America’s Top Real Estate Agents And Companies

As per a study, 87-90%  of Americans buy/sell their homes using a real estate agent. These agents are mostly affiliated with one or more real estate companies. 

To help you find a suitable agent/company, we have compiled the below list for you.  


Houzeo harnesses technology to solve real estate problems and make the home selling a seamless & hassle-free process. Based in the United States, it blends technology with low-cost Flat Fee MLS packages to deliver real estate services to customers the way they should have always been: simple and economical. Because the entire home selling process takes place online, Houzeo provides 100% online services.

Listing Fee

On average, sellers can advertise their home for $329, while buyers receive a 1.5% refund.


Online access: From your seller dashboard, you may receive, examine and compare offers for your home, and you can even do so on their mobile app.

On well-known websites: Houzeo syndicates your listing to, Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia, giving both MLS and non-MLS exposure.

No Hidden Fees: Houzeo’s Flat Fee MLS pricing is always clear on its price page.

Speedy Listing: Houzeo is well-known among house sellers for the speed with which they can have your home listed. You can check out Houzeo reviews to confirm the same.

Reach out to local agents and offer them a commission: With Houzeo, you may pay a buyer agent a fair commission to display your home to their clients.


Houzeo has no cons as it has the best ratings.

When you use Houzeo, you gain various benefits and features that you won’t find with other competitors. Houzeo is also 100% online and digital to smooth the selling process.

You can also check Houzeo reviews for further information.


As one of the top real estate agents/companies, Redfin promotes cheap commission rates for house sellers and incentives for home purchasers. The potential savings are real, and the organization has a good track record. Redfin’s low-cost real estate brokerage service is available in over 100 areas across the United States and Canada. Redfin representatives follow a tech-centric customer service style, which means they may provide less one-on-one assistance.

Listing Fee

Sellers pay a 1.5% listing charge, or 1% if they buy through Redfin.


Simple to Use Technology: Although many bargain brokers claim user-friendly technology, Redfin’s well-known platform remains the gold standard.

Fewer risks: Regardless of whatever bargain broker you list with, you’ll have to compromise on service quality, although the hazards appear to be less pronounced with Redfin.

Save a lot of money: Most sellers prefer Redfin as of its minimal fees. And those selling with Redfin reviews agree that the savings are real.


Limited Savings with the Premium listing package: If you list with Redfin, they may try to upsell you on their Concierge Service. This premium listing package has more options than the basic plan, but it costs almost the same as employing a traditional agent.

Average Customer Service: Although Redfin’s service quality risks are smaller than those of other low-cost brokers, customers can expect less hands-on help than traditional realtors.

If you want low commission real estate agents and don’t mind less customized service than you’d get from a traditional agency, Redfin is an excellent choice. However, it might not be the greatest fit if you’re selling a home that needs renovating, is in a less competitive location, or don’t have much prior real estate experience.


HomeLight provides various services to assist house buyers, sellers, and real estate brokers. The company’s core service is pairing buyers and sellers with local realtors.

Listing Fee

The majority of services are free, though some, such as Cash Offer, charge a 1% to 5% fee.


Agent Recommendations: HomeLight evaluates agents for you based on confirmed data about the particular transactions they’ve completed where you reside or intend to relocate.

Simple and quick to use: Educated agents eager to help you after answering a few questions about what you’re looking for. You won’t have to call around to several brokerages in the hopes of finding someone who can help you.

Service for free: Users can utilize the service for free. When you complete a deal with an agent you found on HomeLight; the agent pays HomeLight a referral fee.


You will receive calls: Agents will contact you once you have signed up. HomeLight recommends only three agents, yet all three will almost certainly approach you. You can go with the first recommended agent and advise the others when they call that you already have one.

The HomeLight agent network allows realtors marketing and promotion options that are less expensive and risk-free.


Trelora is a cheap real estate company with locations throughout five states in eight areas. Trelora has a long history of favorable customer feedback despite its tumultuous relationship with traditional brokers. Furthermore, the offered bargain appears to be genuine.

Listing Fee

Trelora is a low-commission brokerage offering two “Full Service” packages with 1% and 2% commissions.


Big Savings

A flat listing charge allows you to save a significant amount of money. Trelora’s flat-fee pricing system is commonly mentioned in positive Trelora reviews to save money, especially at higher price points. There are large commission rebates for qualified customers.

Substantial commission rebates.

If you buy a house with the help of a Trelora agent, you may be entitled to a commission rebate of half the buyer’s agent commission, up to $6,000 in total. According to this repeat buyer, the extra savings made both of the homes they bought through Trelora more affordable.


Mistakes and oversights are due to a team-based approach.

According to the most common Trelora complaint, Trelora’s high-volume, team-based strategy leads to a poor client experience.

Limited Savings on lower-priced houses 

Trelora’s flat-fee pricing strategy saves minimal money on lower-priced homes. While this is less expensive than hiring a traditional realtor, it is in the middle of the pack compared to other low-cost options.

Trelora is an entire real estate firm that doesn’t charge standard commissions and provides cheap services. Trelora users can save a lot of money as both buyers and sellers.

To discover low commission real estate agents and companies, you’ll need to look for an approved low commission real estate brand. In addition, do some research on the services you desire and narrow down your options to the most qualified providers. You will be assigned a low commission real estate agent based on the brokerage’s policies and plans. You choose to choose the broker who meets your needs as a seller.