Amadani – Biography of Sensational Instagram Model

Starting from being the Instagram sensational model, Amadani has spread her aura on almost all social media platforms. This Swedish star was born on October 22, 1922, in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has gained intense popularity all over the world.

We are not unknown about the popularity that has made her gain more than 100k followers on Instagram. Keep your eye on this article to know more about her lifestyle, income, relationship status, height, and many more.

Amadani and Her Work

The popular Swedish model Amadani is primarily well known to people for her acting in videos and web scenes. Through working with ‘Model Hub’ Amadani started her career at the age of 25.  After working with the ‘Model Hub’ of the AV industry, she got several calls from other film studios.

Other than Instagram, she also has gained fame in other social media platforms also. She has her own youtube channel where she posts videos about playing games, her dog, or about her life. She mainly posts short videos on Facebook or YouTube and her attractive face has attracted many viewers. Her beautiful face along with her attractive curvy body made her popular within a short span of time.

Apart from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram she also has her place in Twitch. With a follower of 29.2K on her Twitch channel, she is also considered a Twitch celebrity. Besides this, she also became popular for her role in Little Nightmare II. So, her stardom is spread out on almost all social media platforms.

Now, it is also not unknown to us that she has immense popularity in adult sites also. That means she is known as an adult actress and has been featured in many adult videos.

Amadani and Her Work

Amadani Age

Being a popular face on social media platforms, everyone is interested to know how old is Amadani. Many people are confused about her age as she does not look like a person in the late ’20s. Her current age will be counted as 29 years old as she was born in the year 1992. Her physical feature and cute face make her look like a teenager. But she looks a lot different than her real age.

Amadani Physical Feature

As a model, everyone has an interest in knowing about the physical appearance of Amadani. Her unique and attractive body features make people interested to know more about her. This article will give provide you with all the information related to the physical features of Amadani.

Amadani Weight

The most hyped question about this model is what is the body measurement of Amadani. The attractive and seductive body features of Amadani make people search about the actual weight and body measurement. The actual weight of this sensational model is 55kg or 121 lbs. With this weight, she has maintained a curvy body with a body measurement of 34-28-40 inches.

Amadani Height

Fans often ask how tall is Amadani as she has great posture in all her photos. This model is approximately 5’6” inches tall and can give attractive postures with this height. Her height plays a great role in giving her unique and significant poses.

Other Body Features of Amadani

What actually makes Amadani look more attractive is her blonde hair. She is a natural blonde and was able to gain fans with this feature. She loves to color her hair and often creates a bold look. She does many experiments like coloring her hair pink, blue or dressing her hair in a different way. Other than this she also has a beautiful pair of dark brown eyes. Moreover, the shoe size of this model is 5.5 as per US measurement.

Other Body Features of Amadani

Net Worth of Amadani

With the amazing personalities of Amadani people frequently ask how much is the net worth Amadani. Her well-built natural body and stunning photos with nice poses made her popular within a short period of time. People especially boys show a great interest in her. Her unique and tempting body features made her attain a net worth of around $200k- $300k. Amadani believes that the mystery behind her alluring body is her regular basic exercise.

Relationship Status of Amadani

Amadani is no different than other starts as everyone wants to know who is the boyfriend of Amadani. Well, as per different sources it is not yet known whether she has a boyfriend or not. As she has not mentioned anything about her love life yet she is considered to be a single woman. Moreover, through her photos and daily videos, it seems like she is a happy single model who is living her best life.

However, she has constant contact and activity with men but all of them are involved for work purposes. Another common query that arises among her fans is about her marriage. Is Amadani getting married anytime soon is a question that her fans want to know. Well, for now, she does not have any plan on getting married or having any children as she is focusing on her career.

Family members of Amadani

With all these years of working in the entertainment industry, Amadani has not revealed anything about her family members yet. Information regarding her parents and siblings is yet unknown to us as she prefers to keep those private. All her Instagram posts and videos are about her professional life. Information about her personal life is not preferred to be shared by her and the only family member she posts about is her dog.

Educational Qualification of Amadani

Amadani started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of 24 or 25. So, as she started off late, it is assumed by her fans that she has completed her education. But this is just an assumption only. Her educational background about her school, college, and educational qualification are unknown to us.

Contact Details of Amadani

The only contact detail that is known about Amadani is her residence address. But her exact residence address is not known yet. The only residence address we got is she lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. Other than this her phone number, email address, and the name of her manager are not known to the general public.

Hobbies and Favourite Things of Amadani

People often show interest in knowing about the hobbies of Amadani. Other than acting and modeling, she loves to travel. She also has a great interest in watching movies, series and she also loves to cook. She spends a good time at home with her pet dog which she adores a lot.

Moreover, she shows a great interest to pop music as well. Her favorite color is pink and she often colors her hair in pink. She loves to do her own makeup and has a bold look.

Active Social Profiles of Amadani

Other than being an Instagram model, she has gained quite a fame as a Youtuber also. She is mainly active in four social media platforms and these are Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, and Youtube. On these platforms, she uploads her pictures and videos on a regular basis. Amadani has an ample amount of followers on all these social media platforms.

Other Related Information About Amadani

Amadani is not the real name of this Swedish model. This name is only made for the entertainment industry. This is considered as her nickname to the people of the entertainment industry. Her real name is Amanda and she converted this name into Amadani for her modeling world.

Amanda being born in Sweden holds Swedish nationality. She is a person of mixed ethnicity and is Christian. As per her birth date, her zodiac sign is Capricorn.


How old is Amadani?

The birth date of Instagram sensational model Amadani is October 22, 1992, and as per this date, she is 29 years old. She is totally different to look at as per her age. Amadani looks like a teenager despite being a lady of 29 years old.

Is Amadani Married?

No, she is not married and no one knows when she will get married. She is currently focusing on her career and is not married yet. She seems to be a happy single woman living with her pet dog.

How Tall is Amadani?

She is 5 feet and 6inches tall and this height helps her to pose in appealing ways. With this height, Amadani knows how to pose well and make her pictures look attractive.
How much is the net worth of Amadani? Including modeling, she is also involved in acting. Her hard work made her attain a net worth of around $200-$300k.


Swedish model Amadani has become a social media sensation through her work on modeling and acting. Her career as a model started in the year 2017 and is currently a popular figure among the people. She has an immense number of fan following who are interested in knowing her daily life updates. Enrich your idea more about your favorite model Amadani through this article.

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