3 Crows Meaning: Facts, Symbolism, Spirituality, Crow Astrology

Have you ever seen 3 crows in a dream? Leave it! Not only in dreams we often see crows in our daily life but most of the time we ignore what we see. But seeing 3 crows is very mythical because it is a sign of destiny. Three crows’ spiritual meaning is necessary to understand all of us.

Birds are a part of the spiritual realm. Similarly, crows are no exception. They are considered to be strongly involved in spiritual power.

This article remains mythical answers from every angle that defines 3 Crows meaning. Keep reading on.  You might get all the amazing perspectives about this spiritual crow bird for sure.

3 crows meaning

3 crows mean is always wished for good luck. If the question is what are 3 crows called? Then the answer is,  together a group of three crows is called a murderer. Though this thing may sound absurd, it is also an idiom in itself. It is said to refer to 3 crows representing a flock of crows.

know about 3 crows meaning
3 crows meaning

The 3 crows mean spiritual significance.  Before explaining, it is necessary to have a thorough idea about the characteristics and symbolism of crows.

Although the crow is seen as a common bird, the crow has some spiritual characteristics.  Those characteristics made it one of the symbols of divination. So whenever a crow is seen roaming around or a crow is seen sitting, the spirituality can be explained based on the numbers.

You may ask what is so special about three crows. Why we are not talking about two crows, four crows, or even more? Our reply to that is: we will discuss all of them in brief in the following sections. But as 3 is a very powerful number according to numerology; we are discussing the meaning of 3 crows with higher priority here.

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3 crows symbolize stock

In addition to the spiritual significance of 3 crows meaning, it is also involved in a so-called superstition. There are rumors that the three crows sign often provides warnings during times of strong selling pressure in the stock market. Many investors are terrified of this.

3 crows meaning
3 crows meaning

3 Dead Crows Meaning

Three dead crows are a sign warning that something bad will happen.

According to an old English saying, “Three crows a warning, four a sorrow.” Although there is no evidence to support this superstition, many still believe it.

Some believe that the three dead crows represent bad luck or dark omens, while others think they represent a warning or a message of caution.

Whatever you believe, it’s always a good idea to remain vigilant and take precautions when you see three dead crows.

3 Crows Flying Meaning

Three crows flying together is a sign of poor luck or an omen of something unfortunate happening.

According to a statement, three crows seen together can be interpreted as a warning of death.

However, it’s also believed that the crows are actually trying to scare away evil spirits and bring good luck.

Ultimately, the meaning behind three crows flying together is open to interpretation.

So if you ever see three crows flying together, be sure to take it as a sign of good fortune!

3 Crows in a Row Meaning

It’s a common belief that if you spot three crows in a row, something bad will happen.

According to some folklore, this superstitious belief has been around for centuries.

For example, Catholics primarily see black crows as a sign of death and bad luck.

But that doesn’t mean you should worry if you see three crows in a row.

In fact, it’s considered a sign of good luck in many cultures, so count your blessings if you see a trio of crows!

3 Crows on Roof Meaning

Seeing three crows on a roof could mean a few different things!

It might be a sign of bad luck, but it could also mean someone close to you is watching over you.

Or it could mean that something interesting is happening on the roof! Either way, it’s an interesting sight!

It could also be a sign of bad luck in some cultures. But realistically, it’s three crows chilling out on a roof.

3 Crows in Garden Meaning

Three crows in the garden can represent a variety of meanings depending on the context.

Generally, they can represent death and destruction, but they can also symbolize intelligence, protection, and transformation.

In some cultures, they are seen as messengers between the physical and spiritual realms.

Based on Druid’s legend, “Three crows signify an impending shift in life, which may not be welcomed; someone is coming, either to reach out or attack.”

3 Crows on a Tree Meaning

Have you ever seen three crows perched on a tree and wondered what it meant?

Three crows on a tree can signify both good and bad.

According to superstition, the sight of three crows together is believed to warn of some misfortune or even death.

However, despite the ominous meaning, some cultures view three crows as a sign of good luck.

For example, when three crows are seen together in parts of Europe, it’s thought to bring fertility and abundance.

