The 5 Best Alternatives To WordPress

The 5 Best Alternatives To WordPress

In this day and age, it is in every business’s interest to have a formidable online presence; the paramount face of this is a website. It acts as a central hub for almost everything relating to your business. That being said, many business owners, particularly those of smaller companies, can feel out of their depth when creating their own website – overwhelmed by the options available to do so.

Website builders are an effective and easy means for a business to create a professional website for themselves without the hassle of hiring a developer whilst still maintaining creative control. The website building market is extremely saturated, which is why this article is set out to try and elucidate which provider is best for your company.

Why Pick WordPress?

At the moment, WordPress powers over 40% of the websites on the internet, and it’s no surprise why. It provides a reliable means for easy and free website creation through a robust platform that benefits from a great support network.

It is considered the gold standard for business website creation (especially for small businesses) because it is completely free and takes very little technical skill to take advantage of, yet is capable of producing extremely beautiful and professional websites.

The WordPress software is completely free to download, prospective website owners are only required to pay the cost of a domain name and the package for web hosting. Despite being free, this platform inherently provides infinite chances for customization since it has an open-source content management system (CMS).

As an illustration of the customization capability of this platform, users are able to choose from thousands of available plugins and themes for their site through WordPress. This offers site owners a chance to enhance their usability and functionality through access to WordPress’s premade templates and plugins.

Additionally, this provider’s support page provides a wide variety of resources with which users can combat their website development issues. Includes come with a wide range of support resources, including a help page, an entire website dedicated to how-tos, regular blog posts, and plenty of video resources on Youtube. 

Alternatives To WordPress

The first alternative to WordPress worth considering is; it provides an exceptionally great experience for users that compresses the website building process down into only a few hours. All this without the need to write even a single bit of code.

With dozens of highly attractive website templates and outstanding customer service, is an excellent choice for any small business owner with no previous experience building a website.


Weebly has been operating its businesses in this space for over 15 years, so it is unsurprising that it offers one of the most flexible website-building experiences possible. Users can take advantage of its sophisticated drag and drop capabilities to maneuver blocks of content wherever they want on the page.

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Those with even a little programming experience (as much as HTML and CSS will do) are able to delve even deeper into Weebly’s customization options to create a website that is even more tailor-made to their needs.

The 5 Best Alternatives To WordPress

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Wix is another extremely popular website creation service that provides a versatile and effective approach to design. It incorporates true drag-and-drop features and a plethora of beautifully distinct themes to enable businesses to put their best foot forward with regard to their digital presence.


GoDaddy consistently ranks in the top position of website builder reviews as the best for small businesses, and for good reason. It excels in two core areas: simplicity and speed – two factors that any small business owner will be looking for in these services. Businesses can have an elegant and functioning website in as little as five minutes by taking advantage of GoDaddy’s automatic website creation feature.



Shopify is the preferred option for businesses that specialize in eCommerce. For online store owners, outside of this platform’s cheapness and straightforwardness, the main draws are the ample room it provides for customization as well as its other powerful commercial features and metrics.

Closing Comments

As you can see, although WordPress composes a large proportion of websites on the internet, there are many other online services that provide just as good if not better of an experience. For a more in-depth wordpress review, feel free to see the link.