The Best 6 Social Media Tools to Use for Marketing

In recent years, social media has become an integral part of our lives. New social media platforms have emerged, resulting in communication transformation. This has improved the manner in how brands or companies are marketing themselves. These new changes also affect how brands advertise their products and services and how the targeted audience responds.

That said, these platforms come with a handful of social media tools that help marketers reach, engage, and connect with their prospects.

Best Social Media Tools

Here is a list of the best 6 social media tools to use in 2020


Notably, content creation is an essential aspect of keeping your prospects hooked into your social media, blog, or website. Informative, educative, and visual content is likely to get you more engagements than ordinary content. That means great, and quality content can take your brand or business to the next level. And that’s why Biteable is here to help you create informative, entertaining, and engaging short videos to share in your social media.

With Biteable, you’ve access to free animated scenes, music, video templates, and footage. I wouldn’t be wrong to say Biteable is a heavenly send tool to those who want to create studio-quality visuals.


Canva is an impressive social media tool that each business or brand should integrate into its marketing efforts. Typically, marketers and social media managers ought to create elegant, eye-catching, and beautiful images, since that’s what calls for an ideal social media strategy. With Canva, you can make stunning social media images within a short time. This is because you use ready-made illustrations, icons, and templates to design a professional image, less much actual design work.


Feedly is one of fantastic social media tools that you can use in social media to connect and engage with influencers and grow your business news. Also, Feedly work best for content ideation. With this, you can add various publishers, writers, and blogs whom you admire their content in on feed and view them in one glimpse.

Interestingly, Feedly possesses Buffer to publish interface. This allows you to make schedules for your content right away from the Feedly dashboard.

Besides, you can use Feedly to follow certain industry news, influencers, and Flipboard to keep in touch with trending news.

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HubSpot’s social inbox tool

Perhaps you may be wondering which time-saving social media tools you can use to optimize your social and marketing effort. Congrats, you just found the right post. Undoubtfully, HubSpot’s got you back because you can use it to schedule your posts, merge your social network accounts with your website or blog, and track messages and mentions. In turn, this helps grow and engage new leads without spending much time logged in.

Moreover, with the use of HubSpot’s, you can integrate all your marketing with your CRMS, to quickly determine the number of new leads and clients received directly from your social networks.


Initially, Buffer was a scheduling tool only for Twitter. But, today, it’s compatible with the other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Buffer allows you to:

  • Use chrome extension both for android and iOS to add and share content from the buffer queue
  • Automatically shorten the links you share
  • Upload custom videos and photos
  • Track your content performance
  • Create a daily posting schedule for your content and more

That said, the buffer social media dashboard allows you to fill your social media account with exciting and relevant content without spending a lot of time logged into the account.


This is an Instagram growths service tool that can help you get more organic followers in your Instagram business account. Besides, Kicksta helps engage new visitors to your brand, resulting in your Instagram account’s consistent growth.

Moreover, this social media tool helps get organic likes and followers from real users to your account, boosting and growing your brand awareness.

With that, Kicksta is a fantastic social proof tool that fits any industry, as it offers a friendly, helpful, and responsive customer success panel.

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