Labradorite Jewelry: A Detailed Guide To Wear And Maintain The Gemstone

Have you heard about labradorite jewelry? No worries! You might have heard about magical stones. It is quite likely to say that labradorite belongs to one of those special gems considered magical stones. Wondering why? This gemstone is believed to have several healing qualities. They come in several styles and look great for both men and women. Labradorite comes in several colors. But the most dominant color is brilliant blue.

Wearing labradorite jewelry gives a spiritual and luxurious vibe as the stone resembles the northern lights. Its colors resemble the mesmerizing northern lights, adding a touch of wonder to your style. It’s like carrying a piece of the enchanting night sky with you wherever you go, making you feel extraordinary.

Here, we will explore the benefits of labradorite and explain how to wear and maintain them. We will also provide tips for finding real and fake ones when purchasing.

Benefits of Labradorite Jewelry

We mentioned labradorite as a magical stone because it is believed to heal people. Here are a few benefits of wearing labradorite jewelry.

  • People believe that wearing labradorite jewelry aids in reducing anxiety, helping you improve your mood and staying calm.
  • Labradorite is believed to have the potential to strengthen the body’s immune system and enhance metabolism. These attributes may aid in burning fats and carbs, making them beneficial for weight loss.
  • Most people around the globe believe that wearing labradorite jewelry can improve their eyesight and maintain the health of certain nervous systems.
  • If you struggle with intense and painful menstruation, this gemstone is believed to help lower the pain.
  • Labradorite is said to help with balancing hormones. They are also believed to treat several diseases, such as rheumatism and bronchitis.
  • Regarding mental clarity, many believe labradorite can help you chase away the brain fog you may be experiencing, making you more conscious and concentrated.

How to Wear Labradorite Jewelry?

We can sense your interest in shop labradorite jewelry after knowing its benefits. Here are a few ways you can wear the jewelry.

Wear labradorite jewelry in gold

Wearing the stone in gold will assist you in achieving the desired therapeutic results. Combining labradorite with gold is said to create a harmonious synergy, allowing you to experience the full healing benefits of this mystical gem.

Wear labradorite with silver or other combinations

You can prefer silver if you don’t wish to wear labradorite with gold. If you do not prefer one metal to dominate, you can choose to wear the gemstone with a combination of five metals (gold, silver, zinc, copper, and iron).

Wear labradorite in modern forms

You can wear labradorite gemstones in the shape of rings, necklaces, and bangles. Choose the form of jewelry that resonates with you the most and wear it regularly to experience the benefits of labradorite.

Keep the labradorite in contact with your skin

People believe keeping the labradorite in contact with your skin will bring the utmost. Therefore, you can wear the gemstone as rings, bracelets, or bangles.

Maintaining Labradorite Jewelry

Now that you have bought labradorite jewelry, would you always wear it without cleaning and maintaining it properly? No, right? Here are a few tips on maintaining gemstone jewelry and using it for a long period.

  • Keep your labradorite jewel separate from other types of jewelry in a velvet cloth.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to maintain the stone’s color.
  • Placing the labradorite in the moonlight is believed to bring back its powers. Therefore, you should place it in the moonlight for 24 hours.
  • The incredible energy of the moon is believed to replenish the stone’s power.
  • Avoid cleaning your jewelry using harsh detergents and cleaners.
  • You can also rinse the stone with natural rainwater.
  • After cleaning, gently dry the surface with a soft cloth.
  • Mist sprays are a safe option for cleaning labradorite.

How Do You Differentiate Between Real & Fake Labradorite Jewelry?

The most important thing you should remember when buying a labradorite jewel is to check whether it is real or duplicated. And how do you do it? Follow the steps given below to learn how.

Look at the color

Real labradorite will exhibit natural glimmers with a stunning radiance. Additionally, they are heavy and compact. Fake labradorite will feel light; moving them will reveal no natural glimmer and instead appear dull or reflect the same hue from every angle.

Closely look at the cut of your labradorite

Labradorite, as a gemstone, poses difficulties in cutting and shaping. The main factors contributing to such a challenge are durability, color, and lack of hardness. The typical cuts for genuine labradorite are teardrop, oval, or round. Therefore, if you are presented with a different shape, understand that it is not genuine.

Compare with reliable references

If you are not sure about the authenticity of the labradorite gemstone but know someone who already possesses an authentic piece, reach out to them. Inquire if it is possible to compare the two.

Feel the Surface

Run your fingertips softly across the exterior of the precious stone. Genuine labradorite will possess a smooth yet subtly rough texture owing to its natural structure, whereas fake imitations might exhibit an unusually polished or synthetic feel.

Check whether the stone has flaws

Natural labradorite will not have any flaws. Since it is natural, it will be rough and imperfect even after precise cutting and polishing. At the same time, fake labradorite will be polished and overly perfect.


In conclusion, labradorite is considered a magical stone with several healing benefits. Many believe the gemstone is highly beneficial because of its color and appearance. The labradorite appears to be holding the color of aurora, which seems divine and spiritual. You will carry a piece of wonder and mysticism as you wear this beautiful gemstone.

Whether you choose rings or bracelets, you can add a touch of enchantment to your style. Therefore,  and embrace the captivating magic it brings into your life.