The Significance of 33 Angel Number

The Significance of 33 Angel Number

People have believed in numbers and their secrets for a long time. Numbers can tell you a lot not only about your life but also about the future. There are many people who believe that numbers and their hidden meaning play an important role in their life. This guide will help you in understanding the significance of the 33 angel number.

Many believe that angels use numbers to send messages. Understanding the meaning of certain numbers will help you understand what the angels are saying. Angel figures can appear anywhere. They can be seen on license plates, in clocks, and in other areas of our everyday lives.

This angel number 33 is considered very powerful. Just like we discussed angel numbers 637, 77, 7777, 555, 818, 848, 1616; we will discuss angel number 33 here in detail.

Angel number 33 is a master number which has deep spiritual meaning and those who believe in spiritual development must follow proper guidelines for this angel number.

Meaning of 33 angel number

You have to remember one thing that the number 33 is a sign from an angel, showing that you are aligned with your divine source of creation. It means you can manifest any desire you have.

If your angels send you a message that contains several high vibrations, like angel number 33 from the angels, it is a reminder to connect with Divine Source or the Ascended Masters.

This master number is just like a master teacher that tells you about spiritual development and shows you the path towards spiritual development. Guardian angels are our master teachers and for them this numbers are the best way to show us the right direction.

Meaning of 33 angel number

The ability to affect people’s lives and events is given to them by the repetition of numbers in a sequence. Your angels sending you messages containing Master Numbers such as 33 is a sign of your creative breakthrough. It indicates greater good every time you see it.

The double three is a sign of extraordinary thinking and genius.

developed imagination;
positive attitude;
self expression;
inability to forgive;
excessive demands.
Angel Number 33 Meaning

Magical properties of angel number 33

In many sacred customs, the number 33 is used. It has many mystical properties and this magical properties are letting you know the power of this number. This number can tell you the future months ago. All you have to do is: consider it seriously.

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  • Jesus Christ was 33 years old when he was crucified.
  • In esotericism, 33 means the number of tests that must be passed for enlightenment.
  • At this age, the individual reaches the peak of spiritual self-improvement and moral development. After that, he begins to transfer his knowledge and skills to others.
  • The Supreme Council of Freemasons consists of holders of the 33rd degree.
  • The 33rd Tarot card is the key, it identifies the ability to comprehend the truth.

The appearance of the number 33

Do not relax and lose vigilance. It is necessary to collect all your will and continue to move in the chosen direction. All hard work and efforts will be rewarded.

By chance

Take a break and pay attention to your loved ones. Perhaps you are too carried away by work or other events in your life and have ceased to notice those who are close to you.


Focusing on past mistakes and losses hinders progress and progress. Thoughts about the past do not allow you to break out of the vicious circle and make you wander senselessly through it. Leave the past behind and start living in the present.

Reasons to see repeatedly 33 angel numbers:

Let’s look at possible reasons why you are seeing angel 33.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual enlightenment is the main reason angel number 33 appears. It’s akin to master number 22. If you see number 33 in your angels, you are likely awakening spiritual enlightenment. Your guardian angels have informed you that you will be meeting a master instructor soon. The wisdom and knowledge you will receive from this teacher can make a significant difference in your daily life.

Develop communication abilities

If you keep seeing the number 33, it’s a sign from the universe that you need to work on your communication abilities.

Listen with your ears and hearts out. Be clear and present with the person you are talking with. It will assist you in developing genuine connections that allow for transparency, development, and learning. Relationships that are meaningful to you will give you the confidence and courage to try new things and take risks.

Concentrate on Your Main Priorities

Is it simple for you to defend yourself when someone tries to push you around? If you take on too much and try to satisfy everyone all of the time, seeing number 33 is a warning that you need to calm down. Your angels are telling you to concentrate exclusively on the things that are most important to you.

Be yourself and don’t waste time trying to impress others. Allowing others to walk all over you like a doormat is a form of self-disrespect.

Anything is Possible

Number 33 is a sign that angels remind us that we can do anything if our belief in ourselves is vital. They are possible, regardless of how big your dreams or goals may be. You are capable of achieving your objectives. Believe in the power of positive thinking, even when it seems impossible. You will attract positive things in your life.

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Be imaginative and creative

Number 33 indicates that you will receive a boost from your guide angels in imagination and creativity. Your ideas and creativity are distinctive and innovative. You only need to open your mind, accept what the angels have given you in the form of symbols and signs.


the 33 angel number is a sign that your guided angels are telling you of innumerable opportunities. When you learn from your errors and forgive yourself, positive energy will flow. Angel number 33 is a reminder of the Universe’s support and encouragement, helping you improve your professional and personal lives.

