Pendo Management – 4 Top Features And Other Benefits

There is much software coming up in the market that is surely helping almost all businesses and organizations to streamline their overall process. One of the best inventions so far is Pendo Management that helps in streamlining customer onboarding and also increases the adoption of the software in the existing system.

With the increase in the demand for this technique in the market, there are many Pendo competitors available. The business can try to compare all of them and accordingly choose the best one. 

Though the comparing method can become very time-consuming. It is better to save time and effort by putting together some of the background information about Pendo Management and compare the top five alternatives. This will help in exploring the features of every tool and all their strengths and weaknesses can be easily compared. It becomes easier to choose the best digital adoption platform for your business. 

Pendo is a platform that is specifically designed to help customers to learn more about the products and services availed by the business. All the customer feedback can be easily collected on this platform. Proper insights of information are provided to the business so that the products can be made according to the choice of customers. This online platform also has the feature of training and guiding the customers and helping them to learn more about business and its products and services effectively.

Pendo Management - 4 Top Features And Other Benefits

Features of Pendo Management 

Here is the list of features of Pendo Management. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Proper product usage insights: It will help the customers to learn and navigate about the products. Along with this, the feature of interaction with the company is also provided. It is up to the choice of the customers whether they want to have it or miss it. Pendo management collects all the information from the mobile and web-based versions of the applications and provides it to the business.
  • In-app surveys: This online platform can send surveys directly to the customers and see how they are feeling about the product or service, and even about the company. According to the reports from Pendo management, in-app surveys get higher responses than the e-mailed surveys.
  • In-app guidance and messaging: This will help in guiding the walkthrough and the product tutorials to the customers. It will help in gaining the interest of many of the customers. The in-depth information is provided so that the customers can be guided in the best possible way. Even the scheduled pop-up messages come up and highlight the important features of the products. This will also offer the information why to buy this product. This is the best way to get the best answers for all the queries related to the questions. 
  • Product road maps: Even the use of Pendo provides shareable product planning that will help in organizing the customer feedback. It will help in prioritizing the features of the high value and keep the team aligned with the best shareable feature guide.

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All these features provided by Pendo contribute to more focus on the customers so that they can learn about the product easily. Though this platform is not that well-equipped to even train the employees of the organization. The best alternative to Pendo management is Whatfix.

Whatfix is one of the strongest competitors of Pendo that provides both insights and user analytics that will allow you to end surveys in-app. It will help in creating guided walk-throughs and even in-app training. Pendo management only focuses on analytics so the area of ist working gets limited. 

Though there are many useful features of Pendo still Whatfix offers some of the things that Pendo does not offer. All the unique features of Whatfix make it even more popular in the market. Here is a list of unique features:

  • LMS integration: Whatfix offers xAPI-compliant and SCORM- packages that help in integrating the learning system. Through this, the company can easily launch interactive courses into LMS.
  • Multiformat training: Whenever the user is creating content like a walk-through or Whatfix, there is an automatic generation of multiple formats. This will include slideshows, articles, and even videos. Once the user updates the original content, there is the automatic generation of another one.

So all these features make Whatfix a little superior to Pendo management. So it is clear that the use of advanced technology is helping many businesses to carry out their processes well. 

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We hope you have liked this information about Pendo Management.

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