What Is the Ontario G1 Test and How to Take It?

The G1 Test license is a pre-employment test that applicants must pass in order to work as a driver in Ontario. Before taking the G1 Test, you need to know what it’s like and how to prepare for the exam. Learn what the Ontario G1 Test license is, how to take it, and what are its potential benefits.

The G1 test is Ontario’s provincial MTO- approved driver examination; it’s the first exam you will take to become a licensed driver. It tests your understanding of Ontario traffic laws, signs, and the rules of the road. The G1 Ontario test is mandatory to get the license. It is the first of three examinations you must pass to complete the progressive licensing process.

The G1 test is a Driving Test that allows driving instructors to assess a driver’s ability to control and navigate an automobile. The test is administered by the Government of Canada and is a part of the Ontario driver’s license. To apply for a G1 license, you must be at least 16 years old and pass a vision and written exam on traffic laws and signs.

What Is the Ontario G1 Test and How to Take It?

Candidates can take the G1 test at any DriveTest Center in their local area. They don’t need to make an appointment, but they should come early and provide enough time to complete the test. Candidates must present their identification, including their complete name and date of birth when applying for the G1 driver’s license.

They will also need to provide supporting documentation regarding their identities, such as proof of citizenship or permanent residency. Original and valid documents are required. Photocopies of papers that have exceeded their expiration date are not accepted.

When you apply, you must pay a fee of $159.75. The fee of the knowledge exam, your first road test, and a five-year license fee are all included in one charge.

On the G1 exam, there are 40 multiple choice questions in two sections. The first section of the G1 test covers basic knowledge of Ontario’s traffic laws, signs and road rules. The second part tests your ability to read and understand highway traffic signs while driving at various speeds in different types of weather on Ontario highways. The average time to finish the test is 20 to 30 minutes.

To pass the exam that is issued by the Ministry of Transportation applicants must have a total score of at least 80%. Individuals may repeat the G1 knowledge exam if they fail it the first time. The cost of retaking the G1 license is $16.00. Furthermore, depending on appointment availability, the period between each attempt maybe longer.

The result of the Ontario G1 Test is valid for 12 months. If you wish to renew your vehicle registration, you will have to take the G1 test again.

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To prepare for the G1 test, you must first read and comprehend the Driver’s Handbook. This handbook is designed to give you a general idea of the G1 test questions and how a driver’s education program can help. You will also find driving rules in the car, along with the consequences of breaking them. 

The next step is to prepare your study materials. These can include a study guide for the Highway Code or a review book with practice questions. You will also need to study for written and driving tests the day before your exam to make sure you are familiar with all aspects of them. Furthermore, as you get more prepared for the exam, you will be more able to pass on your first try.

You may drive with a G1 license as long as you are accompanied by a fully licensed driver in the passenger seat. Suppose a G1 driver holds a valid instruction permit issued by a Canadian province or territory and takes lessons from an instructor. In that case, that person may drive alone in Ontario.

These restrictions are no longer applicable if the G1 driver has held their license for over two years. Obtaining a G1 license may be a great milestone in the life of a young adult or first-time driver.

Although you won’t be able to drive away with your new G1 license, the knowledge you gain from taking the test will help you become a more responsible driver. And in many cases, it will also help you gain employment.