Rivika Mani: The Sensational Indian Actress, Model, And Social Media Influencer

Rivika Mani the idol of modern modeling is an actress, model, and of course a very popular figure on social media. She is mainly famous for her sensational appearance. Her cute smile has also caught the eyes of her supporters.

As she wanted to be an actress from an early age, she started to audition for movies and TV shows. She has acted on so many commercial brands, web series, short films, and Bollywood films too in short roles.

Because of her attractive images and videos on social media, she has achieved popularity mainly.  Rivika mani instagram is especially popular. She regularly uploads these types of photos and videos on social media.

Rivika Mani Educational Qualification

Rivika mani is a celebrity with a decent educational background also. Let’s first know about her educational qualifications before her career. She went to the Atlanta International School.

Her college is situated at Andheri East, Mumbai named-St. Xavier’s College. The name of her university is Amity University Mumbai.

Rivika Mani Career

Rivika has worked and still works in various types of branches in the entertainment industry. Some of the TV shows or serials she has worked on are:

  • KumKum Bhagya (ZeeTv)
  • Nautanki (New Big Magic)
  • Khidki (Sab Tv)
  • Kasam (Colors)
  • Mahisagar

Name of the movies she has worked on are:

  • Hacked
  • XXX2 Ep 2

She has acted in some south Indian movies too.

The only web series where she has worked is:

  •  Lone Ranger

She has worked on so many music videos too. In the year 2018, she started to work as a TikTok celebrity, Rivika Mani Instagram picuki, and different types of social media.

There she uploads short lip-sync and dance videos. The reason behind her ongoing popularity is her attractive figure. Her passion and live musically is playing the pivotal role behind her popularity.

Rivika Mani Career
Rivika Mani Career

Rivika Mani App

Rivika Mani has got an Official App APK too. It was released on 28th September 2021. It is suitable for any type of android device, PC, or MAC. The Name of the app developer is DarkMatter Technologic. She publishes her inspiring live with passion on this platform.

In the Rivika Mani App Mod, you will get her alluring live streams, images, and videos too. You may use the app as both the paid and free versions. You can choose one according to your preference if you decide to use this app.

Features of the app are:

  • Poster Delivery

All the posters of Rivika are available in this feature.

  • Videos

You will be able to enjoy unseen videos of Rivika Mani in this app.

  • Video Call or Chat

In this feature, you will be able to chat or video call with Rivika personally. This is a very

a favorite feature of this app.

  • Images

You will get all the newest photos of Rivika Mani.

  • ShoutOut

As a user of this, you can request videos of Rivika Mani personally.

  • LIVE Stream

Are you a fanatic fan of Rivika Mani? If yes and you want to send her text and gifts then you can do that too along with seeing her live.

In a word, you will get all the updated information about Rivika Mani in this app.

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Rivika Mani Net Worth

Rivika Mani’s incomes come from mainly brand commercials, social media, and music videos. Her net worth is 9 Million Rupees (90 Lakh). She earns around 8 Lakh Rupees monthly.

Rivika Mani’s Age

Rivika Mani was born in the year of 1996. Her birth date is 25th December. Currently, she is 26 years old. She was born in Mumbai. Right now she is living in Maharashtra.

She looks younger than her age. The popularity of this stunning model is increasing day by day. Her fans wish her a prosperous career which has started in a few years.

Rivika Mani’s Physical Feature

The very attractive body features of Rivika Mani have created so many fans. Even the female fans wish for her appearance to like her too much. Her female fans secretly wish for a beautiful body like her.

Her height is 5 feet 5 inches (164 cm). Weight will be approximately 62 kg. Her amazing measurements are 35-32-38. Which is more than perfect as a model.

The beautiful model has got black eyes and black hair. Her skin color is Indian White. Which has helped her to be physically very charming!

Relationship Status Of Rivika Mani

It is a very ongoing issue with the fans of Rivika Mani that she has got a relationship. Or who is she dating?

