The Helping Hand: 3 Handy GogoPDF Functions for Your PDF Needs

With everything that’s going on in this world, people need something to help them, even in just organizing their PDFs. If you try to access GogoPDF, you will start to experience convenience and won’t have a hard time converting, compressing, or merging your PDFs. So here are some handy GogoPDF functions for your PDF needs.

Unlock PDF

PDF documents encrypted with passwords can be annoying for people who are on the go or immediately needs to view or edit their files. Do you know what’s more annoying? It’s when you forget all your passwords and can’t access your files when you needed them. If that’s your case, you need to use a PDF unlock tool to help you solve your problem. With that said, this Unlock PDF File function of GogoPDF is available to lend a helping hand:

  1. Pick any protected file that you wish to unlock and upload it to the website.
  2. Wait for the process to begin soon.
  3. When the decrypting process is not yet done, please wait for it.
  4. After the password has been removed, download the PDF file immediately or share it with your online accounts.

Excel to PDF

Data is essential, and it’s also power. But it can’t impress many individuals by itself, and it needs to be presented and explained in a specific way. With that said, it’s where programs, such as Microsoft Excel, comes into the scene. For many years, this type of file format is helping many business owners unlock any information potential by graphs, tables, and charts.

Viruses are also sometimes included in macros, which means small programs written in this file. But if you wish to fix the problem and need your files to be more understandable and readable, you need to convert them into PDF documents. This tool from GogoPDF will help anyone convert their Excel files into professional-looking PDFs, which are polished and clean. If you want to start using this tool today, below are the steps so that you can achieve your goal:

  1. Choose the Excel document that you need to convert into a PDF file. You can either upload or drag it into GogoPDF’s conversion tool.
  2. This online software will begin converting any uploaded file, and this tool will do it in a while.
  3. The process will take about a minute, and wait for it to be done.
  4. You can now download the converted documents to your devices. If you wish to share it on your online accounts, just copy the file link.


Reporting and presenting reports is a big thing for every employee, student, or business. People use presentations at work, school, or even at home because it’s the most efficient way to deliver information. Creating a personal presentation will be much easier if you are using the perfect software. Out of every program you can get in the marketplace, PPT is among the best you can access.

You can create many things with this file format, such as adding graphics, sound effects, and even charts while making everything look more professional. The only advantage that you can get is the slides’ size, which makes them difficult to send through email. To share the presentation with others without any file size restrictions, start converting the slides into PDFs. Doing the process will help you prevent experiencing any hassle, and your goal is an inch away from completing.

The PPT to PDF online tool will help you convert your PPT slides into small-sized and editable PDF documents in a reliable and quick process. The conversion tool will also preserve the quality of the slides, the same as the original. Each element of the slides is present, like the formatting, graphics, text, and more. To see is to believe, right? Don’t miss out on this opportunity, and start converting your PPT now! Here’s to do the conversion process easily:

  1. Get the PPT slides from a computer or drag them into the conversion box of GogoPDF.
  2. This online platform will now scan and convert your slides.
  3. While the converter is transforming your documents, wait for a while.
  4. Download the PDF files now and view them using the PDF viewer. You can also share them on your online accounts.


GogoPDF will never fail its users, and it won’t get tired of providing the tools you need. This online software has a straightforward interface so that its users won’t have a hard time finding the tools required. Each function will also provide a brief instruction that you can easily follow. Start using GogoPDF now and process your PDFs conveniently.

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