a small 2-4 inch tattoo design inked on are the wrist, forearm, ankle, shoulder, collarbone, back of the neck, and finger. These are the perfect spots because they are easily concealable but then again, easy to flaunt and show the world your first tattoo design. 

These $100 tattoos are very versatile and they let you choose any design you want to depict, on a small scale. It allows a beginner to understand the process of tattooing and how it feels to get a tattoo, helping them decide if they want more or not.

The 8 Best $100 Tattoo Design Ideas for Your First Tattoo 

Now that we are well aware of all the details about the $100 tattoo designs, it’s time to take inspiration and reference from existing trendy designs. Because the tattoo design’s size is small, yet provides just enough space, the possibilities for creating a design are endless. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the 8 Best $100 tattoo designs that you can take inspiration and reference from for your first tattoo. The list is given as follows:

Favorite Animal Tattoo Design 

$100 Tattoo Designs - Favourite Animal Tattoo
$100 Tattoo Designs – Favourite Animal Tattoo

One of the most popular forms of tattoos is the tattoos that show your personality. Getting a tattoo design of your favorite animal is like tattooing a piece of your personality onto your skin on display for everyone to see.

The cat tattoo design given above is a very good example of an animal tattoo that you can get in the $100 tattoo size or 2-4 inch size. It is perfect for a cat lover to get because it shows the cute stare of a cat, their pleading eyes.

The tattoo design is done in traditional black ink, which makes it pop against the skin in stark contrast. The tattoo has a significant amount of detail along with the intricate shading that makes the cat’s fur pop.

But the real star of the show is the beautiful pair of eyes of the cat in the tattoo design. The colorful yellow ink is used for the eyes of the cat, which is accented by the slit-shaped black ink used for the pupils. 

Favorite Fruit Tattoo Design 

$100 Tattoo Designs - Favourite Fruit Tattoo Design
$100 Tattoo Designs – Favourite Fruit Tattoo Design

Tattoo designs are very versatile and you can tattoo almost anything onto your body. There are profound meanings behind every tattoo design that anyone chooses. 

The most popular tattoo designs that look innocent but have the most profound meanings behind them are fruit tattoos. A very trendy fruit that is donned as a tattoo design is the cherry fruit.

Cherries have always been considered a feminine fruit which is why this is a tattoo design widely loved by women all over the world. This is one of the most popular $100 tattoo designs because it is a small yet intricately detailed and visually striking tattoo design. 

The cherry tattoo design as shown in the image above is done in the traditional colors we find in cherry, red, and green ink. But, there is also a very thin outline of black ink and white highlights which make the pair of cherries in the picture look very realistic.

The reason why cherry tattoo designs are such a renowned $100 tattoo design is because of their symbolic meaning. The cherry tattoo design symbolizes innocence, purity, and fertility, which is also the reason why women love getting cherry tattoos. 

Floral Tattoo Design 

$100 Tattoo Designs - Floral Tattoo Design
$100 Tattoo Designs – Floral Tattoo Design

Not straying from the topic of $100 beginner tattoo designs for women, we all know that floral tattoo designs are the first choice for 90% of women out there. Florals have always been associated with femininity, grace, and beauty which is why women love them.

Floral tattoo designs are very unique and every tattoo design varies from the others because different flowers are known to have different. For example, a rose symbolizes love and beauty while a daisy flower symbolizes innocence, purity, and true love. 

While roses are the common choice of a floral beginner tattoo for a woman, another amazing choice for a floral tattoo is the orange tulip flower. The above image shows us the tattoo design of an orange tulip tattooed onto the skin of the area right under the collarbone.

The placement of the tattoo is elegant, alluring, and pleasing to look at because it being a pretty flower. The tattoo design is done using vibrant orange and green ink colors alongside using yellow ink for the highlights in the petals and a spot of darker green ink for the shading on the green stalk. 

The orange tulip tattoo design tattooed onto the skin on one’s body represents their determination to make a fresh start in life after facing lots of pain in the past. The orange tulip tattoo design also stands for having an elevated spirit which is perfect for a woman who is optimistic and looking for an amazing beginner friendly $100 tattoo design.

