How To Delete a Business on Google

How much business can you get from a Google My Business listing? About 46% of searches on Google are local. Out of those local searches, half of those performed on mobile devices turn into a store visit.

In other words, a Google business listing can generate revenue for your business. There are times when you no longer want or need a Google listing.

You might wonder if it’s possible to delete a business on Google. It is. Keep reading and you’ll learn how to delete a business on Google. 

Why Delete a Google Listing?

You go through so much trouble to learn how to claim a Google My Business listing that you should make sure you’re deleting a business on Google for the right reasons.

Did you close the business? Then you’ll want to delete your listing or mark it as permanently closed.

If you moved your business, you don’t need to delete your listing. You can just update it with the latest information.

Another common reason is that the business received several bad reviews.

Reputation management is an important part of digital marketing, but you don’t need to delete the listing because you had a few bad reviews.

Don’t delete the listing because you won’t reap the benefits of having a Google My Business listing. Work on improving your reputation by responding to those negative reviews.

Work on the customer service aspect of your business and you’ll get positive reviews that will outweigh the bad ones.

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You may have multiple listings or gain control of a listing that someone verified for you. Those are things you can do within Google My Business without deleting a business on Google.

How to Delete a Business on Google

Remember when you were getting your listing online? You were probably asking something like, “How do I claim my business on Google?”

You discovered that there’s an area within Google dedicated to Google My Business listings. It’s where you created your listing and where you’ll go to delete it.

On the left-hand side, go to Businesses. You’ll see your active business listings on Google.  

You can click on the edit button and you can mark the business as closed. You’ll get a popup box to confirm that the business is closed.

From there, you’ll get the option to delete the Google Business listing.

If your business still appears on Google Maps, it’s possible to delete that listing as well. Go into your browser and open Google Maps.

Find the location that still appears in Google Maps that you want to delete. Click “Suggest a Change.” Select the option to close and remove the listing.

You need to give Google a valid reason for removing the listing. This prevents anyone from deleting legitimate listings.

A Quick Guide for Deleting a Business on Google

You can delete a business on Google without much trouble. Now that you know how to delete a business on Google with ease, make sure that you understand why you need to delete the listing.

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