Assist Humanity

Master Number 33 is linked to unselfish service or a cause. It’s an indication that you’re a lightworker with the ability to spread light. This number shows your willingness to assist others. You’re like a spiritual counselor who can help people feel better. Don’t Limit Yourself

Angel number 33 signifies that you need to take risks. If you feel unsure about completing an enormous task or project, this number may signal that it is time to move on.

Spiritual Meaning of 33

The beginning of a period for spiritual growth is often marked by repeated revelations of the number 33 among spiritual practitioners and students. The angels have a message for you if you have seen 33 in unusual situations.

To put it another way, they will assist you in all three areas of your life: professionally, spiritually, and personally. For creators, the number 33 could be a signal for them to reach their creative potential and pursue their creative dreams.


33 contributes to the splashing out of a powerful flow of energy, with which its owner often cannot cope. However, in this case, by adding the components, it is possible to neutralize the dominant number 33, reduce it to the usual six, and already under its auspices continue your life path.


The number 33 is mentioned in many religious practices. There are many interesting beliefs associated with it.


According to the Christian Church, 33 years is the age of spiritual maturity of a person, the achievement of harmony and perfection, the full formation of personality and the disclosure of potential. In the future, there is only the accumulation of life experience and the honing of acquired skills.

Christian culture puts in the number 33 the meaning of spiritual rebirth and the creation of a kingdom of love and forgiveness with more lofty ideals. That is why Orthodox churches do not erect more than 33 domes over churches.

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If you have ever gone through the book of revelation, you definitely know what 33 means in case of Christianity. Angel number 33 is a sacred masonry number that has some deep meaning. When Jesus died, he was 33 years old and that’s why 33 is a spiritual illumination of heavenly mercy, positive vibes, broad minded thinking and so on.

The proclamations of three angels are also noted in this book. And for this reason as well, 33 is

The number 33 is mentioned many times in the Bible. The most prominent examples:

  • Jacob had 33 children;
  • The temple of King Solomon stood for 33 years;
  • King David ruled the united kingdom of Israel and Judah for 33 years;
  • Christ was 33 years old at the time of the crucifixion.

Angel number 33 and the Holy Trinity

The dogma of the Holy Trinity is the foundation of the Christian religion.

The doctrine of the Triune God comes down to three propositions:
1) God is trinity and the trinity consists in the fact that there are three Persons (hypostases) in God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

2) Each Person of the Most Holy Trinity is God, but They are not three Gods, but the essence of a single Divine Being.

3) All three Persons differ in personal or hypostatic properties.

And, believers believe that angel number 33 is a sign of Holy Trinity.


33 is the root number of the Hindu Pantheon, where it represents the 33 billion qualities of the Absolute.

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33 celestial beings serving the One God were described in the ancient Veda “Rig Veda”, according to various sources, their total number was 33 or 33 types.

You can easily understand how deeply 33 is related to Hinduism by just observing the number of Gods. If you are a follower of Hinduism, hen it is the right time for you to check out the power of angel number 33.


There were 33 gatherings of devas (gods) in Trayastrimsha, the highest world, filled with palaces and gardens and located on the peak of Mount Sumeru. Often they descended to earth to meet the Buddha, but sometimes the Buddha himself ascended to them.

Biblical Meaning of 33

Biblically, number 33 corresponds to God’s promises in Scripture. God promises Noah or a covenant not to destroy the world by floods again on 33; the Bible mentions Noah. The 33 rd time that the name Abraham appeared in the Bible was when Isaac was born. God had promised Isaac a son at his ninety-nine-year-old age. 33 is 11 multiplied by 3. It represents God’s wrath on the ungodly, as described in Revelation.

33 times in Genesis is the mention of Elohim. That refers to God. The 33rd time Jacob’s name appears in the Bible was when Jacob made a promise to God that he would give 10% of all his possessions to God following a vision of a ladder leading up to heaven. Jesus died at thirty-three on the cross.

