Fun Birthday Themes for Teenage Boys

It can be tough to figure out what kids are into these days. And with their rebellious teenage phase, it is even harder now to impress them. These fun themes will help you to not only score bonus points but also to avoid those deadly eyerolls as well.

1.      Movie Themed Party

Who doesn’t enjoy movies? Many people practically grew on them and would jump on a themed party based on my favorite movies. Boys love action movies. No matter if you are planning a party for a 14 year old or 19 year old guy, you will have plenty of choices. Avengers, Lord of The Rings, Batman, Superman, the list goes on and on. These action-filled movies will incite a whole lot of mimicry among your boy and his friends. It will also serve as an inspiration for the guests about what gifts to bring, what clothes to wear, etc. You can also create fun games based on the movie and the winner gets a cool movie-based prize! In addition, for gift recommendation, check out some 19th birthday gift ideas for guys here.

2.      Around the World in a Single Party

Well, not exactly but it is the perfect way to introduce your teenage boy to the beauties of the world. The amazing culture, extraordinary history, and stunning sceneries present all around the world. The people would come dressed in something from any area of the world. This is an amazingly fun-themed party. Especially, when the boys would be hilariously failing to nail an accent or a native phrase. You can even transform it into a game. People would learn a phrase in the local language and others would have to guess its meaning.

3.      Right out of Vintage

A vintage-themed party is always something the new generation looks forward to. It gives them closure to the lifestyle and the norms of the time when their parents grew up. Besides, there are plenty of things to enjoy about the 80s or the 90s. The fashion, movies and the music are unforgettable. There’s plenty of other inspiration as well. Your own favorite things or you can even ask your own parents as well.

4.      Pirate Party

This is something very close to almost every teenage boy. A chance to explore the seas. Whipping out the swords and carrying out a mighty battle against the “bad pirates”. Pirate culture has been instilled within us. And it isn’t even surprising how many boys wish to be like Captain Jack Sparrow. A pirate-themed party would give boys the perfect chance to wear their eye-patches, dress up all funny and growl several times in their strange pirate accent.

5.      Sherlock Holmes: A Case of Ruined Party

Someone has stolen the birthday cake and all the party drinks. Oh no! what are you going to do? You have to look for clues hidden all around the party. And by using your detective skills, you have to recover the birthday supplies. Such a party lets you get creative with your ideas and create an exciting party. It will bring out the Sherlocks within every member and they would surely enjoy this unique birthday party adventure.

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