WiFi Without Internet Provider [Every Detail You Need To Know]

WiFi without internet provider: what is it? How is it even possible? And why do we care? The situation at present is critical and complex due to the ongoing pandemic. 

People are mostly at their homes without the actual outside world and depend upon the internet. So, they require a wifi connection for fast internet access.

Today we will learn how to get WiFi without an internet provider and also from that, how you can access the internet for free. In this arena of 5G internet, it is really tough to survive without a good internet connection. 

For those who are very much dependent on the internet and WiFi, this article can be very handy for them.

The benefits of WiFi

Today, WiFi is one of the most prominent wireless technologies that is widely used all over the world. Of course, there are some benefits of WiFi that lies behind this immense popularity. Let’s have a look at the major benefits of WiFi.

  • No wire pulling is required. This saves money on cabling, wiring, and time.
  • Unlimited network expansion, with an increase in the number of consumers, network points.
  • There is no need to spoil the surfaces of walls, or ceilings for cable laying.
  • Globally compatible. This is a group of standards that works on devices manufactured in different countries.

Now, as you know the benefits of WiFi technology in a nutshell, it is time we can discuss getting WiFi without an internet provider.

What are the Benefits of WiFi without an Internet Provider?

Wi-Fi without an Internet provider is a great option with many advantages, such as:

Low cost

Many of these options to connect to Wi-Fi without an internet service provider are far cheaper than buying the internet services you want. 

Sharing Wi-Fi access with a neighbor or friend can reduce 50% of your expenses, and using Wi-Fi in public places costs nothing.


The choice of not choosing an internet service provider or a private service plan gives you more flexibility and freedom.

You can mix and match different options for free and travel, move around often, switch between options until you have found the best one, and try various providers without signing an agreement.

Simple setup

Many of the free internet choices listed above offer the ability to set up much more easily. Instead of having a professional at your home and setting up a router, the majority of choices let you log in and enjoy the internet.

Do you need an internet provider to use WiFi?

WiFi Without Internet Provider [Every Detail You Need To Know]

No, generally, you don’t need an internet provider to use Wi-Fi.  If you’re referring to WiFi only to connect devices, there is no need for the Internet Provider to use WiFi.

In its most basic form, WiFi can be used directly between two devices without additional equipment or network. This is known as WiFi Adhoc mode. It’s basically the WiFi alternative to connecting an Ethernet cable to two different devices. 

If you need several devices to communicate with one another, You will require an access point that supports WiFi. Access points can be an element of a router, or it could be a standalone access point. This setup can be used to share documents or printers among devices, for instance.

If you’re looking to use WiFi to access the internet, you will require an internet provider, along with an integrated WiFi Access Point and Router. 

WiFi without Internet provider: Why and How?

Consider you have moved on to a new home and require an immediate internet connection. But your budget is low. Or in the worst case, you do not even have a budget. So, how can you manage Wifi without an internet provider? Is it possible? The answer is YES!!! You can do it. Let us explain how.

Public wifi (with a VPN)

  • Depending on which part of the world you live, there may be many hotspots available for free. They may be from nearby hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. It can be a great source of WiFi without an internet provider.
  • In some countries, WiFi is actually free for the people by the government. It is the best solution in case of getting free WiFi without an internet provider.
  • There are free WiFi zones in some countries. Also, there are privately owned hotspots that will cost you less than internet providers.
  • These wifi hotspots are useful indeed but never use them without an active VPN present to be on the safer side, you can just download it on your computer or mobile.
  • Some bookstores also offer this service to their customers, especially large ones – and this is becoming more common. They are also joined by shops of other directions, especially during periods of big sales, as, for example, before the New Year holidays.
  • Today, WiFi without an internet provider can be found in many unexpected places: gas stations, small shops, and electronics stores, and there are more and more of them every day.

