Elden Ring All Merchants Locations & What They Offer For Sale

If you want specific items, having the locations of Elden Ring merchants memorized is of the utmost importance. What each one sells is unique, and there are many practical items that are only available from one of the vendors. Finding any of these Elden Ring Merchants, on the other hand, will always be beneficial, as they all sell a variety of helpful resources, weapons, armor, and other items. If you are familiar with which vendor carries which item, for instance, you can buy the initial loadout for each of the starter classes.

It makes each of these characters individually useful in Elden Ring, with unique stock to be found at each site that can include very useful items depending on your needs. For instance, if you don’t have certain cookbooks, you might not be able to craft poison cures and instead have to buy them. This is just one example among many that illustrates the point. Therefore, in order to make the most of your ability to make purchases, we are going to walk you through the process of locating all of the Elden Ring merchants in this area, complete with a map and a list of the essential items that each of them sells.

Where all of the Elden Ring merchants can be found

We have located a total of twelve nomadic traveling merchants in the region encompassing Elden Ring and the Lands Between; however, this number does not take into account any of the unique NPCs who also sell wares, such as Patches, Rogier, Brother Coryhn, or Iji the Blacksmith. For one thing, special NPC merchants typically aren’t as straightforward as being only merchants; instead, they may require a boss fight or trade in very specific stock. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for them to move around; they may go to the Roundtable Hold or even leave it entirely. Check the maps to locate the locations of the merchants, and continue reading to learn about the unique Elden Ring items they carry in stock.

Locations of shops selling goods can be found in Limgrave, Caelid, Dragonbarrow, Weeping Peninsula, and Liurnia (South).

This merchant, who can be found close to the Site of Grace on the shore of Liurnia Lake, is helpful for aspiring mages because they sell the Astrologer’s Staff, the Estoc, a good Kite Shield, and the full set of armor that the Astrologer wears, in addition to a Lantern.

Your friend at the Church of Elleh is likely to be the first merchant you come across. He sells a variety of items, including the essential Crafting Kit, a Cracked Pot, a Telescope, a number of different cookbooks, and the Chain armor set.

You can purchase a Shortbow, a Broadsword (which is an excellent weapon to begin with), and even a simple Club in this area, which is very close to the beginning and is down the beach from the Coastal Cave.

This particular merchant can be found in the Weeping Peninsula’s Isolated Merchant’s Shack, where he offers for sale a Lost Ashes of War, a Zweihander, a colossal sword, a Lantern, and two Stonesword Keys.

This well-stocked merchant can be found right next to the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace. They sell a variety of gear that is worth taking a look at. This location contains a Cracked Pot, a Stonesword Key, a Bastard Sword, a Light Crossbow, a full set of Iron Armor, and a Talisman that increases your maximum health.

This hidden merchant can be found on the edge of the forest to the east of the Mistwood Ruins. He sells St. Trinia’s Arrows, which can put enemies to sleep, as well as Trina’s Lily, a Hand Axe weapon, some shields, a variety of meat-themed crafting items, and some shields.

This merchant can be found in the Isolated Merchant’s Shack in Dragonbarrow. He has some useful items for sale, including a Ritual Pot, two Lost Ashes of War, a Spiked Caestus fist weapon, and the complete Land of Reeds (or Samurai) armor set.

Check out the intersection that winds its way under the Aeonia Swamp and leads to the path that leads down to Redmane Castle next to the beacon that marks the location of the Map Fragment. A Stonesword Key, a Cracked Pot, the Champion armor set, and a decent Greathelm helmet are all items that can be purchased from the local merchant there.

This merchant can be found buried deep beneath the ground in the catacombs that are located to the north of the Siofra River. You can get to this area by taking the lift to the east of Mistwood. Once there, head to the open area and look for the climbable scaffolding there. Climb up and around to reach the ruins. They are selling three Stonesword Keys in addition to a Larval Tear. Check out our guide on the Elden Ring respec and the Larval Tears system if you are unsure as to why Tears are so valuable, despite the fact that this is the case.

Mount Gelmir, Altus Plateau, Leyndell, Mountaintops of the Giants, and Liurnia (North) all have locations of merchant establishments.

Ride your horse over to the edge of the cliff just to the north of the Bellum Church Site of Grace, and then look down to see this merchant hiding behind a rock outcropping. They trade in a total of three Rune Arcs.

In close proximity to the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge Site of Grace, on the demolished bridge that is immediately adjacent to the portal. They offer for sale three Stonesword Keys, a selection of high-quality shields, and a bulky Tree Surcoat that protects the torso.

Even though it is right next to the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace, you will need to horse boost up the east side of the cliffs that are right next to the Shack of the Lofty. Then, to reach this vendor who sells three Rune Arcs for Elden Ring runes, three Stonesword Keys, and the Vagabond Knight armor set, follow the path that curves around the south side of the area.

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The merchants of Elden Ring are dispersed across the entire map, with some being more difficult to find than others due to their location. However, they all appear to have a very similar appearance, and the only way to differentiate between them is based on the colors of their clothing. You should be able to get an idea of what to look for if you go to Kalé at the Church of Elleh. The campfires help mark them out, along with the typical mule, tufted hoods, and occasionally a few boxes or bags that have been thrown around. It is always worthwhile to find them because their stock marks some of the most important locations for Elden Ring armor or provides an easy method for acquiring some Elden Ring Stonesword Keys.

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