How Do You Sleep With a Hair Tattoo?

A hair tattoo is a tattoo that mimics the appearance of a short buzz cut. Men or women that are experiencing hair loss can get hair tattoos because of their low-maintenance approach and their natural appearance. If you just got a hair tattoo, you may be wondering if you need to change the way you sleep. Here are some tips to help you sleep with a new hair tattoo:

Prioritize Quality Sleep

Just as your body would need to heal after getting any tattoo, it also needs time to heal after getting a hair tattoo. Prioritizing healthy habits, such as getting enough sleep and drinking water after getting your tattoo, can help your scalp heal.

Try to get as close to the recommended eight hours of sleep as possible. You can also improve the quality of your sleep by making sure your environment is comfortable and quiet and sticking to a calming night routine. Prioritizing sleep can be especially helpful while your tattoo is healing.

Rotate Positions in Your Sleep

After getting a tattoo, avoid putting too much unnecessary stress and pressure on it. This can prove to be more difficult with a hair tattoo than other types of tattoos. If you are able to sleep on your stomach, then do so for the next couple of days or until your tattoo has healed.

If you cannot sleep on your stomach, try to switch positions throughout the night whenever you notice any discomfort. Rotating from one side to your back and then to your other side can help avoid putting too much pressure on one area at once.

Keep Your Bedding Clean

Keeping your scalp clean can increase the longevity of your tattoo and make the healing process more comfortable. Regularly cleaning your bedding, especially your pillowcases, can help keep your scalp clean while it heals.

After getting your tattoo, change your bedsheets to avoid dirt, product residue, or oils that could irritate your scalp. Change them regularly while your scalp is healing. When you are washing your bedding, consider using gentle, fragrance-free detergents to avoid sensitivity.

Try a Silk or Satin Pillowcase

If you use a cotton pillowcase, then you may want to change it out for a silk or satin pillowcase while your hair tattoo is healing. Cotton can create friction, causing irritation to your scalp.

Silk and satin pillowcases have smooth surfaces that reduce friction, potentially leading to less scalp irritation. Satin and silk are also breathable and soft and stay dry and cool throughout the night. These gentle and comfortable fabrics can help reduce irritation and allow your scalp to heal faster. 

Follow Aftercare Guidelines

Your hair tattoo artist should give you aftercare guidelines to follow after getting your tattoo. These guidelines may include limiting exposure to sunlight, using moisturizer, and avoiding excessive sweating.

Following these guidelines can promote healing and may help preserve the appearance and longevity of your tattoo. Pay attention to the guidelines that your artist gives you and follow them in the days following your treatment. Pairing your aftercare guidelines with these sleep guidelines can help you achieve the best results.

Be Aware of Your Pets

If you have a pet that sleeps with you, especially one that likes to lick or cuddle, be extra careful around them while your tattoo is healing. Their hair and saliva could slow the progress of your healing.

If you can, avoid sleeping with them until your scalp has fully healed. If you cannot sleep without them, then try your best to keep them away from your scalp while you are sleeping.

Follow a Safe Sleep Schedule for Your Hair Tattoo

You can expect your hair tattoo to heal within several days. You can help your scalp heal by adhering to some of the tips in this post. Once your scalp has completely healed, you can return to your normal sleep routine.

Regular sleep can help keep your body healthy, which can be especially helpful after getting a tattoo of any kind. If you follow the aftercare guidelines that your practitioner gives you after receiving your tattoo, your tattoo can heal quickly and comfortably. If you struggle with hair loss or thinning hair, seek professional scalp tattoo services today.