New Era, New Tech: How Businesses Have Evolved with Internet

In the past couple of decades, the growth and usage of the internet have mushroomed along with the on-demand trade, which has drastically changed the way of doing business. 

Who would have imagined when Jeff Bezos started an online bookstore in 1995 that it heralded an era of businesses mimicking genie, offering what the customers want and when they want at the click of a finger, provided the customers pay for it. However, even the method of payments has evolved and become more convenient than ever in due course of time. 

The most successful companies today are at the pinnacle of the online world because they introduced revolutionary methods in order to banish their target market’s frustrations. Here are some of the best examples of companies that gave way to the evolution of business methods.

Until the internet became an affordable and easily accessible service, we didn’t have the convenience we relish today. When internet providers began to deliver affordable and high-speed internet services such as AT&T Internet Plans, convenience began to trickle into our lives. Whether we want to buy groceries, find a plumber, a cleaning service, or even a babysitter, we can all have it just with the tap of our fingers. 

Hiring babysitters was one such inconvenient chore. One had to ask their partner to compromise on their schedule, beg a family member to babysit and sometimes even friends, talk to the moms in the neighborhood, ask the church you regularly visit, or when times were desperate contact a gym offering childcare services.

But since came into the fold in 2006, getting childcare service became an easy chore. The site offers listings of babysitters available nearby. The caregivers on the site sign up, create their profiles, and proffer relevant information that assures parents of their reliability. The families can post a job and nearby caregivers respond to the job listing. The parents can view the caregiver’s profile, contact the person that meets their criteria, and can interview them before hiring. 

The childcare service isn’t limited to babysitting. The site offers people to perform a range of roles involving childcare such as tutors, senior care specialists, pet-sitters, nannies, house-sitters, and even individuals who could help with your chores. was one of the early websites that embraced the concept of freelancing. Offering students and people requiring additional income a chance to earn money with flexible working hours. Today, has an estimated 35.2 million members across 20 different countries. 


Before Uber came into our lives, we had to suffer from the frustration of hailing cabs and finding none available, especially when we needed them the most. Uber narrowed down on our pain points and came up with a miraculous and disruptive technology that offered a ride at the tap of our finger. Moreover, the company cleverly tapped into the market of on-demand employees, who could work for them whenever their schedule permitted like a freelance worker. This enabled broke college students, anyone juggling with odd jobs and irregular work schedules to earn through Uber. 

The company also allowed its customers to pay for rides despite the lack of cash at hand. Some of the cab services already did utilize debit and credit card payments for rides, but Uber infused more convenience by offering a way to pay through phone, and even split a fare with a fellow cab rider.

Uber started in San Francisco, United States in the year 2009, and has constantly faced upheavals over the years. Still today, the majority of the residents of the six continents can hail a ride with Uber. 

Buy Auto Parts (BAP)

Fixing a car isn’t easy, even the one you’ve been driving for years. It always has a problem that only a qualified mechanic can resolve. With the latest cars becoming more complex and computerized, the fixing process has become equally complicated. However, when there’s the internet, one can learn anything, even repairing cars. And truthfully, most of our amateur mechanics have acquired their qualifications and skills from the very same internet. 

Enter Buy Auto Parts (BAP), a website that sells some of the most high-quality OEM automotive components, and boasts a vast catalog of the entire automotive industry. However, what Buy Auto Parts did differently was, it offered easily comprehensive guides on its websites that enabled even amateurs to perform repairs on their car without any professional assistance. 

Moreover, the company created a community for their customers through social media platforms and blogs so they could actively connect and interact amongst themselves. Buy Auto Parts even offer special discounts and deals to their customers, who are an active part of their community.   

Is Your Business Evolving As Per Your Customers’ Needs?

If you want to survive in this cutthroat and technologically advanced business world, your business needs to evolve, or else it will go extinct. The internet offers you amazing opportunities to deliver what your customer wants and take your business to the next level. 

So check out some of the similarities among companies that are continuously innovating and catering to evolving demands. Does your company have what it takes to survive?

  1. These companies constantly come up with new methods to encourage customers to communicate the type of service they require.
  2. They disseminate critical information to every operational level, which was previously only disclosed to top-level professionals in the company, and encourage differing perspectives and planning for the information. 
  3. They simplify previously convoluted processes that tended to be obstacles in the sales funnel. 
  4. They create additional benefits for customers in the form of freebies, coupons, and discounts, who try to connect with the company on different platforms. Thus, spurring audience growth.
  5. They make the customer service process incredibly simple and straightforward. They offer to-the-point information about their product/services on multiple platforms and encourage customer reviews. So every type of information about the company is available to the customers.  

Become an Innovator

If your business is implementing the above points, then you are well on your way to innovating. It is so easy to fall into the trap of ‘go with the flow’. Many businesses may think that they are in tandem with the current technological trends with the internet and social media at their disposal. But technology is ever-changing, especially in this era, where the changes arrive like unannounced storms, toppling everything and everyone, who didn’t prepare proactively. 

You can begin by considering the aforementioned factors and tailoring them to your business’s strategy. And move towards innovative thinking like, Uber, and Buy Auto Parts (BAP).

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