The drinkware Industry is slowly emerging as one of the most prominent ways to promote brands. Promotional drinkware does multiple jobs apart from just promoting and adding value to the brand. Using drinkware as promotional items boosts the brand’s visibility, creates more brand awareness, helps to market messages to clients and yes clients love it.

With every sip that your client takes, people know your brand. It is a cost-effective method that creates business relationships and spreads a positive impression of your brand. Unlike business cards, badges and logos, drinkware is a universal product that is used in our day-to-day life.

Why Use Drinkware As A Promotional Product

The Ultimate Guide to Promotional Drinkware
Promotional Drinkware

The use of stylish drinkware is what generation z is now focusing on. It is a more trendy and appealing product that blends itself beautifully to marketing strategies. The following reasons can help you understand how choosing a good promotional drinkware product will boost your business.

  • The chances of your brand being remembered increases with every sip.
  • Promotional drinkware is the new age gifting technique.
  • Promotional Drinkware advertises your brand for longer duration.
  • Most promotional drinkwares can be easily used for 12 months.
  • Promotional Drinkwares are believed to create more impressions in its lifetime and its cost per impression is significantly low.
  • You can use can koozies custom for brand promotion.

Who Can Use Drinkware As A Promotional Product

Using Drinkware is not restricted to certain types of businesses or forms. Small Businesses can use it to deliver the company’s message and logo to clients with ease. Items like drinkware are of daily necessity and thus it naturally appeals to customers without much hard work.

Using Promotional Drinkware is an important tool for the marketing and sales industry also. It can be used to impress both regular and potential customers. A good quality promotional drinkware will make a long-lasting impression on the client’s desk.

Promotional Drinkware can also be used in different business events and corporate events as souvenirs, gifts, giveaways, and it can blend beautifully with the event and spread goodwill.

Types Of Promotional Drinkwares

A wide range of drinkware is now available in the market that can be used as promotional products. These drinkwares are of different sizes and materials. Different events have different drinkwares.

For travelers, there are bottles and tumblers, whereas for usage in homes and offices there are ceramic mugs. Even temperature-controlled koozies are there to keep your cold drinks cold for longer hours. Let’s take a look at the different types of drinkwares that one can use as promotional products-


The mug is one classic souvenir that is present in almost all households. We all love to enjoy our tea and coffee and mugs make our snack time experience extra special. Classic ceramic mugs look beautiful and are quite sturdy in nature.

One can display brand logos and messages in these ceramic mugs. Campfire mugs are another variety of mugs that are a great outdoor partner. Spooner mugs are also great that comes with a spoon and can be ideally used for babies also.

Additionally, the use of travel mugs has increased as people are moving towards sustainable options that are travel-friendly. They are economical to carry and act as a travel partner. People Carrying promotional travel mugs help advertise your brand to new locations and increases your potential customer list.

Mug - Promotional Drinkware
Mug – Promotional Drinkware

Adding these and other custom coffee mugs with logos to your regular stock can help you drive more business to your company while creating more brand awareness. Advertise them on social media, offer them at your business, and include them as gifts for special promotions. You’ll be glad you did!


We all understand how hard it is to handle chilled drinks. The water drips over and makes us look messy. Koozies are our rescuers and help to keep the chilled drinks cold for longer hours.

Koozies are bottle covers that are available in different materials from neoprene to collapsible. Koozies can also be customized and are great promotional drinkware to advertise the brand.

Customers love their functionality and love the fuzzy feeling. The foam insulated koozies also act as great promotional drinkware that is lightweight, versatile, and easy to carry.


Tumblers can also be the ultimate promotional drinkware. Tumblers are more economical to carry and GenZ loves to carry them even for fitness purposes. They help in keeping hot drinks warm and cold drinks cold. Quotes and logos on tumblers can look very attractive and spread brand awareness.


We all have to stay hydrated to maintain our health. Using a Sports bottle as promotional drinkware would help your clients to think about your brand whenever they take a sip from the sports bottles.

Nowadays, sports bottles also come with insulated features which makes them more ideal as promotional drinkware. Plastic Bottles are another variety that is very commonly used in home, office, and outdoor events.

Plastic cups

Though the use of plastic cups is not environmentally friendly and sustainable, events outdoors still use plastic in large quantities. You can wish to get yourself featured in these plastic cups to reach out to all hands in the party.

Thus, we have explained in detail how, why, and types of promotional drinkwares available in the market. We hope our information helped you understand the business benefit of using these various types of drinkwares as promotional products


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