Matching Friendship Tattoo Design 

$100 Tattoo Designs - Matching Friendship Tattoo Design
$100 Tattoo Designs – Matching Friendship Tattoo Design

Now, while individual tattoo designs that represent and portray one’s personality and interests in life are popular, matching tattoos are a lot more popular than we think. It is a very popular trope in the tattoo industry and is trending everywhere. 

One of the most popular types of matching tattoo designs is the matching friendship tattoo design. Friendship is an amazing concept of being buddies for life and depending on each other.

Friendships are a partnership for life, an unbreakable bond which is why some duos like to flaunt their friendship with the help of a matching friendship tattoo. One of the most popular friendship tattoo designs is the “pinky promise” tattoo design shown in the picture above.

This $100 tattoo design of a pinky promise depicts two hands of girls intertwining their pinky fingers with each other to show the weight of their promise.  As we know, pinky promises are considered unbreakable and one of the highest forms of promises. 

The tattoo design depicted in the image is a very simple yet beautiful tattoo that is done using black ink in a simple outline with the only visible detail being the nails of the hands. The pinky promise tattoo design represents an honor for keeping promises and it symbolizes lifelong commitment. 

Matching Couple Tattoo Design 

$100 Tattoo Designs - Matching Couple Tattoo Design
$100 Tattoo Designs – Matching Couple Tattoo Design

While talking about matching tattoo designs, how could we forget about the epitome of matching tattoo designs which are matching couple tattoo designs? While matching friendship tattoos are a popular trope, matching couple tattoo designs are a cult classic and favorite. 

Being a couple is not like any other relationship, it is a relationship standing on the pillar of love. Being a couple means depending entirely on each other, making sacrifices for one another, and loving each other unconditionally. 

Couples also need to be very trusting of each other and treat each other like equals. One of the most popular matching couple tattoo designs is the tattoo design of “his and hers.”

This $100 tattoo design which features the writing “his only” on the girl’s forearm and “her only” on the boy’s arm shows to the world that they belong to each other. The tattoo design shows possession, love, and loyalty to each other.

The tattoo design shown in the above picture is done using the classic black ink which shows the writing “his only” written in cursive handwriting on the girl’s forearm while the boy’s forearm dons a more blocky handwriting. This tattoo design symbolizes possession, devotion, faith, passion, loyalty, and of course, lots of love for each other. 

Favorite Quote Tattoo Design 

$100 Tattoo Designs - Favourite Quote Tattoo Design
$100 Tattoo Designs – Favourite Quote Tattoo Design

Materialistic tattoos with different elements in them are a popular trope alright, but when it comes to writing tattoos? Oh man, those are considered the epitome of motivational and uplifting tattoo designs.  

Tattoo designs that showcase a singular quote or phrase that holds significance are a very profound type of tattoo. These are tattoos that make the tattoo bearer have a part of themselves feel validated or seen because of their tattoo design. 

Quote tattoo designs are almost like social bios, it is like a small peek at your personality and intimate life which only the people close to you know. For this reason, quote tattoo designs are quite popular nowadays amongst people of both genders and all ages. 

The $100 tattoo design featuring the quote, “Enjoy the little things”, in is shown in the image above. As we can see, it is a small and simplistic tattoo design with no elements besides the beautiful handwriting itself. As writing is normally done in black ink, the tattoo design is also done using classic black tattoo ink.

To the naked eye, the tattoo design is just a sentence, nothing more nothing less but oh how woefully ignorant those eyes are as this quote boasts a deep meaning. This truly delicate tattoo design with the quote “enjoy the little things” is like a reminder to appreciate the small gestures and brief moments that you would have missed if you hadn’t taken notice of it.

Favorite Hobby Tattoo Design 

$100 Tattoo Designs - Favourite Hobby Tattoo Design
$100 Tattoo Designs – Favourite Hobby Tattoo Design

Every human being is different from others, and their personalities vary from each other in many ways. To each, their own interests, likes, dislikes, and favorites exist based on their personality and them as human beings.

