Chic Tattoo Styles for Women

Tattoos have existed on earth for more than 4,000 years and are now considered a diverse art to express yourself. In the past decades, men used to have traditional body artwork, but now women are also having stylish and sophisticated tattoo art on their neck, wrist, back, and ankle.   Selecting Chic Tattoo Styles for Women can be a daunting task because there is a wide range of designs. This is because the talent of proficient and skilled artists allows them to do virtually anything with ink.   Here are the top tattoo designs for women. Let’s have a look!  

Chic Tattoo Styles for Women

Tattoos for girls are very different from men’s tattoos. Most female tattoos symbolize qualities such as love, tenderness, lightness and beauty. Although, of course, there are exceptions. But tattoos for men carry a completely different meaning.

Best Chic Tattoo Styles for Women
Best Chic Tattoo Styles for Women

It used to be considered indecent for a girl to get a tattoo. But, fortunately, those days have passed, and the number of tattooed representatives of the weaker sex is in no way inferior to the number of the same men.

The original meaning of a female tattoo is to emphasize the beauty and sexuality of its wearer. An additional challenge is to express personality and demonstrate personality traits or interests. Therefore, drawing ideas can be quite diverse: from gloomy Gothic skulls and crosses to bright colorful watercolor-style unicorns.

However, despite such a wide range, women’s tattoos still have some common signs and meanings.

Floral Designs

Women are preferring floral patterns because it enhances their beauty in a unique way. The rose is the most common flower to be used especially if you want to get classic American tattoo styles. These patterns can be placed virtually anywhere on a woman’s body. Nowadays, flower designs are becoming more popular on the top of the foot.  

Celestial Designs

Tattoos designs that involve the sun, moon and stars are very famous because they hold special meanings and sometimes have some kind of significance. For example, the number of stars in a tattoo design may represent the number of children a woman has. You may also found half suns and half-moons on a woman’s lower back.  

Name Tattoos

You might see naming tattoos on many people. Often men are having dagger font tattoo back designs. Name tattoos are not only popular in men but also most popular amongst women. Most of the women are having tattoo names of their children on different areas of the body. Some may opt for the name of their special one or a loved one who passed.

Chic Tattoo Styles
Chic Tattoo Styles for Women

Sometimes a name tattoo can be accompanied by a flash image of the individual’s face when the name tattoo is of someone else’s name. Most women say that they get tattooed of names of their children or of someone who has passed away that they missed. Others say that they would never have the name of someone tattooed on them because many who have to get it to regret it.    

Tribal bands

These types of traditional tattoos are not just for men anymore. They are also popular tattoo styles for women because these tattoos can be placed on the lower back and look chic and stylish. Most women do not prefer tribal tattoos because of any specific meaning that they may have but believe me, these tattoos simply look “hot”.

Portrait Designs

As mentioned above with the name tattoos, some women have an actual image of the person on their bodies. As more popular tattoo artists offer these portrait tattoos, more people are turning to these styles. A real photograph can be mimicked onto the skin. Portrait tattoos are one of the popular tattoos that are appealing and can be created in a variety of colors.

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Selecting a Tattoo Style

Tattoo enthusiasts and hobbyists can easily make up their minds on choosing a specific tattoo style, but those who are new to tattoos might face some difficulties in the selection phase. Most of the time a person gets confused after seeing the gallery of 1000+ tattoo designs as it will be difficult to choose from a huge variety of styles.

Therefore, simply look at the above chic and amazing types of women’s tattoos and look in those areas. Maybe you don’t want a tribal tattoo design, but you may be interested in floral patterns. So go with your gut feeling and you will be able to select the right tattoo for you. Just ensure that the tattoo you are going to choose is meaningful.

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