Seasonal Colour Palettes For Salwar Suits

Explore Seasonal Colour Palettes For Salwar Suits

Timeless, versatile, comfortable, and elegant – salwar suits are the ultimate ethnic wear option that will never let you down. A kurta top, salwar bottoms, and a dupatta or jacket typically make up a salwar outfit. There are many different designs of salwar suits available that are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re heading to a work function or a pre-wedding celebration.

Salwar suits are available in a variety of styles and designs that you can wear for many different occasions. From detailed traditional work to modern silhouettes, salwar suits will help you look appropriately dressed and stylish at every event.

However, before you get into the mirror work vs sequins or gotta patti vs modern lace debate, you must identify colours that suit you the best. Picking salwar suits in shades with seasonal colour palettes will ensure you have the perfect ensemble for any event.

What Are Seasonal Colour Palettes?

Seasonal colour palettes are created using the technique of colour analysis, which helps identify shades that look most appealing on individuals for clothing as well as accessories and makeup. Seasonal colour palettes will help you find salwar suits that are complementary to your skin tone, undertones, eye colour, and hair for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Categories of these colour palettes include people that are a ‘True Summer’ or ‘True Winter’ and understanding them will help elevate any look. While both feature cool-toned shades, True Summer and True Winter colour palettes have varying contrasts and intensities of colours.

True Winter

True Winters have a high contrast between their features such as dark hair and light skin or vice versa. They look the best in crisp, intense, and vivid colours and jewel tones such as emerald, sapphire, and amethyst. Black, grey, and white salwar suits are ideal to achieve a neutral look for True Winters.

Opt for rich hues like royal blue, emerald green, and deep purple or vibrant blue, hot pink, and red to stand out. Avoid yellow, orange, and warm earth tones as they can wash you out.

True Summer

True Summer types frequently have low contrast between their skin, eyes, and hair – for example, light hair and light skin tone. This seasonal colour palette works best with muted, cool-toned, and soft shades. Salwar suits with light pastels such as powder blue, lilac, lavender, rose, mauve, and baby pink look great on True Summers.

Cool-toned tones such as dusty rose, taupe, soft grey, mint green, sage, and seafoam are also great choices for this colour palette. You should generally avoid bright warm reds, oranges, and browns as they can overpower your look.

How To Identify Undertone?

Your skin undertone is key in getting the correct colour analysis. If you have been engrossed in social media videos of colour matching but don’t want to spend big bucks on colour analysis, here’s an easy hack –  simply check your veins! Your veins will appear green if you have warm undertones and blue or violet typically means cool undertones.

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Things To Note

  • Identify Your Best Colours: Once you have determined your undertones and whether you are a True Summer or Winter, pick the recommended colours that you love best. While it is important to stick to the colour palettes, your salwar suits must also reflect your personal style preferences.
  • Declutter: Once you start wearing shades that bring out your best features and complement your seasonal colour palette, you may not go back to shades you must avoid. If you find yourself avoiding certain salwar suits because they don’t match your ideal shades, it would be best to donate or give them away to make way for more complementary clothing.
  • Jewellery and Accessories: Even if you’re wearing a monochrome salwar suit, you can bring in many different shades from your seasonal colour palette with a statement dupatta, jacket, or shrug. You can also opt for jewellery, footwear, bags, and other accessories such as sunglasses and watches in the complementary shade range. Outwear such as coats, jackets, shawls, and sweaters are another option to include shades from a colour palette in your outfit.
  • Fabric: You must consider the fabric for seasonal colour palettes as certain shades pop on different materials. For example, jewel tones match the royal feel of silk, velvet, and wool, while soft pastels are better on breezy chiffon, georgette, and cotton fabrics. You must also consider the weather, occasion, and venue for a comfortable fit.
  • Textures: Fabrics with textures such as crushed velvet, tweed, and crepe have dimension, making it look interesting and helping the colours you’ve picked stand out even more. Similarly, fabrics woven with metallic fibres such as brocade and chanderi elevate the salwar suit for an elegant and rich feel.
  • Complementary Clothing: While black and white are recommended for True Winters, everyone can blend the neutral pieces to complement their seasonal colour palette. Mix neutral white, black, or, beige pieces with a kurta, kameez, or dupatta that matches your undertones to create different salwar suit looks.


Did you know: According to historical accounts, women wore salwar suits during the Indus Valley Civilization, and the Punjab region is where the contemporary version of the garment originally became popular. The ensemble is truly timeless and rooted in the history and culture of India.

You can wear salwar suits all year round once you have mastered the seasonal colour palette. Pick the colour, fabric, and embellishments according to the colour analysis. Make sure it is appropriate for the occasion – heavily embellished salwar suits for weddings, cotton and linen for daily wear, satin for parties, etc.

The most important thing, however, is to consider your mood as dressing up or down will all depend on how you feel. Reflecting your personal preferences in the moment is just as important and you can pick colours outside the ideal shades once in a while. If you love wearing a signature colour, picking a shade that matches your skin tone, hair, and eye colour will elevate your appearance and personality.

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