5 Best Magento Product Customizer Plugins To Set Up Your Online Print Business

Today when everyone is looking for personalized items, the printing business is no exception. Whether you are a printing company wanting to take your business to the next level or clothing company allowing customers to choose the color, fabric, and pattern of their clothes or a furniture company allowing customers to choose their style, wood, and design on their furniture, having a Magento product designer can work wonders for you!

Product customization is becoming more and more popular as it allows your customers to have a product the way they want it to be.

If you are in a printing business, a magento web to print plugin can make your life easier by smoothening your design and order process while enhancing the customer satisfaction, sales, and revenue of your business.

If you have started your journey to the world of online printing and looking for a Magento product customizer, you don’t need to worry anymore! In this blog, we have discussed how you can leverage web-to-print Magento extensions available in the market and make the most out of them. We have also listed the top 5 Magento Product Designers for your comparison.

So, let’s jump on to the topic.

The first question you might have as a business owner is “How does a Magento web to print solution help my business?” and that’s totally valid question. There are many ways in which having a Magento web-to-print store can be useful to scale your business. We have mentioned a few of the most prominent benefits of Magento’s web to print store for your business.

How can the Product Designer Plugin be Helpful in Your Magento Store?

  • Increased customer satisfaction:

Customers appreciate being able to create a product that is uniquely theirs. And when you provide them with the power to design a personalized product, the customer satisfaction ratio goes up! 

  • Increased sales: 

This goes without saying! As customized products are unique and valuable to customers, you can charge them higher than mass-produced products, resulting in better sales and revenue.

  • Distinction in the market: 

If you are in a crowded market, incorporating web to print solution or print-on-demand services will make it easier for your customers to personalize their products and you can have uniqueness in the market. 

  • Increased engagement: 

When a customer makes their own products on your online Magento store, it becomes an engaging and rewarding experience for them which further results in increased brand awareness and loyalty. 

  • Improved marketing: 

As you use Magento product designer you can show it as your Unique Selling Points (USPs) and gain competitive benefits effortlessly; helping you convey your branding and marketing messages more clearly and uniquely. 

  • Reduced Returns: 

When you empower your customers with personalization, they are less likely to return them, saving you a lot of money on shipping and processing costs.

  • How to integrate Magento Product Designer Plugins? 

If you are wondering how you can integrate a Magento product designer plugin to your online store, follow the given steps: 

  • Choose a product designer plugin: 

From various magento web to print plugin available in the market, pick the one that meets your specific needs and requirements.

  • Install the plugin: 

The next step is to install the plugin on your Magento print store through the Magento panel.

  • Configure the plugin: 

Lastly, after the installation, you need to configure products on which you want to provide customization with your web-to-print Magento extension. 

  • Enable the plug-in: 

Lastly, you will need to enable the plugin so that your customers can start using it through your Magento print store.

Here are The Top 5 Magento Print Store Extensions

  • DesignO Magento Product Designer Tool by Design’N’Buy: 

DesignO by Design’N’Buy is an all-in-one Magento print store extension available on Magento Cloud, Magento Community, and Magento Commerce and gives you a wholesome web2print software experience.

Here are the features of DesignO Magento Product Designer:

  • Amazing Visual Editor:

The Magento web-to-print solution provides editable templates for easy customization along with Live pricing and 3D preview options. It is an all-device responsive design tool with advanced editing options such as text, circular text, image editing, background removal, color detection, multipage editing, QR codes, auto-fill, layouts, layer management, and more.

Moreover, your customers can preview and check the designs as they make them in 2D and 3D views with actual size previews – reducing the chances of errors and returns. You also get a huge library of ready-made digital assets with preloaded templates, clipart, and font to choose from. You also get a variable data printing option for mass customization. 

Lastly, it also supports custom-size products such as large format products, packaging and more. 

  • Responsiveness: 

When you have Design’N’Buy’s Magento print store extension, your customers can use it from any device – be it a desktop or a mobile phone!