One of the most prominent things that define a human being and lets others recognize them is the hobbies that they nurture. Their favorite hobby speaks miles about them as nothing else can ever portray. 

For this reason, in the tattoo design universe, people with passionate hobbies, decide to get a tattoo of their favorite hobby etched onto their skin to show their appreciation and give tribute to it. Favorite hobby tattoo designs are quite popular as they are tribute-themed tattoo designs.

The $100 tattoo design shown in the picture above is the beloved sport, Football, which is loved by men and women alike all over the world. It is a small tattoo with a few elements that represent the tattoo bearer’s passion and appreciation for the sport, Football.

The tattoo design shows a football intertwined with a human heart that is bleeding slightly from the top, representing the fact that Football is the tattoo bearer’s passion and favorite hobby.

The tattoo design is done using traditional black ink for the outline while some gray ink has been used for the shadowing and of course, vivid scarlet red ink has been used for the oozing blood behind the football. 

It is obvious that the tattoo bearer is either a football player or a lover, because the tattoo, as mentioned before, depicts a football intertwined with a human heart which shows the tattoo bearer’s deep devotion to the sport.

The tattoo design is symbolic in its meaning as an anatomical heart means passion, love, and adoration while the football means the sport itself in its essence; overall it represents the tattoo bearer’s profound love, passion, and admiration for football.

Favorite Food Tattoo Design 

$100 Tattoo Designs - Favourite Food Tattoo Design
$100 Tattoo Designs – Favourite Food Tattoo Design

As mentioned before, tattoos are the most versatile form of body modification that has been evolving for decades now. They are an art form that is used to express one’s personality and how they are as a person. 

One of the most noticeable things in a person that defines who they are in their food choice. The type of food a person enjoys and the type of food they dislike truly make their personality shine through beautifully. 

Because of that, food-themed tattoos are quite popular in the present age where food bloggers and connoisseurs are everywhere. There are various types of foods that come from different heritages and cultures which is why every tattoo design has a varying meaning. 

The $100 tattoo design shown above is that of a coffee cup with hot coffee in it, steam billowing out of the mouth of the cup, a cult classic hot drink. The tattoo design is very simplistic and has little to no details except the steam on top. 

The outline of the tattoo design is done in the traditional black ink which is a bit on the thicker side. While it may seem that a cup of coffee might not have a profound meaning behind it, it has a really good meaning. 

Besides being a tribute and appreciation for one’s favorite food or drink item, a cup of coffee tattoo design has a very symbolic meaning. A cup of coffee tattoo design symbolizes a streak of revolution, one’s intellect, and creativity.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is $100 too much for a small tattoo?

No, if you’re looking to get a good quality tattoo, $100 is the perfect cost for a small tattoo.

What is the general size of a $100 tattoo?

The general size for a $100 tattoo is 2-4 inches. 

Are $100 tattoo designs good for an inexperienced person?

Yes, $100 tattoo designs are perfect for an inexperienced person because they are smaller in scale.

Do $100 small tattoo designs last a long time?

Yes, if your $100 small-scale tattoo is done in the correct way and heals properly, it should last for years with little to no fading.

How long does it take to get a $100 tattoo design?

A $100 tattoo design takes around 1-2 hours to complete, which includes prep and aftercare time. 


While there is an arsenal of body modifications that is available to the whole of humankind, tattoos are the most popular one because of their permanent markings.

Not only that, each different tattoo design is a piece of art unique to the tattoo bearer that chooses to get it done.

Each tattoo design has a different profound meaning which holds significance for the tattoo bearer and for those who admire the tattoo.

Small tattoos are a popular choice of tattoo size for people who have little to no experience with tattoos or just simply want a small tattoo within a budget.

Small tattoos are also popular because they are easy to cover as tattoos are frowned upon professionally and by the older generation. Small tattoos also are a very short procedure with a brief healing time which is perfect for busy people.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the best tattoo artist and tattoo parlor near you today, to go get your first tattoo ever.

Make sure to read through the above information and learn everything you need to know about $100 tattoo designs and also choose a suitable design from the 8 ideas given above.