10 Tips for Making an Acting Resume

Are you someone who has had a passion for acting and struggling on what is the next step on how to make this your career? The next step for you may be to consider an acting degree to gain the essential skills required. If however, you have already completed a specialized qualification and are ready to hit the streets to apply for roles, then there are some things you should know before you begin to compile your resume.

If this is your first time and you are starting out as an actor, your resume will not show many previous acting experiences, however, it is still vital you have a resume. Casting directors will request a resume whenever you apply for a new role, so keep several hard copies on hand and a copy on file. The good news is that an acting resume reveals more than just your previous acting experience, it can let a casting director know who you are and what your talents are before you even do an audition. 

10 Tips for Making an Acting Resume

If you need some extra help before you craft your resume and get ready to apply for a gig, here are our top 10 tips for creating a stand-out acting resume. This along with your talent will get you straight in the door. If you are interested in making an amazing resume then continue reading for those tips below.

  1. Use reverse chronological order when listing your professional, training and educational experience (this is your most recent to-date experiences listed first).
  2. If you have a wide range of experience, ensure to use subheadings including, film, tv, commercials, academic and theatre to clearly state what gigs you have done and make it easy for the Creative Director.
  3. Display your skills, achievements and talents (this could potentially move you forward in the screening process).
  4. Obvious, but sometimes missed, contact details.
  5. Social media accounts (today these should be your online portfolio to the world, showcase).
  6. Availabilities for screenings (this will make everyone’s life easier).
  7. Physical details and measurements (different roles have different criteria).
  8. Add in your headshot (I’m sure you got this one in the bag).
  9. A cover letter detailing why you are applying for this particular role and why it is suitable to you. (Again, this could potentially move you up in the line).
  10. Proofread. ALWAYS. (Don’t want to get knocked back by a silly mistake).

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