How to Outsource PHP Project

Definition of PHP

PHP is a web scripting language that is commonly used in web development. Language is actively maintained by the core development team and community.

What distinguishes PHP from other programming languages

During its quarter-century history, PHP has been the focus of controversy, amateurism, and hatred. Every year it was predicted its imminent extinction, but it is still alive in 2022.

The language has gathered a whole generation of developers who with their enthusiasm improved it, creating new and effective tools for work.

High-skilled php developers always have a chance to find the best project for themselves and work remotely.  If you a specialist middle+ level you can easily find yourself in startups.

Tier owners hire php programmers directly and also with the services of companies ‘perfect matchers’. One of the trustable platforms has shown itself in this field –

How to Outsource PHP Project


Not everyone knows but the most popular CMS are written in PHP. This list includes Drupal, Joomla, and the world-famous WordPress. These systems are great for small projects and medium-sized solutions, thanks to a large number of extensions, themes, and plugins that allow you to solve all the standard tasks.

Such tasks are often found in the way of small business owners, and thanks to the above-mentioned CMS the demand for development and support did not decrease and even increased during the pandemic.

Meeting complex challenges

From the previous paragraph, we can conclude that PHP is only suitable for box solutions and is not suitable for truly complex and massive projects with extensive business logic. But, no way! Thanks to an active community, a huge number of frameworks and libraries written with PHP allow programmers to effectively create highly complex systems of the enterprise level, which do not accept the solution out of the box. 

As an example, you can imagine such frameworks as Symfony, Laravel, Zend, CakePHP, etc. With their help, an experienced programmer can solve any problem, configure the admin panel, and can quickly integrate third-party systems via WebSockets or REST API.

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Why outsource?

A large community has formed around PHP. From one side it may seem like an advantage – increased market competition restrains the wages, resulting in lower development costs. However, the actual picture is more puzzling.

The threshold of entry into PHP is quite low. This is due to a large number of books, manuals, online courses, and good documentation of open source products. To begin programming in PHP is much easier than in C# or Java. But do not think that the foundation of this language is an easy walk. Solving complex problems will require as much effort, skill, and experience as in other languages. And the selection of an experienced programmer for the staff is not an easy matter. Most developers want to deal with popular frameworks or CMS, but do not want or do not know how to work on complex projects. 

Outsourcing PHP development solves the issue of finding an experienced developer. After all, in companies that have enough experience and a strong team of programmers, it is easy to pick up a person with the necessary level of skills and ability to work in a team just for your project.


By outsourcing the development, you can effectively distribute the financial burden, paying only for the time when the programmer worked. After all, you need expensive and experienced developers at the beginning of the project, at the stage of technology selection, database selection, and architecture building. But after the first stage, when the project only needs to be maintained, you can hire specialists at a lower level, reducing the financial burden on the department.

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