Number 33 and Mythology


  • The ancient Slavic gods Svarog, Perun and Ramhat gave their descendants 33 Wise Commandments each;
  • At the age of 33, every elected White person stepped on the path of Self-improvement and the fulfillment of God’s Lesson;
  • Every thirtieth and third days of the month were sacred.
  • In addition, the number 33 occupies a special position in Russian traditional culture and is fatal in fairy tales, symbolizing not only power, but also indicating the confrontation between Good and Evil:
  • Ilya Muromets lay on the stove for 33 years before starting his exploits in the name of the Russian people;
  • It took the old man 33 years in “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish” to catch a goldfish, and exactly after the same number of years the old woman became greedy and insatiable, completely changing towards Evil;
  • 33 heroes came out of the sea in “The Tale of Tsar Saltan”, representing power and indestructible strength.

Ancient Greek

In the ancient Greek mysteries, there were 33 degrees of trials that a person had to overcome on the way to spiritual insight, comprehension of higher knowledge and renewal.

What does 33 symbolize?

The number 33 is a master number that suggests prosperity. The master numbers have vibrations that represent the ability to achieve more than you ever were before and to have enough for others. This number is revered by religions, spiritual workers, and others as a number they can learn from.

33 angel number and love

You must pay attention when angels send messages to you through angel number 33. They can help in difficult situations in your relationship with your partner. They want you in a loving relationship with the best people.

If you continue to see 33, this means you need your energy directed towards things that nurture your body, mind, soul. You must end a relationship that solely causes you stress and anxiety, or physical discomfort. It will only lift you and bring you to your knees.

Angel number 33 as in love relationships wants you to know that it’s unnecessary to stay in this predicament any longer. You can get on with your life without getting to the bottom. Avoid dwelling on the past and focus instead on what lies ahead.

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It is impossible to change the past but it is possible to make improvements for the present and the future. Place your focus on things that bring happiness. Do not feel sorry for yourself, as this will manifest in your daily life.

Angel number 33 brings good things in the life of the two people who are in love and affection. It is also important to say that for people with angel number 33, family comes first. People under the influence of number 33 are family oriented and they are also great parents.

33 angel number and twin flame relationship

33 angel numbers twin flames indicate the manifestation and unconditional love of the purest, most sincere, and most genuine signal kind. The number 33 is a Master Number, which symbolizes that the Ascended Masters will guide both you and your twin flame spiritually.

Both of you will experience spiritual growth that will benefit both you as individuals and as a couple. The number 33 angel signifies a high frequency. It is expressed via mutual understanding. This moment allows you to reach your desired spiritual evolution and internal growth.

7 Signs You’re in a Twin Flame Relationship

  • There is a deep emotional connection between the two of you.
  • Everything is good when you are together.
  • There is an immediate connection.
  • You are constantly attracted to each other.
  • You start to learn more about yourself.
  • Your life paths fit perfectly together.
  • Unconditional love is discovered.

And if you are seeing 33, 333 or 1333 frequently, then rest assured that you are going to face a very lovely twin flame relationship very soon.

33 angel number and twin flame reunion

Angel Numbers 33 and 22, in particular, are associated with twin flame relationships. They frequently come in dreams as someone is ready to wake up due to their incredibly high vibrations. 33 angel numbers signify the twin flame reunion. That means the person has entered their space and is now closer to them than anyone can imagine.

Be cautious when Angel Number 33 appears. The Twin would feel the anger and resentment in magnified proportions because there is not enough distance between them.

Angel Number 33 can also be a union with forces that have always taken care of and protected the person. They may also be supporting the individual daily, extending the protection, or working alongside.

The person who saw Angel Number 33 may regularly be in touch with their higher self and possibly end karmic cycles through their efforts. The person may have let go of unnecessary burdens and heaviness from the past to allow the Supreme Soul to enter their space.

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Guardian angels express some deeper meaning via this number and mostly it is associated with either twin flame relationship or spiritual development.

The number 33 and the character of a person

The number 33 is related to twin flames firmly. If you see the number in the middle of the night, pay close attention to it. Little things often express higher purpose.

The magic number 33 most often rewards a person with only positive qualities, but there are very difficult cases when two triples fail to realize their strengths, and only their negative characteristics appear to the world. Also, do not forget about the influence of the six, which can also have a negative impact on a person.

The number 33 endows people with an extraordinary lively mind, rich imagination and creative thinking. They have an innate sense of beauty and exquisite taste, constantly strive for spiritual development and have a penchant for philosophy. Such individuals wisely distribute their energy and time, never pass by the needy and occupy an important place in society.