  • Easy Website Setup:

If you don’t have an eCommerce storefront yet, you can easily set it up or integrate your existing Magento site with this Magento print store extension. DesignO is an open-source platform with ready-to-integrate API. Plus, you can enable your customers to see your website in multiple languages and have multiple currency options based on their locations and preferences. 

  • Easy Shareability: 

With this Magento web to print solution, your customers can easily save and share their designs on their social media or with their network.

  • Suitable for Your Business: 

Whether you are into trade printing, print brokering, or digital printing, you can use this Magento product designer to take your business to the next level. With DesignO, you can manage your orders, jobs, and workflow very easily. 

  • Great Customer Support: 

Get a 24*7 maintenance and support team to help you if you get stuck anywhere in the process.

– Opensource platform and ready to integrate API 

– All device responsive Design Tool with advance editing options such as text, circular text, image editing, background removal, color detection, multipage editing, QR codes, auto fill, layouts, layer management and  more 

– Ready digital asset with preloaded templates, clipart, font and more 

– Live 2D and 3D preview with actual size preview

– Support custom size products such as large format products, packaging and more 

– order, job and workflow management 

– 24*7 customer support 

– Form based quick editor for limited personalization 

– Variable data printing option for mass customization 

Watch how to install DesignO Extensions From Magento Marketplac : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0zZIUViTkA 

Magento Product Designer Extension by MageComp

This Magento web-to-print solution is a fantastic tool for your customers to design their customized products – be it a t-shirt, mugs, hats, books, bags, or phone cases.

Once your customers have made their attractive and unique product designs, they can also share them on social media or with their friends for inspiration. The good thing is customers can see the Live changes they make to the products and get a realistic idea of how their product is looking with the specific changes.

Moreover, they can preview and download their custom designs while you can charge extra fees for personalized products. Lastly, as an admin, you will have total control over product customization options. Based on user behaviors and trends, you can change these customizations.

Magento 2 Product Designer Extension by Magetop

Another amazing Magento print store extension you can use for your print business is the Magento 2 product designer extension by Magetop.

Here’s an overview of the extension: 

  • Customization of text, images, colors, fonts, and shapes in the designs 
  • Save your designs for future reference or easily download and print for your use
  • You can also share the designs in your network for inspiration purposes 
  • Real-time preview of the design changes so customers can visualize them easily
  • Compatibility with Magento 2.3.x and higher versions 
  • User-friendly interface with quick drag-and-drop functionality
  • Product Designer Magento 2 Extension by Setubridge

Moving forward, the next on the list is the product designer Magento 2 extension by Setubridge. This Magento web-to-print Magento extension is a fully responsive Angular-based custom Web to Print product configurator solution for e-commerce stores.

The tool has powerful functions and a user-friendly UI with below-mentioned features: 

  • A huge library of 1500+ templates, layers, patterns, backgrounds, and clipart along with color management
  • Editable high-resolution print files in SVG, PNG, PDF, JPEG
  • Support to simple as well as configurable product types 
  • Works across all types of devices 
  • Ability to set custom pricing and resolution warning 
  • Custom Product Designer for Magento 2 by Aitoc

Last but not least on the list of Magento product designers is Custom Product Designer for Magento 2 by Aitoc.

This advanced web-to-print solution has multiple fonts, clip art, and custom images that you can provide to your customers.

Moreover, they can also customize all the sides of a product differently with multiple design areas. Not only that but you can also set exclusive prices for customized items while having print-ready design files within minutes.

This Magento print store extension is optimized for mobile too, so you don’t have to worry about if it will support bigger systems and devices.


In conclusion, embracing a Magento product designer plugin can be a game-changer for your business, especially if you’re in the world of web-to-print or personalized products. The benefits are substantial, and the competitive edge it offers is invaluable. Choose the Magento product designer that best suits your business requirements.