Understanding business theories and models and how to apply them to real-world issues is emphasised in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration online degree program.

  • An examination of the issues and possibilities facing a business.
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship are critical business roles.
  • Decision-making and theory implementation in the corporate world.

Students prepare for a future in business by making connections between business principles and the broader global society. Preparation in business administration or other similar subjects is given to students. At the beginning of their studies, each student will be assigned a personal Program Advisor who will stay in touch with them until they graduate. A student’s particular Program Advisor serves as a sounding board for all of his or her academic endeavours. An advisor is available to answer any concerns a student may have about academics, course choices and how to succeed throughout their studies.

For those who want a comprehensive understanding of business from a financial, economic, marketing, and managerial standpoint, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration is the best option. Our University offers all degrees 100% online, students will be able to apply a number of broad business concepts to real-world situations, as well as use analytical, technical, and critical thinking abilities in order to come up with ethical solutions to challenges.

Bachelor of Science with a major in Business Administration

An undergraduate degree in business administration teaches students how to be effective managers. Students in this class will learn how to operate a computer and many business-related software programs. Graduates of this degree will be well-suited for roles in business management, including those of assistant manager, manager, or supervisor.

Business Administration Degree Objectives

The Corporation Administration concentration in a Bachelor of Science degree gives students a solid grounding in the fundamentals of running a business. Students in this program will work with computers and software program that are more often seen in corporate settings. Graduates of this degree will be well-suited for roles in business management, including those of manager, assistant manager, or supervisor.

Grading Policies and Practices

To ensure that students get their marks on time and in accordance with set criteria, the University ensures that grades are calculated accurately, fairly, and consistently.

Students may verify their marks on their unofficial academic record in the Student Portal at the end of each term. Students’ academic records, including their course choices, grades, and credits earned toward a degree must always be up to date in the unofficial academic record. Students who have questions about their grades, want to discuss their assessments, or are contemplating seeking a grade modification are urged to contact their Course Instructors. Everglades University students who have additional concerns about suspected unfair or incorrect grading and who cannot resolve the issue with their Course Instructor may seek a Grade Appeal form their personal Program Advisor.

Degree Outline

In order to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, students must complete the123 credits. This course will take you 41 months to complete. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) has accredited Everglades University to grant bachelor’s and master’s degrees. An entirely online alternative is available. Adults might benefit from a more flexible study schedule. Learning in Person at a Number of Campuses. Five campuses are available: Boca Raton, Orlando, Miami, Sarasota, and Tampa.


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