In Scotland, seeing three crows is considered a sign of good health and long life.

Ultimately, the meaning behind the three crows on a tree can vary depending on where you’re from and your beliefs. So, take from it what you will!

Crow as a spirit animal [spiritual meaning of 3 crows]

A spirit animal is a guardian of a person who supports him in life. People believed that all living things have a soul, including animals. They communicated with the spirits of animals – their patrons. Ancient ninjas believed that a ninja should follow the fighting skill of its spirit animal.

Crows are said to be related to the inner world. Crows can be helpful prophets in revealing information about human life and destiny.

Crow as a spirit animal [spiritual meaning of 3 crows]
Crow as a spirit animal [spiritual meaning of 3 crows]

Crow spirit animal

The crow is also known as a foretelling spirit. This bird can present overall information about human life. Including the spirit of happiness, prosperity, sorrow, failure-success, and even mental condition. Crows are incredibly capable of solving problems.

Although people often think that everything associated with crows means bad luck. That is not true in this case. Crow can be your spirit animal and you can lead a happy successful life.

Crow spirit animal
Crow spirit animal

3 crows meaning according to religious beliefs

Birds have been associated with religious beliefs and spirituality since ancient times.

Because any bird is a creature of the wind. Since the soul has a connection with the air, there is a strong belief that birds also have a connection with the spiritual realm. That is why they are used to represent energy on a spiritual level.

Well, the 3 crows meaning is all about spiritual sources. The significance of crow philosophy is based on crow sightings and numbers. Perhaps, the validity of all information can be discussed in the light of references from different eras and religions.

Ancient Greek mythology

Crows are blessed with intelligence and spiritual prophecy.  According to Greek mythology, the Raven refers to the symbol of Apollo. Greek and Roman mythology addresses Apollo as the god of truth and prophecy. In this way raven, a form of crow is one of the ample popular symbols of the God Apollo.

Ancient Hindu mythology

In the Indian subcontinent, crows are being worshipped. The popular religious textbook called Ramayana says that Lord Rama blessed the crow with the power of connection with the soul. Moreover, crows are mentioned in Hindu scriptures as the vehicle of Saturn. Saturn is also worshipped as the God of Justice.

Celtic myths

The 3 crows meaning is very important in Celtic mythology. It is said that Morrigan, the goddess of Celtic warriors, came in the form of a crow.

Moreover, when three crows come in front of you, it is assumed that Goddess Morrigan is watching you. Which is almost like a blessing.

Christian mythology

According to Christian belief, there is a difference between the raven and the crow’s spiritual meaning. According to mythology, Noah once released a crow to see if the floodwaters receded.

The crows were used mostly as a symbol of death or bad news. Magic, intellect, and foresight were supposed to be bad omen in Christian myths. Crows were also associated with fairy tales and witchcraft myths.

Crow symbolism by astrology

Crows are said to be wise creatures because they can foretell and foresee human life. Crows can give the most important insight into human life. Although the crow is a spiritual animal. The crow’s soul will be easier by exploring the topic of the 3 crows meaning indicated astrologically.

Another word for crow’s animal soul is crow totem which has somewhat a depressing meaning: Herald of Death. Legend has it that the survivors arrived just in time to be taken from the land of the dead to the land of the dead.

The crow’s spiritual meaning has changed, and now there is a closer conception of reincarnation than death. Crow totem animals are unusually rare in nature. This helps the person holding the totem to be empathetic toward other people. And specializes in intelligence and creativity.

Crow - a natural bird
Crow symbolism by astrology

Crow as a zodiac sign

According to Native American culture, each person’s zodiac sign assigns to him or her a specific birthmark. According to horoscopes, the birthmark defines the position of the Sun when a human is born.

Crow as a zodiac sign
Crow as a zodiac sign

We all believe in the zodiac more or less and are eager to know about our respective zodiac signs. This is a very common tendency in almost every person.

You may be surprised to learn that crows are mentioned in the Native American zodiac group. Like Crow (Zodiac) and Crow Moon signs are already in there in horoscopes. 3 crows meaning by native Americans indicated ravens as wise creatures that symbolize intelligence and excellence.

