Business Names

It’s no secret that having the right business name can make all the difference when it comes to your company’s success. A memorable name is a great way to give potential customers an idea of what you do and stand out from other businesses. 

Here are some tips for coming up with unforgettable business names that stick.

Choose Something That Evokes Emotion

When coming up with a name, consider how it will make people feel. It should be something that evokes emotion, whether positive or negative. Think about words or phrases that could help create a sense of nostalgia, excitement, or admiration in someone hearing it for the first time. Try incorporating relevant emotions into your business name for maximum impact.

Be Creative

It can be tempting to just use generic business names for sale but it’s important to be creative when coming up with one. Get inspired by your surroundings and draw on things you know about the area or industry you’re in. Including words that are slightly offbeat can help make your name original and more memorable. Humor is also a great tool for making your company name stand out from the crowd.

Make It Catchy

Your business name should not only evoke emotion but also be catchy enough for people to remember it easily. Try using alliteration or rhymes for extra memorability. Make sure the name is easy to pronounce and spell correctly, as this will make it much easier for people to remember.

Keep It Short

The shorter the name, the better it is for memorability. Longer names can be difficult to remember and often don’t have the same impact as shorter names. Aim for something that only takes a few words and is easy to say quickly. 

Avoid Sound-Alike Names

When coming up with your business name, make sure you avoid any sound-alike names that could cause confusion or misdirection. This includes other businesses or well-known companies in your industry or similar industries. You also want to double check that there are no existing trademarks associated with your chosen business name before committing to it fully. 

Coming up with an unforgettable business name is one of the most important steps in launching a successful business. 

It can set you apart from the competition and give your brand a unique identity that customers will remember.


Start by brainstorming ideas for your business name. Think about words or phrases that have to do with your industry, what kind of message you want to convey and any related puns or plays on words. Write down all the possibilities and don’t be afraid to get creative! 


Once you’ve got some ideas written down, research them to see if they’re already being used by someone else. You don’t want to start off with a name that’s already taken, as it could get you into legal trouble down the line. 

Consider your target audience

Keep your target audience in mind when choosing a name. Does it contain any words or phrases that will resonate with them? It’s important to make sure the name is something they can relate to.

Keep it short and simple

A good business name should be easy to remember and pronounce. So make sure you keep it short, sweet and to the point – the last thing you want is for people to struggle with saying or spelling it! 

Think about what sets you apart

Your business name should convey what makes your brand unique. Ask yourself what sets your business apart from the competition, and use that as inspiration for coming up with a name. 

Ask for feedback

It never hurts to get a second opinion, so don’t be afraid to ask friends and family members for their input on the name you’ve chosen! They may have some great suggestions that you hadn’t thought of yet. 

Test it out

Once you’ve got a few names narrowed down, try running an online search or setting up a test website to see how people react to them. This is also an important step before registering any domain names related to your business.