Renekton is one of League of Legends’ finest early-game top laners in the solo queue. With early leads, he may crush his opponent and transform into a team-fighting beast.

Sustain, a stun, dash, and tons of basic damage are all part of his arsenal. Due to his strong base damage, he doesn’t need much to get going, and his tankiness allows him to easily lane against most champions in the game, including ranged ADCs who might be able to deal with other top laners.

Renekton counter is a powerful top laner, yet he can be controlled and prevented from snowballing during the laning phase. There are a number of champions that can stop this early-game beast, but if you find yourself in a tough matchup, there are a number of items that can assist you in your quest to win the lane. 

Summary of Renekton counter

We analyzed the results of 59,560 recently completed, rated LoL rounds to determine the greatest and least favorable counters for the Renekton counter. We discovered who has the best and lowest win rates against him. We also uncovered a select handful who are excellent buddies and could assist him avoid being crushed. We have a lot of confidence in our judgments because we have analyzed so many games.

With a 57.0 percent win rate versus Renekton counter, Illaoi is the best person to fight him. Similarly, Renekton counter’s next major threats are Swain and Brand. They have 57.0 percent and 57.0 percent win rates, respectively. You should not enter him into a round where any of these other champions have been chosen.

If you’re up against Akshan, on the other hand, you should expect to fare significantly better. Renekton counter has a substantially higher win percentage than them, at 58.0 percent. When battling Nidalee and Syndra, you may also expect to do very well. These champions have the next-lowest Renekton winrates.

The Best Renekton Counter in League of Legends

Our Approaches about Renekton counter

Click the corresponding row in the tables above to discover the details and optimal Renekton counter builds for that matchup. If you’re seeking for some Renekton counter that aren’t listed here, you can browse them by clicking the “All Matchups” button.

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Additionally, you may select a certain division from the menu above to acquire Renekton counter and synergies at a specific skill level.

Every week, we sift through millions of League of Legends matches directly from Riot’s servers. We use powerful algorithms to analyze the data and deliver you the most accurate Renekton counter available online.

Take a look at the champ synergies above if you want solid champ synergies for your own buddies to assist raise your victory rate even further. He performs best when he is alone with Kled, regardless of his selected position. This combo increases his odds of winning by 3.0% on average. Brand and Zyra are also fantastic champions to collaborate with.

Renekton counter’s Guide to Defeating It

  1. Renekton is significantly more difficult to fight when he is enraged. When his fury is low, try to engage him.
  2. Renekton counter allows a number of melee champions by diving on top of them and stunning them before leaving. Before going all in, he does a lot of poke damage.
  3. Renekton excels in the early and middle games. To prevent him from outscaling you, try denying him farm.
In League of Legends, what are the best Renekton counter?

The best counter choices to beat Renekton in the top lane are listed below.

A broad strategy

Renekton counter is a lane bully who, thanks to his Reign of Anger passive, has a unique resource generation system. He has access to upgraded versions of his basic powers by stacking the resource, which either inflict more damage, heal more, or allow him to break shields against his opponents. He’s difficult to play against because one misstep might allow him to jump in, stun you, do a lot of damage, and then retreat.

You must pay special attention to the crocodile’s Fury in order to survive the laning phase. When it reaches 50, back off and let him spend it on clearing minions. If you try to confront him with his resource bar full, he’ll get an advantage in the trades and, if you’re not careful, you’ll be killed. Avoid fighting him in minion waves to prevent him from recovering a lot of health from Cull of the Meek (Q), which gives him extra health for each minion hit.

Furthermore, if you have shields in your kit, keep in mind that his enhanced Ruthless Predator (W) might destroy them, so don’t rely on them during trades. Because the ability first breaches the shield before inflicting damage, it will be wasted in exchanges.



Kled is one of the strongest Renekton counter since he has a built-in healing-reduction effect that allows you to disrupt Renekton’s sustain with his Q.

If Renekton catches up to you, you can use Jousting (E) to rush over minions and out of melee range, then Bear Trap on a Rope (Q) to follow up with some damage after you’re out of melee range. Your Violent Tendencies (W) attack speed steroid makes your trades powerful and capable of trading with Renekton.

