5 Incredible Destinations to Charter Yachts and Catamarans

It seems like part of a superstar lifestyle, but many people are getting on board with yacht holidays. The events of the past few years have made people change their holiday styles, and luxury yacht charter is booming.

The good news is that it’s not out of reach for many either. With companies like www.borrowaboat.com offering yachts and catamarans, it’s become accessible to more.

So when you’ve picked a group of your nearest and dearest, you just need to choose a destination. We’re looking at five of the most amazing places where you can charter a yacht or catamaran.

Read on for dream holiday inspiration.

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Cities steeped in history, gorgeous seaside towns and dramatic countryside scenery – Croatia has it all. It’s growing in popularity and the Adriatic Sea is perfect for sailing your catamaran.

As most of Croatia runs alongside the ocean, exploring by yacht or catamaran lets you see:

  • Lush inlets
  • Rustic islands
  • Hidden coves that you can have to yourself
  • Caves
  • Towering cliffs
  • Pretty bays for swimming in calm, clear waters

The yacht and catamaran season usually begins in May and continues until October. You are guaranteed sunshine throughout the summer, so plenty of sunbathing on deck.

Dubrovnik and Split are two of the most popular coastal cities in Croatia. Game of Thrones fans will spot filming locations in the former, the walled city is a dramatic sight.

Split is a wonderful city where many choose to fly to begin their catamaran charter. Tiny stone bistros are tucked away on side streets, but inside the smell of cooked seafood is enticing.

It’s also a great base to sail to the islands of Korčula, Hvar and Brac, which are all special.


Head further south on the Mediterranean to glorious Greece. It has always been a popular destination for yacht charter due to its amazing islands.

Greece is full of ancient archeological wonders so it’s a great place for history buffs. Alternatively, you can simply sail through turquoise waters, dropping anchor at tiny fishing villages for great food and ouzo.

Paros in the Cyclades islands is a beautiful destination, with fantastic beaches. There is also a fascinating blend of modern and traditional architecture.

Antiparos is another place worth a visit, with its stunning stalagmite caves. You may spot a Hollywood star lounging on the sand, as it’s a little off the normal sailing routes.

If you fancy stretching your legs off the boat, Antiparos has some great hiking trails. The views are spectacular, but you’ll also come across ancient Greek artefacts!

Other popular spots to see on your Greek catamaran holiday include:

  • The Temple of Poseidon in Sounio
  • Hydra, with its remarkable clocktower
  • Epidaurus, particularly the theatre

The British Virgin Islands

Located in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands offer plenty to enjoy on a catamaran holiday. Four large islands and over 50 smaller cays make up the country, across unspoiled beaches and lush green peaks.

If you’re a fan of easy sailing and sheltered passages, the conditions here are perfect. Snorkeling and diving are very popular here, as there are a number of shipwrecks.

Tortola is the largest island, where you’ll see many other catamarans and yachts. 

The Virgin Gorda Baths is a protected area with huge boulders and pools for swimming in. The island is rich in biodiversity and home to the world’s smallest lizard, soldier crabs and tree frogs.

White Bay on Jost Van Dyke is one of the most amazing beaches you’ll see in your life. Steep forested hills run down to gleaming white sands and great restaurants sit near the ocean.

The best way to get a real feel for this country is by yacht, you will miss out otherwise.

Galápagos Islands

Famous for its incredibly diverse wildlife, the Galápagos Islands are best seen by boat. Although itineraries are carefully vetted, there are nearly 60 islands to explore, which vary in size.

This is one of the most remote places on earth, and it’s certainly one of the most beautiful. It has attracted ecologists, marine scientists and biologists for years, coming to study its complex ecosystem.

Charles Darwin first arrived here in 1835, and his theory of evolution comes from his work here.

Recommendations include snorkelling in Floreana and spotting sea lions and iguanas in Fernandina. Near Wolf and Darwin Islands you will see killer whale pods, whale sharks and schools of hammerhead sharks.

On Isabela you can see five active volcanoes or sail in some blue lagoons. Giant tortoises also live on the island, thriving on the mineral-rich soil.

French Riviera

A hugely popular summer destination, the French Riviera attracts a well-heeled crowd every year. Avoid jostling for hotel space by having your own floating accommodation on the water.

Sail by the Esterel Mountains, red rock cliffs that rise from the stunning blue sea. Make your way to the Lérins Islands off the coast of Cannes to dine on fresh seafood on the sands.

Whales and dolphins are regularly spotted so you’ll have a great perspective from your yacht or catamaran. For those looking to party, there are some great beach clubs to dance the night away.

Choose Your Yacht or Catamaran

A catamaran or yacht holiday is absolutely unforgettable. It’s a new way to see a destination, and lets you access places that are unreachable by road or train.

You can share your space with those you love and not have to deal with holiday crowds. Spend days basking in the sun on deck as you sail through deep blue waters.

There’s such a great feeling about watching the sunset from your yacht, drink in hand. With yacht charter made easy from companies like Borrowaboat, there’s never been a better time to sail.

There’s plenty of choice too, from motor cruisers to catamarans and small yachts to super. Whether you want a skippered charter to rely on expert knowledge or to use your own skills, there’s an option.

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