When your son becomes of age to attend school, you have several options. Many parents choose to send their boys to coed schools, while others opt for an all-boys private school. Having your son attend an all-boys school has many advantages. If you’re considering sending your son to an all-male school, here are four advantageous factors to consider.

Tailored for Boys’ Learning Style


In an article presented by the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, research shows that boys learn differently than girls due to brain development. With this in mind, educators at an all-boys school can tailor the curriculum to boys’ learning styles. Young males tend to excel in classes with visual, spatial, and hands-on learning techniques. Instructors at an all-boys school use these types of techniques to help male students grasp concepts and learn at their own pace.

Gives Them Time to Recharge Their Brain

The chemical makeup of a boy’s brain requires them to rest and recharge more often than girls. In a traditional school setting, boys often lose focus and may drift to sleep during a class. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are bored, they actually need rest. When you send your son to an all-boys private school, the teachers incorporate rest time between classes to allow your young man to recharge their brain so they can focus on the next class.

Offers a Wide Range of Non-traditional Subjects

In a coed school, boys may shy away from taking classes such as art, music, or dance for fear of being stereotyped. In an all-boys private school, all students can equally participate in these nontraditional subjects without feeling like they aren’t masculine enough because all participants are male.

Young males who are exposed to extracurricular activities, including arts and athletic interests, along with academics, get a balanced education. When boys participate in after-school clubs and programs such as cooking, foreign language, multimedia, and public speaking, they come away with a deeper cultural, political, and artistic understanding of the world.

Helps Create Long-Term Friendships

Young men who attend an all-boys private school often feel a stronger sense of camaraderie with their peers. There is less jealousy and competition as the boys work together to complete tasks and partake in various avenues of interest. All-boys schools teach core values that help create a sense of community.

Boys who go to male-only private schools tend to support each other through collaboration and discussion around a variety of topics and interests, helping create a strong and lasting bond. Many of these boys will go to higher learning facilities together and continue their support for each other. These friendships often continue into career choices and adulthood.

Boys who attend an all-male school with classes and courses geared toward their learning needs perform better on tests and are excited to move on to higher schools and academics. Incorporating science, math, arts, sports, and time to rest within the curriculum gives your son a well-rounded and balanced education while allowing them to learn and grow at their own pace.


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