Cost Effective Tumblers To Use For Marketing

At the expense of sounding like every other “try this magic advertising idea for your company!”  person out there, using custom promotional products is an effective way to breathe some life into a marketing campaign.

Tumblers, especially, make for an ideal promotional item. Tumblers are fantastic. People love them. They’re eco-friendly. They’re reusable. They’re inexpensive to buy in bulk amounts.

And they offer a pretty high return on investment. Getting started with them can seem challenging though. Most importantly, you must add your logo, contact info, and marketing message to get the most value from them.

Beyond that, it’s just a matter of knowing what type of tumblers your customers will like most. Today, we’ll go over a few different kinds of tumblers to use for your next promotion.

Vacuum Insulated

A marvel of modern technology, vacuum sealed/insulated cups are ideal options for tumblers. Most tumblers are double-walled.

That means there are two walls between the outside of the tumbler and the liquid. It’s not great for hot drinks unless you have vacuum insulation.

When you add a layer of vacuum insulation between the walls, tumblers become containers that are able to keep hot beverages not and cold beverages cold.

Insulated tumblers use convection to keep drinks hot, but they aren’t as versatile as vacuum insulation. Tumblers featuring this type of tech can be valuable for marketing because they’re useful, inexpensive, and give customers something great by which to remember a brand.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a popular and pragmatic choice for drinking vessels. Not only is the phrase “stainless steel” fun to say (who doesn’t love alliteration?), but they’re also durable, easy to clean, and can take a lot of punishment before they need to be retired.

Created by combining iron ore and other metals to create super strong steel, stainless steel has grown in popularity recently. Stainless steel tumblers are one of the best promotional items around.

They can come in different designs, with spill-proof lids, and with other features like built-in straws. There’s plenty to love about stainless steel cups in general, and when they’re used for tumblers they become a great item that customers will love.

Travel Mugs

Whether you’re working, playing, or taking a trip, a travel mug is a necessity for drinking your favorite beverages on the go. Custom tumblers for traveling offer a mutually beneficial arrangement for consumers and businesses.

Whenever someone takes a sip from their travel mug, they’ll see your logo and remember your business. Because of their incredible usefulness, people will keep them for a long time and pass them along when they’re done using them. That keeps your message going strong long after the initial interaction with the customer. 

Plastic Tumblers

Plastic tumblers are a fun marketing item to offer to customers. There are some definite pros and cons of using plastic. Plastic is pretty inexpensive, so buying (and customizing) plenty of plastic tumblers won’t hurt your budget much.

They’re also somewhat durable. On the other hand, plastic can take on the flavors of other beverages. For instance, if you drink strong coffee, your cup might take on its flavor.

When you later decide to drink some water in the same cup, you might end up tasting some of that old coffee. For marketing purposes, plastic does offer a low cost with a great return.

It’s also easy to customize and sell at a lower price point. Just be sure the plastic tumblers you chose are BPA-free. BPA is a dangerous compound found in some plastics that should be avoided at all costs.

Gift Sets

<strong>5 Cost Effective Tumblers To Use For Marketing This Year</strong>

Sometimes, all it takes is a magnificent gift set to make a positive mark on your customers. Different tumblers can be combined as part of a gift set to sell (or give away) to your clients.

Give customers the option of a gift set filled with tumblers that come in different sizes. Pair a 12 oz tumbler with a 16 and 24 oz one to give the sets a higher value.

Offer more elegant tumblers (like stainless steel ones) and include some delicious coffee or herbal teas as part of the gift set.

You can get creative with gift set ideas, place your logo on your tumblers, and use them for any promotion you can imagine.

With dedication, meticulous design, and a little bit of luck, you can use tumblers for marketing and build amazing relationships with your customers for a long time to come.