The History of Online Shopping: How Did It Become So Popular?

Online shopping has been around for a long time. In fact, it first became possible in 1969 with the founding of ARPANET by JCR Licklider. It wasn’t until 1994 that e-commerce was born when Jeff Bezos opened his site to sell books on the Internet. From there, everything changed, and now almost half of all Americans shop online at least once per month! There are three reasons why this is happening:

1) People are more comfortable shopping from home

2) They want their products right now

3) They want the best deal

Over time, online shopping has become more and more popular as people buy everything from groceries to high-tech gadgets. In this article, we will talk about how it became so popular and what you should consider before purchasing anything online.

People are comfortable shopping from home

One of the biggest reasons online shopping has become so popular is that people don’t like going out to stores, especially large ones. Online shopping allows people to stay at home and enjoy their time there while also getting their products delivered right to them.

They want their products now

Another reason why online shopping has become so popular is because of easy and fast access to products. Online stores can carry a wider variety of items than most big box stores, and they often have them in stock. Online stores also allow you to check out quickly with a computer or smartphone, rather than dealing with cranky cashiers who barely know how to process your transaction.

Online stores offer the best deals.

Finally, online shopping has become so popular because of the amazing deals you can find. Online retailers have to compete with each other to get your business. One way they do this is by offering great discounts on their products. In fact, if you know where to look online, such as on coupon sites like you can find deals that are pretty much unbeatable. To help you save more, there are dedicated websites that collect all sorts of vouchers for you to use at checkout.

The introduction of cyber Monday:

To keep up with offers by local physical stores on Black Friday, the online community came up with an online shopping event, the cyber Monday deals. Online retailers come up with deals during the cyber Monday event to attract more customers.

Online stores offer discounts on expensive products like electronics, games, and toys. Online shoppers enjoy these deals because they are offered at affordable prices, not present in local physical stores. Online shops offer products at low prices because they are able to make up for the discounts in huge amounts of sales.

Online shoppers also enjoy buying expensive products like computers, phones, and other electronics manufactured in foreign countries without having to leave their homes.

The pandemic changed everything:

In current times online shopping has reached its all-time high. The credit goes to the lockdowns and closures due to the pandemic. People were forced to live and stay at homes, and with shopping malls closed, almost everyone shifted their attention to online shopping.

Online shopping not only offered a safe shopping experience but also allowed people to shop from the comfort of their homes. An online shopping offer a wide array of benefits and is here to stay for years to come.

Online shopping was not something new, but the pandemic introduced online shopping to a whole new level. Online shopping offered the convenience of shopping from home without having to go out in the virus-stricken areas and allowed people to buy things at lower and more competitive prices. Online retailers had no reason for concern, especially with more and more people making purchases online.

Tips for online shopping:

If you’re interested in getting started with online shopping, here are some tips to get you started:

  • First of all, think about what exactly you need and how many items it will be because that affects shipping costs. You should also keep an eye out for deals on your favorite sites using free discount vouchers. You can find vouchers for almost all online stores on It is a site that collects vouchers from all over the web. The site is very easy to use, just type in the name of a store you are looking for and click on it.
  • Another thing you should do when shopping online is read reviews from previous customers. Online stores will often post reviews about their products and services so that potential customers can get a sense of what others think about them. Online shopping has become so popular because it’s easy, fast, and you can find amazing deals online. Online shopping has the potential to change the way we shop forever.
  • Look for discounts, coupons, or vouchers on sites like where you can find up-to-date saving vouchers that you can use on your favorite online stores and save a lot more than you would in a physical store.
  • Safety is a big concern when shopping online. Always check the website URL to ensure you are on a secure site.
  • Online shopping has many benefits, but it’s also important to take care when shopping online. You are responsible for keeping an eye on any phishing, spammy, and skimming websites. These sites pretend to be the site of your favorite online store, but really they are out to steal your information. Avoid these sites by always checking the website URL to be sure you are on a secure site. This will keep your shopping experience safe and protect your credit card information from being stolen.


The history of online shopping is almost as old as the history of the Internet. Back in the day, when the Internet was allowed to be used by the general public, it introduced the concept of online shopping. It was long after that when real online shops popped into existence, with Amazon changing the online shopping landscape forever.

More and more people are turning to online shopping as a safe alternative to mall shopping, especially during times of crisis like the pandemic. Online shops offer many benefits, but it’s also important to be careful when buying from an online store; there are many sites that might try to steal your information, both credits card and otherwise.