Common Services Offered by Science Publishers

Common Services Offered by Science Publishers

Science publishers offer several services to the scientific community. Some of these are traditional, namely copyediting and typesetting manuscripts before publication in print (and online), while others are more recent developments. Understanding them can help authors choose which publisher is right for their work. Here are six common services offered by these publishers:

Typesetting and Copyediting

This is the traditional role of a publisher, which involves making an article look good in print or online format. Some publishers offer additional typesetting options for their journals, including setting double-column pages or using italics instead of underlining. Copyediting is the more traditional term for making changes to the content of a manuscript before it goes to press, while typesetting refers to the layout of the final article, including any figures and formatting required.



Publications are made available online through web hosting services or archives. For example, publishers like Bentham Science may host the PDF of an article on their website or in a journal-specific archive.

Peer Review Management

Managing peer reviews and ensuring that timely checks are obtained from experts in the field is another increasingly common function of science publishers such as Bentham Open. This may entail using a web-based manuscript submission system to track when an article is submitted, assigned to an editor or reviewer, and returned to authors for revision. Some publishers offer various options for managing peer review, including expedited review based on certain criteria.


Science publishers offer a variety of options for both print and online publication. Some are traditional, while others are more recent developments to meet the changing needs of scholars. For example, some publishers now offer free or premium options, which may entail additional features such as open access (free) or color figures (premium).

Marketing, Advertising, Distribution

While some publishers are not involved in marketing or advertising their products, others require that authors purchase reprints or advertise their articles on the publisher’s website. Some are also increasing the number of journals they publish (i.e., title proliferation) and charge different prices depending on the journal’s prestige.

Marketing, Advertising, Distribution

Other Services

Science publishers offer additional services, such as Open Access publishing and manuscript preparation. Open Access publishing allows authors to freely submit and publish their manuscripts without paying page or color charges. This can alleviate financial barriers that hinder scientists from sharing their work.

Manuscript preparation refers to the typesetting, copyediting, and formatting of a manuscript for submission. Some publishers provide this service as part of their peer review management system, while others offer a separate submission system for authors to prepare their manuscripts before submitting them.

Science publishers offer authors many services, including typesetting, hosting/archiving, peer review management, publishing, marketing, advertising, and distribution. Open Access publishing is another option that allows authors to submit articles freely. Additionally, some publishers provide manuscript preparation for authors.

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