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What can we say about Noah Beck? A soccer player – a TikTok celebrity – a business student – who is he actually? Of course, right now we all know about him because of his enormous popularity on TikTok. At present, he is at the top trending list of TikTok along with Dixie and Charlie D’Amelio with more than 30 million followers on this social media platform.

It is the year 2020 which has brought Noah Beck to TikTok. It was the pandemic period. And he tried Tiktok just as a pastime. But it worked like magic. While he was playing for Portland Pilots during 2019, he could have never thought of this interesting twist in his career. He has become one of the kings of social media platforms. He is one of the TikTok stars.

Noah Beck age and birthday

Noah Beck was born on May 04, 2001. So, he is now 20 years 3 months plus now. After our post on: Megan Fox net worth, we have got many emails that asked us about Noah’s age, his birthday and so on. And it is quite natural. Whenever, we started following someone on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Tiktok we try to know more about them.

If you are a fan of Noah Beck or else you are a mere curious person in both cases this article will help you. Here we will share all the minor and major facts about him. You will know Noah’s age, his birthday, his previous life and so on.

At present his age is 243 months and some days or you can say more than 1059 weeks. Although please keep in your mind that, age changes every moment. So, it is more important for you to remember his birthday so that you can calculate his age at any moment.

Some personal and basic information about Noah Beck

  • His birth sign is Taurus.
  • He is Christian by religion.
  • His height is 5 feet 11 inch (180cm).
  • His weight is 68 kg (150lbs) (according to the last found update).
  • His eye colour is dark brown.
  • He has dark brown colour hair as well.
  • He possesses many hobbies:
    • swimming
    • leisure with pet dogs
    • cooking
    • taking selfies
    • gym and fitness
  • Ethnicity: white
Noah Beck getting famous on TikTok
Getting famous on TikTok

Early life: from where he belongs

He was born in Peoria, Arizona. From his childhood, he is a very sporty guy. He was into soccer from his very childhood. He has two sisters. His cousin Holly Beck is also a TikTok celebrity. He has attended Ironwood High School. During that time, he was a member of Club del Sol in Phoenix. I hope you all know about United States Youth Olympic Development Program. Noah represented as their captain for the soccer team. Definitely, these facts represent how sport-oriented he was from his early days. He was team captain many times.

Although he started his high school in Ironwood High School, he moved to Utah in between. There he completed his high schooling and played soccer for Real Salt Lake Academy. He was always good at athletics. And due to this, he got an athletics scholarship during his university admission in 2019. He got himself admitted into the University of Portland. He has played soccer at the NCAA division-1 level. This time he was not team captain but of course an asset for the team.

And, then comes 2020 which changes everything in his life.

2020: Noah Beck getting famous on TikTok

No one can be famous overnight. You need to work hard. Huge dedication is a must. Are all these true? I do not think so. At least, it is not the case for TikTok. Here, timing is everything. And, surely that is what happened to Noah Beck. His fame came to him overnight. He joined TikTok with a very simple black and white video in January 2020.

Noah Beck’s First TikTok Video

His popularity grew rapidly when he started uploading his dance videos. Most of those videos were shirtless which expressed his muscular body pretty well and in no time gained huge popularity for him. Most of his followers are the young generations, mostly female.

His main achievement from my point of view is that he has gained this popularity all by himself and only via TikTok. See, if you talk about someone like Milla Jovovich or Bad Bunny then you must keep in mind that they were already popular due to their main career. Whereas, the main career of Noah Beck is TikTok.

But to understand his success, we have to understand the algorithm of TikTok as well. See these social media use some algorithm while promoting any video. It is not random. For example: if you start watching chicken recipes on TikTok soon your full feed will be full of videos coming from different recipe channels. They will come irrespective of whether you follow them or not.

The reason behind Noah Beck’s success is mostly this algorithm. Most of the girls in the USA like to watch muscular boys in TikTok. In the case of Facebook or Instagram, you will see your friend’s post first. But in the case of TikTok, the system is different. TikTok pushes its popular videos to you for you page whether you follow that guy or not.

As all the young girl’s like muscular and handsome boys out there, Noah Beck’s videos got a huge push from TikTok itself and then in no time, his videos got shared hundreds of times. He got 5 million followers just in a week. With that huge flow, his videos started to reach millions of people and started to get shares and likes in a bulk. All these boosted the TikTok algorithm just like a domino effect. Noah became a TikTok celebrity with the help of the Tiktok algorithm and the domino effect.

