Biography of The Money Kicks Teenager Rashed Belhasa Net Worth

Rashed Belhasa, mostly known by his nickname on YouTube is The Money kicks. A 19-year-old guy who is popular for his exclusive videos and being a fantastic influencer. There is no doubt that his father Saif Ahmed Belhasa is one of the richest businessmen in the Arab Emirates and so is Rashed Belhasa.

He is neither a spoiled brat even though he is a role model for every teenager for his awesome deeds. Rashed Belhasa net worth can be estimated by his 3.19 million subscribers on the YouTube channel which he named after “Money Kicks”. Here we are going to highlight all possible information about Rashed Belhasa, stay tuned with us.

Rashed Belhasa Net Worth And His Work

Rashed Belhasa net worth is above $30 million by this year.  He holds his famous stardom because of his awesome talent. It is a fantastic treat to hear how this boy gained so much popularity and resources at a very young age. The popular Emirati influencer Rashed Belhasa is primarily well known for his awesome videos and activities.

Rashed Belhasa Net Worth And His Work

Through his various projects as an entrepreneur, Rashed Belhasa started his career when he was 11 years old. Rashed’s passion for sneakers made him up to post an awesome video on his YouTube channel. And that video he posted became viral on the internet. Thus his career started and he continued with various projects as a young entrepreneur, actor and also ran his own business.

Rashed Belhasa is a self-made millionaire now. Though he got a lavish lifestyle from his father. But Rashed Belhasa knows how to invest money and to make even more money. He addresses himself as an independent entrepreneur. He is skilled at Microsoft office, strategic planning, team building, social media management, team leadership, Marketing and training.

Rashed Belhasa debuted in an Indian film “Ferrari Ki Sawari” in 2012 as his first appearance as a screen actor. Then he first opened his social media profile in 2013 and it was an Instagram ID.

 Now there are more than 2 million followers on his Instagram account. After this, he made his channel on YouTube and started sharing his work via videos. His very first video on expensive sneakers was titled  ” legendary sneakers collections”.

Afterward, Rashed Belhasa made his videos featuring many celebrities to talk about his collections. Now Rashed Belhasa has millions of subscribers on the YouTube channel and there his videos get billions of views day by day. He is pretty popular among various actors, sportsmen and rappers as well.

Other than YouTube, he also gained fame as an internet star in social media platforms like Instagram Twitter Pinterest Google Plus LinkedIn and so on. This multi-talented boy is well known for petting vicious animals like tigers. In his videos, he continues to show his father’s wealth and how he invests them to earn more profit.

Rashed Belhasa has a huge collection of automobile accessories and cars. In the internet world, he is renowned for his love for new cars and models. With a net worth of $30 million, he is supposed to be one of the world’s top 40 richest Thus this rich kid is becoming very popular among people day by daykids in 2021.

The Richest Kid Rashed Belhasa

Like other Emiratis in the United Arab Emirates, This boy is also the richest of the richest there. Rashed  Belhasa has a sum of $5k to $7k earnings per month.  Rashed Belhasa has had obsessions on new automobile accessories since he was very young. From Rolls Royce to Ferrari F12  Berlinetta he has all the popular collection cars which he warps with different types of brand stickers.

The Richest Kid Rashed Belhasa

This rich kid owns numerous luxurious cars in his collection. And he also pets around 500 exotic animals including big cats and feeds them on his own. He is quite whimsical about his hobbies. Rashed Belhasa is also very style-conscious when it comes to his outfits.

Rashed Belhasa Age

Well, Rashed Belhasa is a younger guy by his age. Though a successful influencer, he is only 19years old. Rashed Belhasa became successful for his work and dedication. This teenager is very energetic and enthusiastic by his nature. These features of Rashed Belhasa inspire other young people to do something worthy of their confidence.

About Rashed Belhasa

Rashed Belhasa is a young entrepreneur who lives in the United Arab Emirates.” Rashed Saif Belhasa” is his full name by birth. By nationality, he is an Emirati. He was born in Dubai, UAE in 2002. His date of birth is 05/01/2002.  He is a religious Muslim guy as he comes from a renowned Muslim family.