You can roam and use Chaaaaaarge!!! (R) to affect the rest of the map if you can keep Renekton under control, while Renekton tries to push the top lane or help his team with Teleport. You’ll have a one-man edge over his squad if he doesn’t have Teleport, thus you should be able to develop a lead. Instead of waiting in the top lane for something to happen, you can ensure you have a good probability of winning the game by roaming and snowballing your team.

You’ll outscale Renekton and have a stronger team fight presence and even better split-push potential if you make equivalent exchanges with him early on and deny him an early lead. Use your advantage to keep splitting the map and forcing Renekton to respond. When he does, use your ultimate to join your team while he is defending his tower.


Quinn excels at dealing with annoying top laners because of her range advantage and her blindness from Blinding Assault, making her one of the greatest counter picks to Renekton (Q).

All you have to do during the laning phase is continuously assaulting Renekton counter whenever he tries to land a last hit. If he tries to engage in combat with you, utilize the blind or Vault (E) to get away from him and turn on him while he is stranded without a dash. Quinn has a strong advantage in this matchup, and you shouldn’t lose the lane unless you overextend. Even if you overextend, you may keep him in check by maintaining a safe distance and gradually depleting his health pool.

You can start roaming about the map at level six if you keep Renekton in check once you get Behind Enemy Lines (R). The ultimate’s incredible movement speed will allow you to cover large distances throughout the battlefield, putting 10 times more pressure on the enemy team.

Avoid banding up in the middle to late phases of the game and instead concentrate on split pushing. Renekton will be a decent team fight danger even if you leave him behind, whereas you will be relegated to a mediocre ADC position. Instead of having a lackluster impact in a teamfight, compel the opposition team to react to your taking down their base.


Due to how easy he is to play and how great his impact is, Gnar is one of the most popular top lane options. While his ranged form makes him quite effective during the laning phase, he does have certain drawbacks to consider, especially when facing a lane bully like Renekton counter.

To compel Renekton to play defensively, use Gnar’s ranged form and poke him down with Boomerang Throw (Q). Renekton can jump on you and unleash a lethal combo, shutting off your poke attempt and forcing you to retreat, so don’t look for quick trades. If you continue to poke him from a safe distance, you’ll fill up your wrath bar, which will be useful in the event of a fight. Once you’ve got your melee form, try to move close to him and outtrade him. When you revert to your ranged form, try to retreat and re-establish a safe distance. To keep Renekton under control, repeat the operation.

The major disadvantage of this matchup is because you’re squishy in ranged form, therefore Renekton will most likely exploit that to continuously engage on you and try to kill you if you don’t pay attention. As a result, stick to a poking style and stay away from coming too close.

You should gradually outscale Renekton counter for the forthcoming teamfights by maintaining a poking playstyle. If your resource bar is full, look for Teleport plays around the map to aid your team win important mid-game teamfights. If Renekton appears to want to join you, try not to use your abilities on him because he’ll just heal himself. Instead, look to the opposition side’s backline and dive them to give your squad the time they need to win the fight. You won’t be helpful in ranged form if you teleport before your resource bar is full.


Renekton counter may be poked down from afar and given priority in lane with her kit. Renekton is unable to win the lane without jungle help, even while disengaging with Neeko’s stealth and root. Confront Renekton in the minion wave, attempt to draw out his E, and then root him. You will win the marathon if you play the lane gently and respect Renekton counter. Abuse plates, and if Renekton becomes greedy and pushes up, have your jungler punish him. Renekton will be defeated by both the AS and the Glacial augment builds. Consider the AS/AD build if your team has a lot of magic damage; if not, the glacial augment build will suffice.


As Illaoi, it is critical that you play cautiously at your first back, as you will be able to contest your Black-cleaver even if you obtain a phage. Make sure you poke him with your Q, and if tentacles are about to take priority, use your W. Use your E on Renekton counter once he engages; once hit, it’s a one-sided battle. After one item, Illaoi begins to dominate the lane, limiting Renektons presence in the mid-game. When playing this matchup, be wary of their jungler and try to dodge Renekton counter stun by using your R.

What should be included in Renekton counter?

Plated Steelcaps

Outside of his ultimate, Renekton counter’s whole arsenal centers around physical damage, therefore this is the boots choice. The crocodile will benefit from the early armor and flat damage reduction from attacks.

