5 Styles Women  Can Look up to

Gone are the days that casinos were considered to be only male-dominated, testosterone charged places. Thanks to the change in mindset and social attitudes, casinos have become very welcoming and open to women as well.

With the increase of women players in casinos, these places have become as rightful hangouts for women as it is for men. And to top it off, women are not only killing it in the games but they are killing it with their fashion sense.

That’s right. Women are going all in into the world of casinos with their skills and styles. If you are looking out for styles that you can try out  exclusively for women, then this blog has got you all covered.

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Experiment with gowns

Gowns can never fade from the fashion scene. The elegance and charm that they exude stands unmatched and unparalleled with other outfits. What’s more you can experiment with gowns too. If you are looking for something that can blend you well with the ambience of the casino, then try out black tie gowns.

They can go even above knee length too. Just avoid cotton and instead ship in for satin and silk. Pair it up with high arched heels and a pearl studded bag or any leather bag to accentuate the overall look. 

Go full on dress mode

Another trend that will stay popular among women fashion trends are dresses. And cocktail dresses are here to stay for a lifetime. The best thing about cocktail dresses are that they depict the combination of a formal and informal outfit.

In other words, cocktail dresses can come across as an informal outfit but they balance out the formal part of the fashion very well. Cocktail dresses are also very comfortable and can carry off any look and style very well. 

Go full bold

If dresses are not your thing, then jump into a pantsuit or a jumpsuit. Pantsuits and jumpsuits can make you look very gorgeous and daring. It gives off a very classy, nonchalant vibe that goes very well with the casino. Moreover, you look like a serious player who no one would dare to mess up with.

Pair it up with heels and a white or a black jacket and see how the magic it adds to your overall look. And yes don’t forget to don a silver or a diamond necklace. You would look like a compelling business tycoon or a part of an extraordinary VIP player league. 

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Don’t be afraid of the girly look

It’s okay to be as feminine as possible with your casino look. If you want your feminine charm to make an impact on your style, then daytime dresses are the go-to-thing. They are not only designed for maximum comfort but they bring out the femininity really well.

You can wear dressy jeans if you are looking for more room to experiment with styles and designs. Dressy jeans can add up to the perfect comfort and glam fashion quotient. 

Flats are the new heels

Usually heels have become the norm in casinos. But nowadays women are dressing down for flats also. Since navigating with heels can be difficult at times, women are now wearing flats as they are co opting style with comfort. You don’t have to wear plain flats. You can choose designer flats as well.