What does crow symbolism mean according to their numbers

Crow symbolism is used to mean a form of spiritual being. The numbers of crow meanings help to interpret dreams. Which symbolizes the crow to guide you spiritually or to bring you messages.

As per the dream, one crow meaning brings good fortune and messages on behalf of passed ancestors. Sometimes the choice of determining this symbol is based on our personality. Which reflects hints of the future at a later time.

What constitutes a spiritual being? In reality, spiritual beings indicate a clear message. Such as, crows have always been seen giving hints as messengers from the god. So it is important to consider if any message is forwarded.

Whether in reality or a dream you have seen crows, it is possible to make some close predictions. Based on how many crows you have seen. Because crows themselves are spiritual birds.

What does it mean when you see a specific number of crows?

3 crows meaning is very mythical as it’s a sign of fortune-related searches. Let’s ponder over the implications on a certain number of crows.

1 crow meaning

One crow meaning indicates a message from your passed away near ones.

We see different kinds of birds around our house, in the yard, on the playground or whenever we dream or in reality. But when we see one crow, it can usually give a double signal.

According to astrology, seeing a single crow means getting news from a dead person near you. Again, it is said that when a single crow caws continuously, it brings bad luck or gives a bad sign.

2 crows meaning

Two crows meaning indicates good fortune about to come in life.

The crow is a very mysterious bird. Since ancient times, crows have been a source of information and predictions. So whenever crows come in front of people’s eyesight it carries one or the other message.

Like seeing 2 crows meaning signals the arrival of some new good news in your life soon. Besides, seeing two crows cawing together is also thought to bring good luck or good news.

3 crows spiritual meaning

Indicates upcoming weddings in your family.

Crows are not at all handsome but ugly. In addition, the crow has very bad taste in the matter of voice. For all these reasons most people think that crows bring darkness or bad luck but that is not the point.

It has been said that 3 crows’ spiritual meaning is very lucky.

Seeing three crows together is supposed to be good news about someone’s wedding in your family. Even hearing the crows together cawing brings good news for your health.

4 crows meaning

Four meaning indicates wealth and prosperity.

Seeing four crows together is an indication of the abundance of wealth and success. If you see four crows around you or in a dream, it is good news for you.  Hearing four crows cawing together indicates similar good fortune.

5 crows meaning

5 crows meaning indicates diseases or pain.

Everyone likes to associate spiritual energy as a positive, light, and pure indication. However, there are dark, hidden, or negative as well as mysterious spiritual powers. Both of these are part of life. These are equally important for the process of spiritual transformation and inner discovery.

The sighting of five crows together predicts any illness or accident. That means when you see five crows or hear them calling, you will realize that something bad is going to happen. That alarms you to be a little more careful.

6 crows meaning

6 crows meaning indicates theft in your house.

Crows are spiritual birds. Considered a future correspondent. Seeing 6 crows together means your home will be stolen or something will be lost. This gives you a hint of caution. So whenever you see six crows, take it as a warning sign for you. Be cautious!

7 crows meaning

7 crows meaning indicates moving far from residence.

According to astrology, seeing seven crows together means good luck traveling or you may have to leave home and go for a trip. This is a good indication. If you have seen seven crows on your way or the side of the house or in a dream or wherever then take a trip out in peace. This journey is undoubtedly very auspicious for you!

8 crows meaning

8 crows meaning indicates sorrowful events.

The sighting of eight crows predicts a tragic event. According to astrology, if one sees eight crows face to face at the same time, it is thought that some sad event is waiting for him. This hint is marked as unfortunate. However, seeing eight crows is never a good sign.

A bunch of crows cawing meaning

A group of crows cawing together means death visiting the family)

Seeing a flock of crows together or hearing a flock of crows screaming together is thought to be an ominous sign. To put it bluntly, seeing a flock of crows means that a family member is about to die. It’s a bad omen.

Watching crows in dream

We often like to count things that pass through our eyesight. But when you see a crow in a dream it serves to give intuitions. Suppose, you saw a crow for a few moments though normally.  But the circumstances will make it clear to you after a while that this crow was a symbol, not an ordinary crow.

