Top 5 Hidden Gems in the USA to Visit in 2023

There are many beautiful places to visit in the USA, we won’t argue with that. From the wondrous Grand Canyon to the iconic Big Apple, you have a lot of places to put on your bucket list. But, while we wouldn’t call those places tourists traps, we sure would like to recommend some less-known hidden gems in the USA to visit in 2023. 

These places are for those who’ve already visited all the big names and are ready to discover something new. And those travelers who only look for unique places in this world. If you belong to one of these groups, keep reading to see what’s on our list.  

Leavenworth, Washington

If you like pretzels, beer, schnitzel, more precisely Bavarian food, and culture and architecture you don’t have to leave the States to experience it. You can visit Leavenworth in Washington. 

This is a small mountain town located in the Washington Cascades. Here in autumn, you can enjoy beer festivals, much like the Oktoberfest in Munich. Additionally, Christmas here is a little winter wonderland. And during spring and summer, this place is ideal for all types of hikers, climbers, golfers, bikers, fishermen, etc.  

Fly Geyser, Nevada

We absolutely won’t judge you if you plan to spend a couple of days in Vegas. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy some of that luxury, try their luck, and maybe even get hitched? Especially because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We would maybe just urge you to brush up on gambling terms. To avoid bigger losses. 

But if you want to see the other side of Nevada, you should pay a visit to a wonder called Fly Geyser. This geyser is special because it was man-made. A mistake in drilling in 1961 caused its creation. 

We hear you say it’s still just a geyser. Well, what if we tell you that the water is coming out of it in different colors? The colors are there because of the minerals. Add to the mix the unusual shape of the geyser and you have a fairytale-looking place. Not to mention it looks amazing on the Instagram feed. 

Kodiak Island, Alaska

Another paradise for nature lovers is Kodiak Island in Alaska. It’s nicknamed the Emerald Isle for its beauty. It’s the place where you can learn more about Kodiak Bear and the King Crab. And speaking of Crab, Kodiak is an absolute must-visit for sea-food enthusiasts. 

Not to forget the cultural side of this place, this is where you’ll learn a lot about the Native American culture. And, since Alaska once was a part of Russia, you’ll find some orthodox churches and Russian monuments here too. 

Supai, Arizona

No doubt, much like Nevada, Arizona has amazing things to offer to tourists. But for those who want to go off the beaten track, its hidden gem offer is equally, if not even more, exquisite. Because in Arizona, you can visit a place so secluded, it’s the only location in the States where the post is still delivered with mules. 

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We are talking about Supai. It’s a natural wonder and the smallest native tribe in the USA, the Havasupai, gets to call it their home. This is the place where you can go back in time all the while enjoying the amazing nature. Getting there it’s a bit difficult, though. You have to use a horse, or mule, walk or take a helicopter ride. But it’s all part of the experience and authenticity. 

Fort Jefferson, Florida

Last but not the least, we suggest a place ideal if you want to have a quiet vacation in the warm climate of Florida. But you also want to experience some unusual architecture and learn more about American history. 

Fort Jefferson is an island in Florida that offers all of the above. It’s a place built with 16 million bricks. This makes it one of the largest fortresses ever built. It was used to protect the cost States from enemies. And it used to be a prison where most of the inmates had a very tragic fate.

It’s not so popular, which means you’ll enjoy some peace at the beach. While also indulging in the great nature of Dry Tortugas National Park. 

Wrapping it up 

We hope we woke up your imagination and gave you some ideas about where to go in the States if you want to see something unique. Some of these places are also great if you live in the state where they are located and you need inspiration on what else to see around you.