Places where you can get WiFi without an internet provider

Below is a list of networks around the world where you can get free WiFi:

Retail shops that provide free Wifi

  • Apple Store
  • Barnes and noble
  • Best Buy
  • Bloomingdales
  • Gap Inc.
  • H&M
  • IKEA
  • Lowes
  • Macy’s
  • Michaels
  • Microsoft Store
  • Nordstrom
  • Office Depot
  • Safeway
  • Sam’s club
  • Sephora
  • Staples
  • Target
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Whole Foods

Restaurants that provide free Wifi

  • Applebee’s
  • Arby’s
  • Boston market
  • Buffalo wild wings
  • Burger king
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Denny’s
  • Dunkin
  • Einstein Bros.
  • Jimmy john’s
  • Hooters
  • IHOP
  • Krispy kreme
  • McDonalds
  • Panera
  • Peet’s Coffee
  • Qdoba
  • Quiznos
  • Starbucks
  • Subway
  • Taco bell
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Wendy’s

Hotel chains that provide free Wifi

  • Marriott (free for all loyalty members)
  • Hyatt (free for all guests)
  • Extended Stay America
  • Best Western
  • Comfort Inn
  • Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts
  • Holiday Inn
  • Ritz Carlton (free for all loyalty program members)
  • Walt Disney resorts
  • Motel 6  

How to Get WiFi Without an Internet Provider

WiFi Without Internet Provider [Every Detail You Need To Know]
  • Mobile WiFi Hotspot
  • Tether your smartphone or internet connection
  • Get WiFi From Your Neighbors
  • Organization Offers
  • USB Cellular Modems
  • Wi-Fi USB Dongle
  • Use Free Temporary Internet Services
  • Freedom Pop

# 1. Mobile WiFi Hotspot

The most basic and easiest method to access WiFi without an internet service provider is to make use of a mobile hotspot. This is because a majority of users are using smartphones that come with LTE or 5G WiFi connectivity. 

If you own an unlocked mobile phone with a hotspot feature that is connected to an internet service, you can access WiFi to your desktop or laptop effortlessly.

Before setting mobile hotspots on your PC, a few important guidelines must be observed.

  • This option is best for people who have access to an unlimited or low-cost internet plan. If your data cap limits or storage costs prohibit it from becoming the best solution, this might not be appropriate.
  • Set a limit for your phone’s data allowance and make sure Windows 10/11 computers are set up with metered connections to keep tabs on remaining data usage.
  • Be sure to set up a password on your mobile hotspot in case anyone attempts to gain entry and attempt to take over your information.
  • Maintain the connection between devices and power source since a hotspot consumes lots of battery power.
  • Make sure your mobile data provider allows for WiFi hotspots or charges a separate fee for tethering.

# 2. Tether your smartphone or internet connection

If you don’t need mobile data frequently and instead only require occasional access to how to access the internet without a cable, The most efficient and quickest way to access the internet is to connect your device. 

Tethering your smartphone has disadvantages: firstly, you’re completely dependent on your phone. In other words, if you ever have to figure out how to access an internet connection without a provider, this could make you stuck for the duration of the day. 

This is fine if you’re traveling within your area, but it’s less important when you’re away from your city. Laptops also consume excessive bandwidth, making them quite heavy in your pockets.

#3. Get WiFi From Your Neighbors

If you don’t have internet that you own, there are several others in the vicinity with internet access. This presents the possibility of asking other people whether you are able to use their Wi-Fi connections.

It could be arranged by a neighbor’s internet you’ve met. Here are some tips to take into consideration.

  • Before you start, think of the internet connection of your neighbor to be a public Wi-Fi.
  • Because you do not have control over who is connected to it, make use of a VPN service to secure your information and conceal your online actions.
  • Also, you should check with your neighbor whether their router is able to host guest networks.
  • If that’s the case, it is recommended to utilize a different WiFi network to ensure that the devices of your neighbors are separate.
  • Proceed to the next step to learn more about Getting WiFi Without the Internet Provider.

#4. Organization Offers

Many organizations, including banks and schools and colleges, businesses, and other institutions, offer their employees or students unlimited and free internet connectivity. This is one method to have free Wi-Fi without an internet provider. 