Multiple crows meaning is really important. It means when you are dreaming that symbolizes that it’s time for you to move on.

It does not refer to death but to the past and the future. According to crow astrology, the crow totem is considered a symbol of intelligence and flexibility.

That is, when our emotions become unreasonably, unnecessarily, coerced, and subdued, as well. And if a crow appears to us, we are reminded of the message that sometimes we need to focus on the brain instead of the heart.

Seeing crows in a dream carries different meanings depending on the person. The following potential themes are presented here:

  • Wisdom
  • Intelligence
  • Suppressing a part of oneself
  • Shadow work
  • Avoidance
  • Guilt or shame
  • Privacy
  • Oppressive authorities weaken your soul
  • Complete self-acceptance: mind, body, soul
  • Transformation

Seeing crows in a dream can mean a lot. Depending on how you are as a person and your personality, the number of crows in the dream or the behaviour of the crow, or your contact with the crow will vary. Different people give different interpretations of the dream come true.

What to do if you keep seeing 3 crows

If you see 3 crows, it could be a sign of good luck! But what to do?

Some people believe that seeing 3 crows at once is a sign of good fortune and protection from bad luck. 

So if you keep seeing 3 crows, consider yourself lucky and enjoy the moment!

And many people also take a deep breath and are motivated to stay focused on their goals when they see 3 crows together. 

So when you see crows, you can:

  • Enjoy the moment with positivity.
  • Take a deep breath and inspire yourself to focus on your dreams.
  • Stay alert and be aware of your environment.

What’s it mean when 3 crows cross your path?

Well, if you see three crows crossing your path, it indicates something is going to be amazing with you.

It’s said that the crows are messengers from the spiritual realm, so their presence is a sign of good luck, spiritual protection, and a positive omen.

In Japan, crows are associated with spiritual messages from God.

However, seeing three crows is a reminder to stay positive and to trust in the universe.

So, if you see three crows crossing your path, be sure to take it as a good sign!

What does a dead crow mean?

If you see a dead crow in a dream that means a lack of confidence when speaking the truth. Or it means that you are not moral enough to face personal hidden truths.

But what is the case if you see a dead crow in real? Let us explain:

1. If you happened to see a dead bird far from home: in a field, in a forest, or on a road, then you can only get off with an unlucky day. 
Any business will fall out of hand, and good intentions will turn into their opposite.

2. It is much worse if the crow got into the outbuilding and died there. 
The sign predicts that the owner will be haunted by material problems for a long time. 

3. Thieves can get into the house, the garage will burn down, the car will have an accident, and at work, they will stop paying bonuses.

It is not at all good if a feathered creature dies right in the house. 
Such a tragedy is not only unpleasant in itself. 

4. She also portends serious misfortunes to all household members. 
As a rule, the prediction primarily concerns health problems and financial well-being.

5. When the death of a crow occurs by chance, for reasons beyond the control of a person, then fate treats the poor fellow rather condescendingly.

6. If a person kills a bird intentionally, then do not expect mercy. 
Sickness and poverty await him and the whole family for years and years to come. 

7. It is believed that misfortunes will haunt the villain exactly as long as the dead bird has lived in the world. 
But crows and especially crows are considered centenarians!


What’s the meaning of watching baby crows in a dream?

It means profits to be earned. If you dream of watching baby crow that means it will reunite you with a loving one or you get the family back.

Does killing crows in dreams have a negative meaning?

No. On the contrary, killing crows in a dream is considered to be a matter of great fortune. It is said that by killing a crow, a person destroys his negative thoughts.


So if you have a spirit animal that is a crow, this is an idea that can be further explored. Because the crow is a symbol of a spiritual world. Although 3 crows meaning native American signifies what happens in humans. When the spiritual being takes shape, in reality, the message that gives birth to feeling comes to you.

Seeing three crows together or hearing three crows calling together on the way is a sign of good luck. The symbolic representation of the crow is usually accompanied by an element of air. Air, is also supposed as a link to spirituality as well. We hope you find the article “3 Crows Meaning: Facts, Symbolism, Spirituality, Crow Astrology” helpful.

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