Best Engineering Career Options for You That You Should Consider in 2022

Engineering is a very popular career among Indian Students. Most of the students want to be an engineer but they don’t know which career to choose in engineering. As there are a variety of options in an engineering career. We’ll discuss engineering career options in this article.

Engineers have logical and clear thinking, that’s why they develop our infrastructures, new emerging technologies, and other innovations. They can work for a long time and are always prepared to face challenges. They aren’t afraid of doing hard work. They are good at solving problems. Engineers work in designing, planning, maintenance, testing, and production of machinery and equipment that can be used in different sectors.

Engineering graduates have various career options which include different kinds of roles in any organization, jobs related to engineering itself, and jobs in other fields such as business, finance, etc. There are several opportunities on the job site or the business side, after engineering.

The engineering field has attracted most of the students in India as we see several engineering aspirants preparing for exams to take admitted to top engineering colleges in India. Engineering has multiple branches such as computer science, civil engineering, electrical engineering, automobile engineering, and more. We will see all career options in engineering in this article brief.

  • Aeronautical Engineering: Aeronautical Engineering course includes the testing, designing, production and maintenance of the aircraft for commercial industries, defence academies etc. Aeronautical Engineering is the study of a high level of Mathematics and Physics. Aircraft contain complex systems which require engineers from the background of computer science, electrical and mechanical.
  • Automobile Engineering: It is one of the most exciting engineering courses that will help you learn how to design, develop and maintain vehicles or their components. Automobile Engineering also requires engineers from electrical, mechanical, electronic, and software engineering.
  • Biomedical Engineering: Biomedical Engineering course includes the manufacturing of medical equipment, drugs, prostheses, and diagnostic equipment. Biomedical Engineers use various engineering techniques and methods to improve the health sector. Molecular, cellular, and Orthopaedic engineering also comes under biomedical engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering: The course of chemical engineering includes the design and manufacturing of chemical substances that can be used in various industries for further development. Chemical Engineers use various chemical processes to convert the raw material into chemicals.
  • Civil Engineering: It is also one of the most in-demand engineering courses as it includes designing, planning, and developing structural works. Civil Engineers are specialized in the development of roads, industries, buildings, bridges, and other construction works. They use various techniques to make the infrastructure strong. Civil Engineers play a very important role in the infrastructural development of a country.
  • Computer Science Engineering: As the name suggests, it involves both computer science and engineering as well. Career options after computer engineering are numerous, they get to play around the different technologies and stacks.
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering: This field of engineering is one of the best career opportunities. As we see new technologies are coming up, electronics and communication have contributed a lot to innovations coming daily.
  • Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering is the use of technology to manufacture new electrical products from GPS tracker systems to electricity generators. Electrical engineers design and develop electrical systems and machinery. A course in electrical engineering will give me more opportunities in my career.
  • Mechanical Engineering: It is the engineering of sensors and devices including tools, machines, and engines. Mechanical engineering is related to the research and development of new machines and maintenance of old machinery products to improve their working. There are a huge number of opportunities for mechanical engineers in industries related to the manufacturing of machine items and other devices.
  • Medical Electronics Engineering: Medical Electronics Engineering is related to the combined study of engineering principles and biology for the development of prostheses, MRI equipment and artificial organs, etc. This field of engineering has contributed to our health sector and provided several facilities to smoothen the medical processes.
  • Metallurgy: As the name defines, metals which means this field is related to the developmental work of materials and it deals with the behaviour of metallic elements and alloys. Metallurgy Engineering studies the chemical and physical behaviour of materials for further processes to take place.
  • Mining Engineering: It is an engineering discipline that involves the application of extracting and processing minerals from natural sources. It involves the use of science and technology for the process of mining to take place.
  • Robotics: Robotics is the emerging field of engineering as we see the innovations are still in process of robots that will do the work of humans. It involves building machines that will replicate human actions and behaviour. Robotics Engineering is helpful to automate the processes of manufacturing, mining, and other services in industries.
  • Textile Engineering: Textile engineering is a field of technology that deals with the activities related to the production of textile fabric and yarns. It involves the application of engineering and scientific principles for the design and production of fibres, apparel products, and machinery.

There are still more career opportunities in engineering other than what we discussed above which includes aerospace engineering, cyber security, naval architecture engineering, meteorology, instrumentation engineering, architecture engineering, etc. But all these fields have different career opportunities. These career options in engineering have their importance in their respective fields.

Entry-level engineers are expected to get a good package of up to 4lac per year. But salaries and job profiles are different in different industries. It also depends on which career option you have chosen or completed. It is up to you to choose which field you have an interest in and you want to pursue engineering.

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