Vest made with brambles

If you need more tankiness and frequently find yourself in melee range against Renekton counter, this is a wonderful anti-sustain item to use. The armor it provides is a wonderful complement to the anti-healing function.

Call of the Executioner

If you’re ranged and can poke Renekton counter, this is a powerful anti-sustain item. It’s inexpensive and offers excellent build routes along the way, making it an excellent early-game investment, particularly in the current sustain meta. Once you have your fundamental things, you can upgrade it to some great items later.

Aegis of Sunfire

This Mythic tank item, when coupled with Bramble Vest, can bring Renekton counter to a halt. With his runes, gear, and kit abilities, you’ll be able to do a lot of damage while also preventing him from sustaining. It quickly builds up, and in long-drawn confrontations, it can be a significant source of damage.


Goredrinker is a fantastic Mythic bruiser gear that lets you equal Renekton’s endurance. If he tries to all-in on you, use this item to regenerate a significant amount of health, allowing you ample time to change the tides and kill or flee the battle.


Due to its dash ability, this Mythic item should aid you in escaping Renekton if he attempts to fight you. Furthermore, the increased movement speed will allow you to kite him more efficiently while progressively depleting his health pool.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tips & Tricks To Defeat Renekton In League Of Legends

Talents of Renekton counter
  1. Renekton gains Rage when he is damaged or causes damage to foes. If Renekton obtains more than 50 Rage, each of his abilities becomes enhanced and consumes 50 Rage. When fighting Renekton, always keep in mind his Rage bar. If he has more than 50 Rage, avoid trade with him. Renekton is lethal if he uses two empowered abilities.
  2. Renekton swings his blade about, damaging and healing each target as he does so. This ability is effectively doubled in strength when empowered. Renekton counter will heal a lot if he gets to use his empowered Q in a large minion wave. Remember that when you’re facing Renekton. Renekton Q has a short range, so you’ll be fine as long as you keep your distance.
  3. Renektons next auto-attack slices you twice in rapid succession and stuns you for the duration. Renekton will attack you three times if he is empowered, stunning you for a longer time. If you “stutter-step,” you can quickly get this talent (move back and fourth). Disengage after convincing Renekton that he will be in range to land it. Punish him by trading back after he uses it on a minion.
  4. Renekton dashes a long distance, injuring foes he passes through. If an enemy is damaged, he gets to use it again. The second dash does more damage and momentarily removes armor from enemies if it is empowered. When Renekton dashes to you, bait him into awkward places. Renekton becomes extremely simple to gank if this ability is used to make him overextend.
  5. Renekton gains extra health, grows in size, deals damage to nearby opponents every second, and accumulates Rage instantaneously and steadily during its duration. Renekton R is not a standalone ability; it is deeply interwoven in the rest of Renekton’s powers. Renekton’s ultimate is rendered worthless by luring out his rest powers.

Here’s where you can learn more about Renekton’s powers.

Top Renekton Counter-Attacking Strategies

  1. Renekton’s major flaw is his range; he can’t reach a distant champion without massively overextending in lane. Renekton may be exploited by playing ranged-poke champions. Renekton’s strength in the laning phase necessitates the involvement of junglers in order to defeat him.
  2. Renektons want respect in the laning phase, which frequently leads to Renektons acting greedy. Make sure you speak with your jungler and set up ganks once you’ve chunked him out. Together with his jungler, brawling champions with crowd-control can punish this greedy play-style.
  3. Renekton is extremely weak in the mid-late game, and several split-push champions, such as Camille/Fiora, outscale Renekton. Renekton is out-team-fighted by most ranged mage champions, as well as bruisers/tanks with engage skills. Playing conservative in the laning phase and not getting sucked into Renekton’s aggressive play-style will put you in a strong position in the middle of the game. Renekton, as a champion, must enter the middle of the game with a lead. He won’t be effective otherwise.

Renekton is a champion of the lane kingdom and a top lane combatant. In a bruiser laning phase, his kit does not acquire many weaknesses. As a result, Renektons strongest spots are in the early and mid-game. Renektons enormous strength in the laning phase does not mean he cannot be defeated by long-ranged champions. Renekton counter expects you to respect him, so keep that in mind when you’re playing against him. With that said, let’s look at how you can defeat Renekton.

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