This is why it is crucial to use the services you can avail of as benefits from your schools or other organizations. 

Be sure to inquire with the administrator if there is a similar option available. Then you’ll be able to know the most affordable method to connect to internet access at your home.

#5. USB Cellular Modems

The USB mobile modem is an excellent option to gain WiFi without the need for Internet service when you’ve got the SIM card and are connected to a PC on your desktop or laptop to get WiFi without internet Provider.

  • Portable routers can be more expensive than modems. They lack batteries or router components.
  • Only a handful of laptops are capable of being WiFi hotspots.
  • This lets you use the USB modem’s data connection to other devices, such as phones and tablets.

#6. Wi-Fi USB Dongle

A Wi-Fi USB dongle, also referred to in the industry as “the internet stick,” is a cheaper and more convenient option for mobile hotspots or Tethering. They are small USB devices that connect to networks via SIM cards. 

The connection is made using wireless mobile broadband, like mobile hotspots. Use it to Get WiFi Without an Internet Provider.

  • If you connect it directly to your laptop or connect it to the Wi-Fi network, it establishes the USB Wi-Fi USB Dongle makes it easy to stream videos or transfer large data files.
  • The high quality of the connection as well as the speed of your connection, can be determined by services offered by your broadband provider for mobile devices.
  • Simply charge your phone using the Power Bank to use a WiFi dongle while you are traveling.

#7. Use Free Temporary Internet Services

You may have heard that there are a few internet service providers offering a free trial of temporary WiFi. These internet services for temporary use typically include dial-up internet providers as well as a type of no-cost hours (e.g., NetZero and Juno provide free hours).

But, in some cases, you could have to sign a contract in order to receive a trial. So ensure that you’ve read the agreement in full. FreePop should be the most popular, as it offers free internet access. 

In the initial month, you’ll get 10 GB of data free. Plus, you can get up to 500MB of data at no cost for subsequent months.

#8. Freedom Pop

Freedom POP is a company that provides free Wi-Fi to users of computers and mobile devices.

It is necessary to register on their website to get access to this online service that is free. The first thing they’ll do is offer you a no-cost internet hotspot, which includes everything you need, from an instruction manual to a charging device.

You must deposit a small amount to guarantee that you’ll return the device once they have completed the service. In addition, if you return the device within a year, you will receive the deposit back.

Use WiFi Hotspot Apps to find WiFi without an internet provider

WiFi Without Internet Provider [Every Detail You Need To Know]

Finding free WiFi is great, but many people ask quite a fair question: how secure are such networks? While we always advise you to use a VPN when accessing a free WiFi network, you can also download WiFi hotspot apps. 

They will help you pinpoint the locations of WiFi networks that you can connect to, including hidden networks. These apps will also show you WiFi networks that are beyond your “line of sight”.


This application offers connections to free WiFi networks in almost every city in the world. Contains an interactive map that identifies all access points in your vicinity. 

By clicking on the Free WiFi Near Me button, Wiffinity will show you how far you are from the nearest WiFi hotspot and how to get to it. Users can also add WiFi networks that are not in the app’s database.


This WiFi app contains approximately half a billion WiFi networks in its database. It may also not show you all hotspots that charge you to connect to them, have access time limits, or require you to register using a filtering system. 

Like other similar applications, this solution allows users to agree on whether the hotspot is free or requires a paid subscription.


The Facebook mobile app is an easy way to quickly find a WiFi network if you’ve already installed the app. To find free internet in the app, open the More menu and then tap on Find Wi-Fi. You may need to select the See More option at the bottom to view the results.

 If you cannot find WiFi networks where you are located, you can select a different area on the map and click Search this area to search for networks in the new area.


This WiFi app automatically connects your device to the best network where you are. It also contains a map showing the WiFi hotspots around you. WeFi provides up to twice the average data transfer rate compared to manually selecting a WiFi network.

How To Access Routers Without Internet Connection?

Discovering your router’s IP address is essential if you wish to connect without an active internet connection. Here are the steps that can help you discover its address.