Family Member Of Rashed Belhasa

Rashed  Belhasa is from a very rich family in The United Arab Emirates. His dad is an international entrepreneur as well as a billionaire who is Saif Ahmed Belhasa. And Rashed Belhasa’s mom is Sara Mohamed Rashed Abdullah. Rashed Belhasa and his family is quite a popular rich family in the world. Rashed doesn’t have any sisters except for 3 elder brothers.

Physical Features And Other Related Information About Rashed Belhasa

People often throw questions on Rashed’s attire, looks and about his physical features. So here we go to discuss some delicate features of Rashed Belhasa. Rashed Belhasa is a good-looking stylish boy with amazing hairstyles. He is 168cm in height with a heavy body. His body weight is around 121lbs.

Physical Features And Other Related Information About Rashed Belhasa

Rashed Belhasa has black hair and eyes. His physical feature measurement is 38inches chest, 30 inches waist and 13inches biceps. His outfits are approximately  5 US   and his shoe size is 9 US. And yet he doesn’t have any tattoos on his body. He has tanned skin and somewhat brownish toned skin

Rashed Belhasa’s zodiac sign is Capricorn by horoscope. His personality suits his leadership skill and so does his running business smoothly. Yet with his popularity spreading out home and abroad, many girls are interested in building relationships with Rashed Belhasa. But there is no confirmation by information whether Rashed Belhasa has had any relationship or not.

Educational qualifications Of Rashed Belhasa

Rashed Belhasa started his career as an influencer at the age of 11 or 12. How this Emirati teenage boy became so popular and successful at such a young age is a thing to wonder for every single person. According to people’s interest in Rashed Belhasa, they also ask about Rashed Belhasa’s educational status.

Rashed Belhasa is supposed to be an Idol to those teenagers who want to dedicate their talents to achieve bright careers like him. He studied in a very renowned school named International School of arts and science in Dubai. But it is unknown to us as we could not manage further information about his educational status.

Hobbies And Favourite Things Of Rashed Belhasa

Rashed Belhasa is fond of luxurious cars. He has enthusiasm for making automobile collections of his own. He has obsessions on luxurious sneakers. He loves to host celebrities in his YouTube video even though he hosted Salman Khan too in his video. He loves to pet vicious animals in his farmhouse.

Rashed Belhasa loves to hear songs by Pitbull, DJ Khalid, Fat Joe, Wiz Khalifa and Tyga. He also loves to drive, gyming, jog and do some sort of cooking. He loves homemade food, therefore. His favourite food is Navel Orange and Plumcot. And he loves the white colour.

Contact Details And Active Social Profiles Of Rashed Belhasa

There are countless fans of Rashed Belhasa virtually and in real life who want to contact him anyway. Rashed Belhasa is also a very kindhearted boy. He is also renowned for his charity. And his fans are also very proud and appreciate him for his Nobel hearts. Many needy people have got help by his generosity.

The contact details of Rashed Belhasa we managed to bring are here. 

Email address:

Instagram ID: rsbelhasa

YouTube channel: Money Kicks

Twitter profile: Rashed Belhasa@MoneyKicks1

Rashed Belhasa’s contact number (3)

+971 50 115 2122

+971 50 466 3433

+971 50 144 1555

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rashed Belhasa’s favourite food?

He loves to eat homemade food. Generally, he is not very choosy about food matters.

How old is Rashed Belhasa?

Rashed belhasa is now a 19 years old Emirati kid. He was born in Dubai in 2002.

What is Rashed Belhasa’s favourite hobby?

Rashed Belhasa’s favourite hobby is acting, playing online games and traveling. He also has a passion for making a collection of luxurious cars.

What is the latest update about Rashed Belhasa?

Recently Rashed Belhasa won the Fight Night between YouTuber, influencers, and celebrities in the Middle East. This cryptocurrency event was held on 30th July 2021 in Dubai.


Emirati richest and star kid Rashed Belhasa has become a social media storm through his earnings as an entrepreneur and YouTuber. He started as an independent entrepreneur when he was primarily a teenager. And currently Rashed Belhasa net worth is huge.

This boy has become a centre of attention to millions of his followers on YouTube. We do not doubt predicting that this kid will prosper gradually by continuing his deeds