Automation is the current trend and to achieve that, it takes capable software. Today there are many software for various needs, ranging from the most general to the most specific, such as GPS-based guides, online shopping tools, car rental bookers, and date seekers.

The software is made by software developers who usually serve customized orders. In this article, we discuss the top 10 software development companies based in New York. They provide the best software product development services, at least according to most New York-based companies. Just keep reading! 

Here are the top 10 software developers in New York


Andersen is a well-known software development company with more than 3,400 professional developers, business analysts, QA engineers, and other professionals. Having competed in the market for more than 10 years, Andersen is a guarantee for the success of your application.

HDData Systems

It is a software development company focused more on AI, data analytics, DevOps, and machine learning. Highly recommended for new companies with a limited budget.


Wizeline is focused on building digital marketing platforms. The close partnership with its customers is one of the keys to why Wizeline remains one of the best software development companies in the United States to this day.


Endava is a depiction of how the relationship between humans and technology can be better bonded. It is a company that has successfully built many quality digital platforms for Telecommunications, Consumer Products, Mobility, Payments, Retail, and many more.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

It is a software development company known for its mobile applications. But recently, the company has started to focus on developing the Metaverse and IoT. Operating for no less than 10 decades, Hyperlink InfoSystem has contributed to more than 4000 mobile applications and hundreds of IoT and AI-based solutions.


This software development company employs no less than 3,000 experienced IT engineers. Having been operating since 20 years ago, iTechArt has released a lot of software covering the fields of web, mobile, QA, DevOps, and Big Data.


It is a software development company that is trusted by many leading companies such as Audi, KFC, eBay, Twitch, Philips, to Google. Only 2,500 people but they are really very experienced. They are spread across five continents, making it easy for many people around the world to access the services of the Dept.


It is a software development company employing 5,000 IT experts including design designers, application developers, and thinkers. Valtech is known for its ability to adapt to future trends so it is very popular with new startups who want to compete with limited funds.


This is a veteran software development company. Even though they have been operating for a long time, they are still able to adapt to the latest technology trends that focus on digital optimization and modernization.


With 27 years of operation, the company is recognized as one of the best solution providers in the United States. Their characteristic is operational efficiency with adaptation to the latest technological developments. With approximately 6 thousand experienced IT experts in the fields of engineering, web strategy, and application design, Ci&T is truly worthy of trust.

The 10 companies above are the best New York software companies in our opinion. You can choose any of them and get the best quality guarantee for your prospective application.


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