Step 1: Connect an Ethernet cable to connect the router to your computer.

Step 2: Click the search box, and enter “CMD.”

Step 3: Start your command prompt.

Step 4: Enter “ipconfig” and then press Enter.

Step 5: This Gateway contains an IP address.

Step 6: Cut and copy the IP address. Paste it into any web browser.

Step 7: You are on the login page of your router.

Step 8: Log in to your router.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Free Internet

Although all of them are excellent ways to get WiFi without internet provider, a lot of them have several cons that you must be aware of before deciding on the free internet and signing up for any of them. The things to consider include:


Public internet connections, sharing your internet with neighbors, or finding alternative means of accessing it for free can be less secure and less private than connecting through private Wi-Fi networks. So using a VPN service to ensure both security and privacy can only help. 

Furthermore, make sure you avoid websites without HTTPS/SSL certification when visiting websites without HTTPS/SSL protection. Then log out after using accounts when finished with them and disconnect when not making use of them or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Internet speed

Sharing the internet connection with other users could slow the speed of the internet. If you’re okay with slow internet speeds, you can go with it!

Upload and download

Consider if you are planning to download and upload items from the internet often. If so, you’ll need to buy a private connection that has high speed in order to avoid sharing the Wi-Fi. It can slow down the internet’s speed, making uploading and downloading difficult.


If you depend on the Internet for work or education purposes or to complete important tasks, it may be prudent to give some thought before selecting a free Internet connection. As your activity depends on it, ensure its security so it will function when needed.

Understand Your Situation Before Choosing an Option

The best method of getting access to WiFi without an internet provider is dependent on where you live and the way you plan to use the connection.

 In remote areas, you might be unable to locate a Wi-Fi connection that is accessible to the public. However, you’ll find them nearly everywhere in the city.

Those who frequently work from their mobiles ought to consider purchasing a fully-fledged mobile hotspot in order to access the internet regardless of where they are. But casual users may be content with tethering or using an internet stick.

How to stay safe using public WiFi networks

WiFi Without Internet Provider [Every Detail You Need To Know]

As you can see, there are various ways you can find the nearest free WiFi by yourself. Whether you are on vacation, traveling with your family, or on a business trip, it is important to have an Internet connection to stay connected. 

While public WiFi networks can be convenient and close at hand, it is imperative that you take certain precautions when connecting to them. 

One of the safest ways to keep your public WiFi secure is by using a VPN. A VPN encrypts your data, hides your location, and lets you surf the Internet anonymously.

Other ways to stay safe:

  • Visit only sites with HTTPS
  • Refrain from accessing sensitive data (for example, a bank account through an online bank)
  • Provide your secondary “spam” email address if registration is required
  • Avoid online payments and other transactions
  • Cover your keyboard when entering any passwords or credentials
  • Install an antivirus that offers parental control features for kids when they connect to public WiFi
  • Always check that paid WiFi is legal and use a third-party payment system (such as e-money) to pay for it
  • Make sure your antivirus is always up to date

We hope that now you guys have a pretty clear idea on how to get WiFi without an internet provider. But be careful while using free WiFi. Stay safe while using. Technology has its dark sides as well.


Can I get WiFi without an internet provider?

Of course, yes. There are many methods to help you join WiFi without an internet provider. In the next section, you can connect to temporary WiFi by using a variety of ways and services for temporary internet access. 
While the WiFi you are provided with might not be super-fast but these methods are 100% legal and completely free.

Is a Portable Cellular Router a Good Option for Free Wi-Fi?

Yes, a portable cellular router is a good option for free Wi-Fi. If your mobile data allowance is sufficient and you are frequently traveling, it could be the ideal portable Wi-Fi choice for you.

Bottom line

There are many alternatives to access WiFi without internet providers. We’ve narrowed down the most efficient ways to guarantee your reliability and security. So, each option on this page is safe and legal to use.

We’re hoping you have the best solution to access Wifi without an internet provider. But broadband connections are an affordable, long-term, and more efficient option in many instances.

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