Whether you are selling a studio in downtown Denver or a country house in Boulder, paying a 6% commission burns a huge hole in the pocket. Little wonder then that many homeowners prefer selling their homes without a realtor. This lets them reduce the payable amount by half as now they only have to pay for the buyer’s agent.

However, this also means performing all the tasks yourself, which includes listing the house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). As you cannot add your house on your own, you can consider using flat fee MLS Colorado services. 

Here are a few leading flat fee MLS companies in Colorado.

Popular flat-feel MLS Colorado Services


Ideal for: first time sellers who require additional help

This company has been providing flat fee MLS services in Colorado since 1998. The company has got great ratings primarily because of the guidance it offers during the tougher phases of selling, especially negotiations.

Plus, it is great if you have to showcase a large set of photos. All of HybridMLSListings’ packages have the maximum number of photos. But, none of its packages go beyond six months and if you need assistance with setting a price, the most expensive one is the only choice. 

This flat fee MLS Colorado service offers a la carte services. But with each package, you will have to pay 0.5% of the sale price at closing. 

Its packages are as follows:

  • Basic @$299: It includes a max number of photos and even negotiation support
  • Delux @399: The only add-on with this package is access to a service that can be used by buyers to schedule showings and get feedback.
  • Premium @$549: This package offers a comparative market analysis that helps a lot in setting a price. 


Ideal for: smooth home-sale process

Houzeo offers fast listing. With it, you can complete your listing in minutes and it will be live in 1 business day. Sellers can save up to $15,000 by way of 0% listing agent’s commission. 

The company offers cutting-edge technology. Sellers can complete all the paperwork, add open houses and make changes to the listing all online. Documentation is the number one concern for sellers opting for sale by owner websites. Houzeo’s brokers have made filing seller disclosures hassle-free and everything is online.

Sellers get total control over the home-selling process. They also have the choice of customizing their plans and controlling the expenses.

Its packages are as follows:

  • Bronze @$249: With this package, you will get a flat fee MLS listing for 3 months. Sellers can upload 6 photos. Your property’s exposure will be multiplied as Houzeo also lists on other sites like Zillow, Trulia, and 100s of similar platforms. Cancellation can be done anytime. But every change will cost you $25.
  • Silver @$299: This package offers 6 months listing, with 24 photos. Syndication with different sites. You can make unlimited changes to the listing with this package.
  • Gold @$399: This package allows you to upload maximum photos, with anytime cancellation and unlimited listing changes. It also helps with filing federal and state disclosures. Besides, it helps manage showings and review & compare offers 
  • Platinum @$449: With this package, your house will get listed for a year. Besides all the services offered by the Gold package, this one also offers virtual full-service with a licensed broker who will give pricing assistance and review contracts. 

All packages come with a 0.5% fee at closing.

Home Savings Realty

Ideal for: Inexperienced sellers

With this flat fee MLS Colorado service, inexperienced sellers, who are finding it hard to find professionals like photographers, appraisers, and inspectors, can connect with these pros easily. 

But note that this additional help can come at a huge price. 

Home Savings Realty’s entry package starts at $399 and is valid only for a month. Its second-tier package costs $549 and lists home for 3 months. If you are worried that your house will not sell in 3 months then perhaps the ideal package for you would be its top-tier one that costs $699. The listing will last for as long as the property remains unsold. 

However, this service is only available in northern Colorado. Plus, with every package, you will have to pay 0.25% at the time of closing.

Flat Fee Realty

Ideal for: those seeking an affordable option

This flat fee MLS Colorado service is relatively more affordable than competing firms. It is a good option for sellers who just want the basics. 

It is noteworthy, however, that once you buy a package with the company, you will be connected with an independent broker in Colorado. So, there is a chance that you can get a sub-par realtor. 

The company’s package costs $199, which covers all the basics i.e. 6-month listing, 6 photos, and state disclosures. 

This is an affordable option if you do not need a lot of help listing your home. 


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