Another fact that helped him is that he used to create sports and comedy-related videos. These two categories are always very much on the hype. People love to cherish athletic skills. And comedy videos acquire the highest amount of engagements.

But all these do not mean that Noah Beck is popular only at TikTok. His Instagram account is also on the hype now. People share his TikTok videos on YouTube on hundreds of channels.

Noah Beck’s Girlfriend Dixie – Their Relationship

He is still unmarried and his girlfriend’s name is Dixie D’Amelio. She is also a TikTok celebrity. Here, many of you may say that it is not a serious relationship as social media celebrities often break up and moreover they are both from the same social media. But as a matter of fact, to date, they are holding it really strong. They both are really very serious about their relationship.

Dixie D’Amelio had a relationship before with another sway guy Griffin Jhonson. Noah is also from Sway which we will discuss later. Noah and Dixie came closer just after Dixie and Griffin broke up. Soon, they became one of the most viral couples out there. But both of them have mentioned to news media that their relationship is beyond this popularity and so on.

Noah Beck's Girlfriend Dixie - Their Relationship

As a common trend, they have made a couple of hashtags as well. Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio are now known as #Doah together. Now, let us explain their love life on a serial basis.

  • During July, 2020 Dixie D’Amelio was officially single and started to hang out more and more with Noah.
  • During this time, they shot many videos and posted on both of their TikTok accounts.
  • News media started some chitchats about their relationship from late August, 2020.
  • Dixie’s video “Be Happy” brought a whole chapter to their life. This is the time when they got really close.
  • During September, 2020 Dixie cleared journalists that she and Noah are just friends. And she is taking time for herself right then. But paparazzis did not stop stocking them and finally they got them enjoying at the beach.
  • And, at last on October, 2020 Noah confirmed that Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio are dating. And that was just a start for a cute love story.

We wish all the very best for their love life. Their relationship may always be considered as the registered trademark for all social media celebrities. Those who do not have faith in a social media-based good relationships will get some inspiration from #Doah.

Noah Beck and Sway House

As we are discussing Noah Beck’s life, Sway House has to be a good part of it. Sway House was formed by TalentX in January 2019. It is a management agency. In June 2020 Beck joined Sway House. Sway house played a good role in the immense popularity of Noah. But the house is no more. All the members are now busy with their own priorities.

Noah Beck is planning to take soccer more seriously. And, he also wanted to do things on his own. So, he parted ways with Sway house in 2021. The main reason behind leaving Sway House was: Beck wanted to plan his social media presence in a very thoughtful way. He did not want to risk his career. There are many companies who want to sponsor him while not liking other Sway House members.

He wanted to represent him as a brand. So, it was necessary for him to leave the group.

Noah Beck Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Lifestyle

Present Life

Currently, his YouTube channel has amassed over 65 million views and over 1.5 million subscribers. Noah Beck is also popular on Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram page, which contains interesting photos concerning his personal and professional life, has amassed over seven million followers. His Twitter account, created in December 2015, has amassed over 955,000 (959.7) 2 followers.

Noah Beck’s popularity skyrocketed in 2021 when he became the hero of a short series called Noah Beck Tries Things . The six-part series premiered on AwesomenessTV on January 22, 2021. The series also features Beck’s girlfriend and friends. In March 2021, he was featured on the digital cover of VMan magazine. 

The magazine, which features menswear, is published as an offshoot of the popular V magazine. In the same year, Beck also appeared as a VIP guest at one of Louis Vuitton’s Menswear Show, in which he reviewed Virgil Abloh’s lineup. His popularity is so great that his style and fashion sense has led to comparisons to the likes of Prince and David Bowie. He is often compared to other famous TikTok stars like Blake Gray, Bryce Hall and so on. Recently, famous photographer Hedi Slimane has expressed his interest to work with Noah.

Noah Beck: net worth, salary

During his career, he has earned $ 500,000. With an engagement rate of 4.9%, he earns between $ 1.5K and $ 2.6K per post.

In addition, he also earns Instagram posts. In addition, some of his fortunes stem from his football career.

We hope you have liked this information about Noah Beck.

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