Interesting Solar Energy Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Oil, coal and gas are non-renewable energy sources. The use of these non-renewable energy sources is increasing with every passing day with great speed. These resources of producing energy are very harmful for the environment. Therefore the need of the hour is that we should start looking to some other resources for generating electricity and energy.

Solar energy or solar power has gained much fame in the recent past. This is a renewable source of energy. We all know that the sun is available to us in the daytime, free of cost. Therefore people have started utilizing this resource for the production of energy. 

Many countries have already started to utilise this resource for their daily energy consumption requirements. However there is still a very long way to go. Solar energy will not only create job opportunities but also make positive changes in our environment through its eco-friendly nature.

It is not a new fact that almost everyone is trying to find alternative and renewable energy sources. Solar energy is the right option for every person seeking to have a better future related to energy concerns and who is trying to do something for the better environment. 

The current energy sources like oil, gas and fuel etc are becoming a great source of damage for our environment. Therefore we should understand that solar is the new future and we should shift to solar as soon as possible because it is the cleanest source of energy we can get. Solar energy does not produce any pollutants for our environment.

Facts about Solar Energy    

Some important facts about solar energy are listed below to help you understand the basics of solar power and how it can be the only best option for our earth’s better future.

Free of Cost

Solar energy is totally free of cost. It is also found in great quantities. The fact is that the sun is 90 million miles away from our planet earth but the light can travel in less than 10 minutes to the earth from the sun from such a great distance.

Various Forms

Solar energy consists of heat and light from the sun. This heat and light can take various forms when combined with other advanced technologies. Solar energy can be combined with technologies like photovoltaic cells, solar architecture, solar thermal electricity and artificial photosynthesis etc. when it is combined with any of these technologies; the solar energy takes different forms and proves helpful in different ways.

Active or Passive Solar Energy

Solar energy is divided into two types. One is known as active solar energy and the other is called passive solar energy. A room constructed in a way to improve circulation of air inside the room is an example of passive solar energy. Photovoltaic cells and solar thermal energy are an example of active solar energy.

Lots of Incoming Solar Power

According to a study, the earth gets 174 Pet watts of solar radiation at the outside layer of the earth. 70% of this energy is absorbed by oceans and clouds etc. the rest 30% is reflected back towards outer space.

Water Heating

Solar power is also used for water heating purposes. Domestic needs for hot water as hot as 60 degree Celsius or more are fulfilled by using solar energy.

Water Treatments

Solar energy can also be used for water treatments like making saline water, potable water or brackish water. Waste water treatments can be done through solar energy. In this way, no chemical or electricity will be used for wastewater treatment. Salt extraction from sea water can also be done with the help of solar energy.


Food can be cooked by using solar energy. Solar energy stoves are also available in the markets which are helpful to save electricity and gas. They run on solar power. Every type of food can be cooked on these stoves.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are the latest and most effective use of solar energy. In this process, solar energy is converted into electricity. This is done through use of photovoltaic cells or concentrated solar power. This use of solar energy has resulted in a new renewable source of energy that is not only environment friendly but it is more beneficial in every way.

Non Polluting Source of Energy

Solar energy is a non polluting source of energy. This is considered to be one of the greatest benefits of solar energy. It does not emit any carbon or harmful gases to pollute the environment. That is why solar energy is considered to be carbon emission free or zero carbon emission.

Decreasing Costs

With the wide level acceptance of solar energy as a source of producing electricity, it is becoming more and more affordable with every passing day so that more and more people can switch to this beneficial source of energy.


Following the above facts about solar energy, you will definitely be planning to install a commercial solar panel at your building to help save as much energy as you can for your future and the environment.

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