C curls perm of a hair salon in Singapore give a stunning look

C curl perm is a hairstyle with a combination of straight and curl. From the start, the hairs are straight while at the end are curled inward or outward. This style creates a fresh, heavy, bouncy, and texturized hair look. Normally this hairstyle is suitable for every type of face and shape.

Before getting a C curl perm

C curl perm gives a gorgeous look and changes the personality after getting it. It is suitable for any situation like causal or function. But before deciding to get a C curl perm these tips are necessary to know.

  • Firstly select C curl perm waves because they can be light or hard. Look at your favorite idol and come to know its wave texture.
  • Try to get a healthy C curl perm which gives a strong and heavy look to hairs. Because some C curl perms damage the hair and look extremely frizzy.
  • Find out an expert stylist for C curl perm. It can’t be expected of every stylist in the salon to do a C curl perm. You can check their Instagram page or pictures and may ask a question for satisfaction.
  • Before getting C curl perm checks the perming formula to be used. Avoid getting cheap perming formulas and find a salon that uses a superior formula for having a good hair look.
  • C curl perm needs a proper time for maintaining it in good shape after getting it. But if you have a busy lifestyle and cannot give it time to set then you have to avoid getting it.

C curl perm is no doubt a costly investment for hair. If you feel you can make an effort to make them beautiful and don’t make them frizzy. Then you surely can get a C curl perm to look stunning.

Before getting a C curl perm

How to care for C curl perm?

After getting a C curl perm, it is necessary to know about its maintenance. With caring steps, C curl perms last for a long time otherwise they become messy and lose their shape. Here are some points given to follow for the care of hairs after getting a C curl perm.  

Don’t wash for at least 48 hours

C curl perm needs time to settle down. If hairs are washed the curls can fall apart faster. Ingredients of the perming formula need some time to absorb completely. That’s the way you need to wait at least 48 hours.

Use curl-enhancing products

 If you want your C curl perm to stay strong use hair products specially made for curls to keep them in place. Before choosing a shampoo and conditioner make sure they are used for curly hairs and try to avoid cream-based formula shampoo or conditioner.

Use microfiber towel

C curl perm needs gentle fabric to use for drying. Microfiber towels are used by professionals and they are 100 times softer than human air. C curl perm cannot be stable with a cotton towel they can damage or lose their curl.

Avoid styling tools

After getting a C curl perm don’t try to use any curling irons because they can damage your hair. Already you have curly perm if you are not feeling satisfied you have to consult with your stylist to maintain them. Don’t try to curl them by yourself.

Trim regularly

Hair trimming is necessary for C curl perm. When you feel your hair gets longer, trim it and try to maintain its curl in a particular shape.

Don’t use a comb

After getting a C curl perm avoid using a comb that makes hair straight. Use a finger comb and a special curl brush to maintain the curls.

Hair salon in Singapore

You can find many hair salons in Singapore working in very good and effective ways. Some famous hair salons are described here.

Royal Hair Studio

Royal Hair Studio is a professional hair salon in Singapore that provides full services of hairs. Their professional hair stylist uses high-quality products with expert care. They create a comfortable atmosphere and do work with satisfaction.

Picasso Hair Studio

This hair salon in Singapore provides the services of cutting and dyeing the hair on your wishes, Picasso hair salon stylists, first of all, analyze your face shape, check your skin tone and your height then design the perfect hairstyle for you.

Prices of all services are different but in range so you do not need to worry about paying the high prices expected for your hair.

The base saloon

If you want to get your bold new look then you come to the base saloon. This salon in Singapore offers haircuts starting from $16 for primary school students,  $23 for men, and $25 for women.

The staff of this saloon is well experienced. They provide the services of haircuts, shampoo, blow, perming, coloring, straightening, and much more.

Kimage Hair Salon

Kimage hair salon satisfies its customers with 10 outlets across Singapore. They have a complete range of stylists, leading stylists, senior stylists, junior stylists, master stylists, and principal stylists.

The prices of haircuts, shampoo, and blow-downs differ according to the choice of stylists. This hair salon in Singapore provides a variety of services ranging from straightening, perming, coloring, and classic haircuts to keratin anti –Frizz treatments up to the price range of $460.

Customer satisfaction is the main priority of kimage hair salon. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can return to the outlet within 10 days for a complementary solution.

Kimage Hairdressing School

The people who want to save money, kimage also has a hairdressing school, where prices of shampoo and haircuts are very low. Cheap Services of perming and rebonding are also available here at very low prices.

Expert teachers are present in kimage hairdressing school to train the trainees. This school is the best option for those people who want professional haircuts without a high price tag.

If you are interested in getting a C curl perm look and any hairstyle or cut you have to go to Royal Hair Studio. Their affordable prices and expert-level work complete your expectations.