The Best Free PDF Password Remover in 2022

There are dozens of password removers available on the internet. People usually prefer those which are free of cost. But when you search for free password remover, the quality and liability is hard to find in them.

We have something that is of great quality, and probably the best free PDF password remover in 2022.aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is what we are talking about. It is totally an amazing option for all those who were searching for a free PDF password remover.

With unique features and reliable processing, aJoysoft is undoubtedly the best free PDF password remover in 2022. You should check this amazing application once and it is guaranteed that you will enjoy its amazing features.

aJoysoft PDF Password Remover

If you want to effortlessly remove a password from a PDF, you can easily do so with a few clicks. aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is the best application that you can use to decrypt PDFs easily. It is an amazing application with the help of which you can easily remove encryption from PDF. Once you have successfully completed the decryption of a PDF file, you can then easily use the data to edit, copy or print.

aJoysoft PDF Password Remover

Removing passwords from a PDF is usually a bit typical task. But, with aJoysoft PDF Password Remover, you can easily remove the encryption in less time and more efficiently. The method to use aJoysoft for the decryption of a PDF password is quite simple and quick. It has multiple unique features that make it more reliable for users.

The method of using the application is quite simple. You do not need to remember complex steps for getting the decryption done. Just carefully follow some simple steps and you will get your PDFs unlocked conveniently.

First, you need to open the application and upload the PDFs there which you want to unlock. For uploading the desired PDFs there, click on the “Add Files” option and proceed. You can also use the drag and drop method. As the application supports batch decryption, you can easily upload as many files as you want.

Features of aJoysoft PDF Password Remover
The Best Free PDF Password Remover in 2022 – aJoysoft

Once all the files are imported, you can proceed to remove password restrictions. At this step you might encounter two different situations depending upon the type of encryption, your targeted PDFs are secured with.

In case is there is no lock sign appearing in front of the PDF in the list, this means that there is no open user password restriction on it. You just need to click on “Remove Password” and the decryption will begin.

In the case of open passwords, a padlock icon will be visible in front of the file. On proceeding, a dialogue box will pop up on the screen that will ask notify you about the open password. Once you enter the password and click on “OK”, you can then start the decryption by further clicking the “Remove Password” option.

Once the decryption is completed successfully, you can download the unlocked file. Moreover, you can delete the PDF from the application queue to ensure data privacy.

Features of aJoysoft PDF Password Remover

aJoysoft enables you to easily unlock PDF password permission without knowing the password. Moreover, in open password cases, you can remove the user password permanently by entering the password once.

An amazing feature of the application is that it does not impose any file limitations. No matter whatever is the size of the document you can easily decrypt it by using aJoysoft. The open choice for file size makes it more reliable and convenient for the users.

Another option that adds more to a convenient user experience is the batch processing feature. It is one of the most liked features of the application. The user can easily upload multiple PDFs at a time for the decryption. And just in a single click, all the PDFs will be unlocked easily. The feature helps a lot in fast processing like you can get your work done without any delay at your earliest.

aJoysoft not only has a fast-processing time but, is also quite secure in a matter of any confidential data. Most people do not prefer online platforms for removing passwords security from PDF just because of the risk of data privacy. But, in the case of aJoysoft the scenario is different, it is absolutely secure and you do not need to bother about data privacy.

The method is quite simple for the PDF password remover. You first need to upload the desired PDF in the application. Then proceed for the decryption process. Once the decryption is done, you need to download the decrypted document to your device.

At last, you can remove the PDF from the queue in the application. You need to click on the PDF from the list in the application and then click on “remove.” The PDF file will be removed from the list. Hence, it ensures data privacy at all levels and you can totally rely upon it in a matter of any confidential document handling.

Many users are using this amazing application and have reported a great experience. If you are a student who is stuck with PDFs and want to copy data from them, aJoysoft could be your savior. Get the application and unlock all the targeted PDFs by using the application. Once the PDF is successfully unlocked, you can easily copy the data from it. Not only this, you can even edit the document and can also print it.


Whether it is the reliability factor, the user experience, or the interface, aJoysoft stands out in every category. It is no doubt the best option that you should consider for PDF passwords remover in 2022. Your daily office work or in case you are a student then your weekly assignment dealing will become much easier for you.

Moreover, after the pandemic, people around the globe are more associated with remote working due to which they are often in need of such types of applications. So, you should grab the amazing app at your earliest and get all the decryption done in a few clicks.