Positive TraitsNegative Traits
education of the spirit;
developed mind and logic;
diverse interests;
excellent sense of humor;
extraordinary thinking;
leadership skills;
the ability to love;
unusual outlook.
disregard for spiritual rules;
renunciation of one’s destiny;
submission to passions;
alertness to any manifestations of love;
impatience with restrictions;
choosing an easy life path, without moral principles.
The number 33 and the character of a person

Tips for people with the number 33

Control your gift and develop it. If it is always in your hands, everything in life will turn out well. Do not forget that genius can easily be transformed into arrogance. 33 is a message

Be sensitive and considerate with loved ones. Do not be afraid to show your care – it is in it that your main strength lies. Your path is love and positive energy.

Nurture your spirit, learn to serve. Having mastered all the lessons, you will be able to move to the highest level of spiritual development. Angels are sending you a message that they are with you and working hard will definitely pay off.

Thanks to the number 33, your strength and ability to sacrifice, you can succeed in charity and philanthropy. Any significant public project where you can give your love and joy to people is suitable for this.

If you keep seeing the number regularly, then try to know if it is your angel number. And, if so, then trust your instincts while preparing for the purpose in life. First thing, 33 means for an individual is angels want you to move forward.

Number 33 and profession

The number 33 endows people with great capacity for work, a sense of responsibility, artistry and explosive imagination. They can do anything, the main thing is that their potential is realized.

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Therefore, you should not sit in a hateful workplace if there is even the slightest doubt that it is yours. A good choice for such individuals would be the following professions:

  • Writer;
  • Painter;
  • Sculptor;
  • Architect;
  • Artist;
  • Musician;
  • Designer;
  • fashion designer;
  • Developer of computer applications and games;
  • Psychologist.

It is extremely rare that they will be able to reach career heights in the fields of politics and diplomacy.

FAQ on 33 angel number

What does the number 33 symbolize?

Number 33, also known as Master Number, resonates in the energy of compassion, blessings. Number 33 reminds us that you can achieve all things. 33 is also the number of guidance.

What does angel 33 symbolize spiritually?

33 is a sign the Ascended Master and holy deities are watching over you. It is a sign to call upon Ascended Masters and ask them to intervene. The number 33 spiritually signifies the union of your mind and body.

What does the number 3 mean in the Bible?

The Bible relates the number 33 to specific promises made by God. The 33rd. Noah’s name was never mentioned in Scripture, but God promised Noah that He would protect the world from floods. Also, thirty-three represents the numeric equivalent of Amen found in the Bible.

What does angel 33 stands for in love?

Multiple meanings of the number 33 could apply to your relationship. You are your best guide as to what 33 in love means for you. Your angels could guide you towards divine love by showing the number 33. Angel number 33 is a blessing for those looking to find a partner.

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What does angel 33 mean in twin Flame?

The angels’ message to you is that number 33, twin flame, means you are ready for ascension. The 33 angel number resonates with the energy growth and expansion. Seeing the 33 angel number is an indication that you care about a spiritual lift.

What is the meaning of Number 33 in the Tarot?

In Tarot, the number 33 corresponds to the “Key” card, which means the ability to comprehend the truth, chances and karmic opportunities. With its help, a way out is found and problems are solved. It is a map of movement and dynamics, subordinate to its neighbors. Next to positive cards, she portends opening horizons, events leading to success, overcoming obstacles and the disappearance of doubts; with negative ones – problems provoked by frivolity and tongue-tiedness.

What is the meaning of the number 33 if it is an apartment / house number?

The numbers of apartments and houses are rarely single-digit, so all the numbers contained in the number are summed up and considered as a simple resulting number. Number 33 corresponds to six (3+3=6).

Residents of house 6 are characterized by a calm, stable and prosperous life, they gradually accumulate the resources necessary to satisfy their personal needs, both material and spiritual.

Their relationship is distinguished by warmth and sincerity. Divorces and separations almost never happen. The circle of friends of such people is extremely narrow, but stable.

In the house, in addition to beautiful things, there are plenty of books, musical instruments, figurines. Change here is rare and outlandish.


33 is considered a high vibration number. It is a sign that Ascended Masters, holy gods, and angels surround you to help, support, and guide the manifestations of your desires. Angel number 33 signifies spontaneity, just like the 1133 angel number.

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Number 33, a master figure, resonates strongly with the energies that encourage growth, creativity, spiritual guidance, and other creative abilities.The significance of the 33 angel number indicated that any goal is possible if you have the right intention.

Master builder 33 is a message of the spiritual realm that lets you know everything is possible. If you see number 33 often, this is a message to your spiritual guides telling you that you need to harness your inner power to make this world a better place.

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