Perform Convenient Transactions with This Business Data Management App

Perform Convenient Transactions with This Business Data Management App

Business owners and managers can effortlessly perform business transactions with a business data management app. It is a one-stop business app with integrated business tools for accessing business information, conducting business transactions, managing business contacts, and communicating with suppliers, partners, and clients.

A business data management app can be an online application that aids business enterprises in aggregating customer, supplier, and business-related information. Its features include business intelligence tools, cataloging, business process management, and business collaboration. It can be used as a standalone or web-based solution for small business owners/managers who want to track their company’s operations more closely.

Perform Convenient Transactions with This Business Data Management App
Business Data Management App

For instance, a new business data management app is designed to meet businesses’ ever-changing needs.

It increases productivity and efficiency by using mobile devices. 9Spokes business data management app in Singapore allows users to access their critical business information anytime, anywhere. Users do not need a laptop or desktop computer to gain access to their company files stored online in a secure server accessed through the cloud computing environment.

Similarly, various business data management apps offer business intelligence software for SMEs, including dashboards that monitor business performance through key metrics. It also provides business consulting services to help companies adopt business analytics solutions.

A business data management app comprises four modules, namely sales, marketing, finance, and support.

This innovative business data management app in Singapore has business tools for business transactions and business contacts designed to improve productivity. These business tools enable business owners to track the activities of staff, suppliers, and partners through business contacts.

This business tool helps keep track of business transactions carried out by the team, so they know who is responsible for what job. Further, this business data management app in Singapore allows managers to send SMS directly from any computer or mobile device using 9spokes free bulk messaging service, ensuring that messages are delivered quickly without delays.

The sales module helps you organize all your contacts; it also has a time tracking feature wherein usage of this app will help you save on unnecessary travel that your employees make during office hours for meeting clients or getting some necessary information from them.

Perform Convenient Transactions with This Business Data Management App
Business Data Management App

When integrated with CRM, the business data management app’s marketing module enables business owners to keep track of leads, and their sales funnel, including online and offline prospects.

This business app facilitates business users to create catalogs complete with images, descriptions, and other details. It also enables users for business-to-business collaboration wherein you can share information on business products or services of your company with partners like suppliers.

The finance module helps you manage the expenses and revenues of your business enterprise; it also features an inventory control system. Lastly, the support module is designed for dealers to record all customer issues or complaints. All business data is organized with business information and contacts available to authorized users.

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With this new business data management app installed on a mobile phone or tablet with access to the internet, users can conveniently perform business transactions anywhere without needing a laptop computer. Users need an internet connection which is available almost everywhere nowadays.


9Spokes is a business data management app that helps business owners in Singapore keep track of their business performance and make better decisions. This business data management app in Singapore provides users access to a wide range of business tools, including invoicing, CRM, and project management tools.

9Spokes is perfect for small business owners who want to streamline their business processes and improve decision-making abilities. If you’re looking for an easy way to manage your business data, check out 9Spokes today!