All About Selling A House in 2022: Things to Know & Best Real Estate Websites

Selling a house in this market could be an extremely profitable exercise for home sellers if they are judicious and smart about it. The real estate market has boomed by 17% this year and it is on an upward trend. This allows sellers to go the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route, explore popular options like signing up for Flat Fee MLS services and let go of the full-service agent commission to save thousands of dollars.

Though selling a house in 2022 takes a little bit of experience and understanding of the dynamic market trends, it is not impossible to navigate this market without the help of an agent and still crack a great deal.

The best time to sell a house is usually March, according to surveys. The hot season to sell property is also July which is just before the school season starts. After September, it becomes hard to sell a house. According to Zillow, houses are difficult to sell in October. Their research says that mid-October was the hardest to sell. A real estate lead generation must work diligently to ensure their position in the market because the real estate industry is extremely competitive.

To make sure to get a profitable deal, it is important to list the house by April 22 or by that week. Also, Zillow claims that Thursday is the best day to list out a house because it is likely to get more buyer eye-balls, traction, and interest.

Getting your house ready for sale

Typically, a house sells within 70 days in the United States, and therefore to get the best deal, it is important to make sure that the sellers spend some time prepping the property. It is prudent to spend at least two months getting a house in order so that the house is well-maintained and invariably fetches a good amount.

Getting a house appraised by a professional always helps. It is important to change fixtures and get major repair work done. After sellers pass this hurdle it is important to take a good look at the house from a buyer’s perspective and make some changes, maintenance-wise.  It is important to take care of the staging. Again a professional might help sellers to present the house in such a way that it attracts maximum buyer interest.

Also, it is important to take care of the most basic element – light, before sellers even plan to sell the house. How does one take care of that? Painting the house in the shades of white will automatically reflect a lot of light which will automatically make the house more saleable.

With little effort, one can completely increase the appeal of the house, from curb to backyard. Another important thing in selling the house fast is having a great exterior look, this can be done by improving the curb appeal of your home which will increase the value of your home.

FSBO or Traditional Route?

As mentioned earlier, there is more than one way to sell a house. If you go by a traditional route, you will need to hire a full-service real estate agent who would take care of everything from pricing, staging, paperwork, managing open houses, and finally closing. Red tape associated with real estate does not encourage sellers to go for FSBO instead, they prefer paying for a realtor.

But, a full-service agent takes around 6 percent as a commission from the seller and it sure is a steep price to pay especially for houses worth $1 million and above. Instead, with a lot of flexibility in the market more and more sellers are preferring options like Flat Fee MLS services, discount brokers, and low commission estate agents. This gives them some amount of autonomy, and control and more importantly saves thousands of dollars of commission.

Flat Fee MLS sites like Houzeo offer sellers services as per the package they choose. Sellers can choose a package according to the kind of property they wish to sell, market condition, and their personal experience.  

Following are the best real estate websites in the country that will help ease out the process of selling a house and get you a bang for your buck.

Best real estate websites

Best real estate websites

Here are the Top3 real estate websites in America right now. Each one is tailored to suit individual seller needs. Take your pick.


Houzeo is a Flat Fee MLS website that specializes in chalking out packages to suit the seller’s demand. Typically, you pay for any of the 4 plans they offer and then get services accordingly. For $299+ sellers get an MLS listing for 3 months and can add 6 photos. They provide additional services like a customized yard sign for an extra $49. They have a user-friendly interface that guides you at every step, virtually. Under this plan, you can make a single change to your listing for $25.

For their Silver package, they charge $349+ and give MLS listing for 6 months with 24 photos. Their premium plan is Gold which is priced at $399+ and they list your house on MLS for 6 months with a max limit for photos.

Additionally, with this package, they give you an online interface to manage your showings. State and federal disclosures are also provided to the sellers. Not only this, but Houzeo also guides sellers with the closing negotiation. Offers are reviewed and compared and sellers are adequately aided to crack a profitable deal.

The platinum package which is priced at $999+ offers all the services of the Gold plan but with the additional support of a virtual full-service real estate agent.

It is important to know that all the MLS listings get automatically syndicated with major real estate websites like Zillow/Trulia.

One of the key advantages of Houzeo is its technologically advanced user interface, quickness in getting the MLS listing live, and incredible customer support.


Beycome offers packages ranging from $99 to $599. The customer reviews claim that their basic package is good but does not offer much. While their intermediate and premium packages are pricey as compared to their competitors.

But having said that, they have a real good technological platform, and agents associated with them are experienced too. If FSBO is not working out for a seller, then they can go for a full-service real estate agent via Beycome.


Redfin is a low commission real estate agent that gives you around a 20-30 percent discount over a traditional full-service agent. FSBO sellers can save thousands of dollars with Redfin. One major drawback is that there is little or no personalized attention given to a seller.

Also, it takes very long to get the listing live on MLS with Redfin. But rest assured one gets personalized yard signs, professional photoshoots, and many other services with Redfin.


Overall it is important to know that selling a house can be a simple, profit-making process if sellers take care of the following things.

A: Perfect the pricing of the property following market trends, location, condition of the house, and demand.

B: Make sure that the house is all spruced up and ready for sale, maintenance-wise.

C: Choosing a perfect real estate agent, service, or package to suit your needs. The trend now is to go for a Flat Fee MLS package. Houzeo, Redfin, and Beycome are one of the best sites to offer these services. With Redfin sellers get an option of opting for a low commission estate agent.

D: It is important to get documentation and all the paperwork in advance before selling the house. Also, for FSBO sellers, it is important to choose a service (Flat Fee, Discount agent, or low commission estate agent) that takes care of closing documentation as well. Houzeo has digitized the documentation process which is very convenient for the sellers.

E: Lastly, it is important to check if the Flat Fee MLS service that you choose has any hidden charges at the time of the closing.

If one takes care of these factors, sellers can successfully sell their house without paying 6 percent to traditional full-service real estate agents. You can check out Houzeo reviews to confirm the same.

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