But she is not in a love relationship with anyone. She is single and unmarried. People will not want to believe that she is still single. But that is the truth.

Hobbies Of Rivika Mani

Everyone has hobbies whether that person is a general public or social media celebrity. The hobbies of Rivika Mani are mainly Acting, traveling, modeling, dancing, and doing comedy.

As she was born in Mumbai, which is the dazzling Film city of India. So, what will be her first hobby except acting? She always wanted to act and started her career as an actress.

Family Members Of Rivika Mani

Rivika Mani has always tried to conceal information about her family members and relatives. There are almost no family pictures of her on social media. She has very few members in the family.

The name of her father is Ravi Mani and her mother is Divya Mani. Her only sister is Kiana Mani. Muskan Agarwal is her best friend. She has very few friends in her personal life.  That is all the information about her near and dear ones.

Fashion Conscious Rivika Mani

As she is the top model of America’s Next Top Model program. Indeed Rivika Mani is a very fashion-conscious model. Many of her contemporary models can not cross her from this aspect. Her beauty is matchless.

Her make-up and dress selections are very unique too. Her make-up presents her with a cute look. She maintains her physical structure always. For this reason, she regularly does yoga.

She does it very strictly to maintain her physique. Of course, she follows a secret diet too to maintain her physical beauty. Her motto is to be inspired and be inspiring live.

Social Profiles Contact And Details Of Rivika Mani

Rivika Mani wikipedia, Instagram, Facebook, youtube, WhatsApp, etc. everywhere she is very famous. There is no social media where she is not appreciated. She has got many Facebook pages on Facebook.

She has got 5000 Likes on Facebook and more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram. All of her fans became her followers in a very short time.To resist her lucrative look is not possible for her fans.

Her fans want to know about the details of the social media links and her contact numbers. We have tried to collect all of her contact details on social media and real-life as well. But due to her privacy, we have blurred some information:

Phone: +91 208482‑66XX

Whatsapp: +91 208482‑66XX

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rivikamani/?hl=en 

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/RivvikaManiOfficial/

Wikipedia: https://indiathelandofbuddha.in/actress-rivika-mani-wiki/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpqMyCDRIMAIxSMnpNVfl5Q

Tiktok: @rivikamani

Email Id: Rivvikamani24@gmail.com

Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Due to her social media handles, many people now confuse her name and do not use the space. (rivika mani rivikamani)

Some Unknown Fact About Rivika Mani

Rivika Mani is a human being too before she is a model, actress, content creator, or others. She has the same likings as humans have. Some unknown facts about her:

  • “RIVVIKA” is her real name
  • Her zodiac sign is Libra (Tula).
  • Her crush is the famous Bollywood actor- Randeep Hooda.
  • Her favorite actor Akshay Kumar
  • Her favorite actress is Sonakshi Sinha.
  • Her favorite singer is Diljit Doshanjh.
  • In her childhood, she could not read quickly.
  • Nobody knows when she will be in a relationship with anyone.
  • She is famous for her bold look in public.
  • But she has not got any awards to date.


What Is The Religion Of Rivika Mani?

Rivika Mani is a Hindu in religion. Her caste is Brahmin Community.

What Is Rivika Mani’s Favorite Color?

Her favorite color is not only one but three. They are White, Black and Red.

Does She Own Any Car?

Yes. She has a car. It is a collection from Toyota Innova.

Which Are Rivika Mani’s Favorite Food?

Although she is a model, her favorite foods are ice cream, chocolates, and pizza.

Which are her favorite holiday places?

It is a surprising fact that she loves places within her motherland. She prefers to enjoy her holidays in Shimla, Goa, and Manali.

Last Words

Rivika Mani is a beyond-the-time celebrity. Her bold appearance in the world of modeling takes a lot of courage.  She is the sensation of modern times.

Many youngsters are her fans as well as middle-aged people. Even the number of her female followers is not less than the male followers. Her fans want her to go a long way for her success.

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