Mobile App Developer Certifications: Are They Worth It?

There are about 4.7 billion mobile users worldwide. The mobile ecosystem continues to grow in size with growth trajectories predicting that the mobile app development market would yield revenue of USD $ 600 by 2025. Needless to say, companies around the world are looking to hire mobile app developers who can help them build dynamic, high-performing apps to help them capitalize on the market. Despite the growing demand for mobile apps, a lot of software developers still wonder if the mobile app developer certification would be worth it. 

Is Mobile App Developer Certification Worth it for you?

The fact whether a mobile app developer certification is worth it depends on your specific goals, circumstances, and the certification program in question. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if a mobile app developer certification is right for you:

Enhancing skills and knowledge: For those looking to improve their skills and knowledge in mobile app development, certification can provide structured learning and a comprehensive curriculum. Mobile app developer certifications can be especially valuable if one is relatively new to the field or wants to specialize in a particular platform or technology.

Career Advancement: Certifications and degrees are considered proof of expertise and commitment of the professional to the field and therefore a lot of employers consider it when they hire mobile app developers for their business. Having a certification on your resume may give you an edge when applying for jobs, particularly if the certification is recognized and respected within the industry.

Entry into the Field: Whether you are just starting as a mobile app developer or simply looking for a formal degree, a mobile app developer certification can help you demonstrate your competence to potential recruiters.

Networking Opportunities: There are a number of online learning platforms that provide access to not just courses but also a community of professional developers where people can interact, exchange knowledge and participate in related activities which prove helpful in the long run.

Industry Recognition: Certifications from reputable organizations or platforms like Google (for Android development) or Apple (for iOS development) can carry weight in the industry and may be worth pursuing if you plan to specialize in their respective ecosystems.

Cost and Time: Consider the cost of obtaining the certification, including exam fees, study materials, and the time required for preparation. Ensure that the investment aligns with your career goals and budget.

Rapidly Changing Technology: Mobile app development is a dynamic field with frequent updates and changes. Ensure that the certification program you choose covers current and relevant technologies to avoid investing in outdated knowledge.

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Alternative Learning Paths: Certifications are not the only way to gain skills in mobile app development. Self-study, online courses, tutorials, and practical project experience can also be valuable. Consider your preferred learning style and the resources available to you.

Employer’s Preferences: Research the job market and speak with potential employers or mentors to understand whether they value certifications in mobile app development. Different companies may have varying opinions on the importance of certifications.

Mobile App Development Certifications you can consider enrolling for:-

GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst – It’s a multi-level certification available from beginner to expert level and offers knowledge of security tools and best practices to protect mobile data. It is ideal for those who wish to build their career in the field of mobile app development.

Oracle Java ME Mobile App Developer – Those interested in building mobile apps for Java-based platforms can opt for this course. However, one has to pass a hands-on mobile app development course or workshop for this. It is available across three levels- beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Apple Development with Swift – This is a course offered by Apple for those who want to learn about building apps for the iPhone. Swift is the programming language used to develop mobile apps for iOS.

MTA Developer certification by Microsoft – This course is designed for developers who want to learn about developing apps for the Windows platform. However, one should have working knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio mobile development tools.

CIW Mobile Application Developer course – This course offers fundamental knowledge of developing mobile apps for different platforms including Apple and Android devices. The course also provides knowledge of software development principles and techniques. This course is ideal for software developers who want to venture into the field of mobile app development. Companies looking to hire mobile app developers at entry or beginner level can also consider investing in this course as part of their training module.

In summary, a mobile app developer certification can be worth it if it aligns with your career goals, helps you acquire relevant skills, and is recognized within the industry. However, it’s essential to research the specific certification program, its reputation, and its relevance to your objectives before making a decision. Additionally, weigh the benefits against the cost and time required to obtain the certification and consider alternative learning paths if they better suit your needs.

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